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Posted in: Police suspect girl who jumped to her death in front of train was being bullied See in context

This isn't just a Japanese problem every country has their bullies. My son was bullied on the bus home from school, (punched in the face and poked in the eye) and he's only in the first grade! I immediately contacted the school authorities and made it clear to the boy if he every touched my son ever again he would have to deal with me and I would press charges for assault. They heard that loud and clear! This poor child did not get the protection she desparately needed! Parents need to stop trying to pacify others and authority figures and let the bully know that they will be held acountable for their actions. Most bullies think they are getting away with it and need to be put in check. They need to be taught how to respect others. Only a coward preys on the weaker because they can not stand up to an equal. It's so sad no one cared enough to stand up for her. Every one needs to stop talking about what others should do and act if they see such injustices occurring around them!

My friends and I were bullied in school ( Japanese school) in my youth by older boys we fought back and won. The principal tried to make us apologize and we refused saying we did nothing wrong .( defended ourselves being in 3rd and 4th grade girls and the bullies were 5th grade boys) We won the respect of everyone and months later were asked to translate the principals welcome speech to the new English teacher in front of front of the entire school. Everyone is so afraid of standing up for others for fear of being judged. Every one will judge you either way, it's time to put a stop to bullying!

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