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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for abusing 3-year-old stepdaughter See in context

Don’t know who is writing for this paper but the nasty boyfriend who was living with the mother doesn’t have a title. You can can not say the child is the “step daughter “ unless the mother is married to him.

It’s a known fact that the possibility of your child being abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend that doesn’t have legal rights like being the actual parent or marriage and adopting the child and making vows to care for the child increases by a huge margin. If you don’t want to care for the child there are so many orphanages or foster care homes that I helped in Japan that can care for the child. Plus they can place the child in a good home with adults that can care for them.

If we all we want is a shack up hunny that abuses your child because your afraid of being alone we’re going backwards. Take care of your child!! You wanted to be an adult and have adult fun now you have adult responsibilities! This mother had to have known the child was horribly miss treated. Didn’t care one bit.

One of my family members is a firefighter and responded to a call of the child put in the trunk of a car by the mother’s bf!! They tried to resuscitate the 10 month old for over 40 minutes but she didn’t make it. horrible and disgusting abuses are done to innocent children that don’t pick their parents.

We can’t say we’re making good choices when women are choosing to have babies with idiots and living with monsters who torture them.

Choose wisely and treat kindly!

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Posted in: Estranged Australian husband freed after trespassing to find his children See in context

Disgraceful conduct by the authorities to hold him in solitary confinement for as long as they did for just trespassing!!! He should get a team of lawyers to go after his ex wife for defamation of character and making false statements plus kidnapping his children! She agreed to marry and have children with him , twice I might add .He wasn’t horrible then. When it didn’t go her way she said she was abused which I hope she can prove. She should have gone to the authorities with that right after it happened, so she needs to prove what abuse occurred.

Shes putting back the credibility of a women by 1000 years doing this . Women that are abused are really not taken seriously when anyone can use that term when they disagree or have a heated spout.

Men, y’all must start having pre nuptials stating dual custody to put a stop to this. You’ll find out right away If she’s a lady when she signs it to protect your right to access to your own children.

Children that don’t grow up with a father usually end up in the criminal system! None of these so called authorities of the law are protecting the youth from this horrible situation that has probably destroyed the children’s lives! If they don’t get help and counseling away from the influences of a bitter mother they’ll really be damaged. My heart goes out to them. :(

Dont know why this hasn’t been all over the news and just the Ghosn insanity.

The law that allows this to happen needs changing.

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Posted in: High school student dies after jumping into Tama River after losing rap contest See in context

@since1981; To not tell my to “refrain”from commenting on something you have just have as much information on but added additional information to about the juveniles giving their phones over to the authorities. It’s laughable that I can’t speak my mind but your entitled to. It’s the authorities that will make the final judgment.

If you didn’t like the harsh reality I stated due to their being a part of it that not my problem.. They didn’t have to be there and could’ve stopped him. That’s what a real friend does when they see one doing something wrong. Like jumping into a river in the winter when it’s freezing !!!

I’ve not stood by and let let friends do things they would regret. You can help everyone but not while I’ve had knowledge of it. That’s when doing the right thing counts. Whether everyone is against you. Character counts. You will not stop me from making sure children are protected.

There is no coming back from death so you really should make good choices. Choices have a lasting effect and making sure you associate with people that make good choices.

It really the parent’s responsibility to teach that until adulthood then it’s ones sole responsibility to make their own choices.

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Posted in: High school student dies after jumping into Tama River after losing rap contest See in context

First of all those were not his “ friends” they were douches he was associating with or was dragged there by force. How many Juveniles was he with when this occurred? None of them helped him when he was drowning? That’s manslaughter! Intentionally or not they were a cause in his death. They need to learn there are consequences for their actions which resulted in a death which needs to be addressed. I hope the prosecution and investigators don’t take sorry or whatever their doing now to try to get out of being charged. facts are they still did it and would probably do it again if given the chance. This probably isn’t the first time they’ve done this, just the first time they’ve killed. Evil

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Posted in: Police suspect girl who jumped to her death in front of train was being bullied See in context

This isn't just a Japanese problem every country has their bullies. My son was bullied on the bus home from school, (punched in the face and poked in the eye) and he's only in the first grade! I immediately contacted the school authorities and made it clear to the boy if he every touched my son ever again he would have to deal with me and I would press charges for assault. They heard that loud and clear! This poor child did not get the protection she desparately needed! Parents need to stop trying to pacify others and authority figures and let the bully know that they will be held acountable for their actions. Most bullies think they are getting away with it and need to be put in check. They need to be taught how to respect others. Only a coward preys on the weaker because they can not stand up to an equal. It's so sad no one cared enough to stand up for her. Every one needs to stop talking about what others should do and act if they see such injustices occurring around them!

My friends and I were bullied in school ( Japanese school) in my youth by older boys we fought back and won. The principal tried to make us apologize and we refused saying we did nothing wrong .( defended ourselves being in 3rd and 4th grade girls and the bullies were 5th grade boys) We won the respect of everyone and months later were asked to translate the principals welcome speech to the new English teacher in front of front of the entire school. Everyone is so afraid of standing up for others for fear of being judged. Every one will judge you either way, it's time to put a stop to bullying!

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