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Posted in: 'They won't let anyone else in' – Japan captain Leitch on Sunwolves expulsion See in context

redelmotalkingToday  08:53 am JST

The Sunwolves may be based in Japan, but most of the playing 15 this season are from South Africa and NZ, and are coached by kiwi coaches.

A bit like the Japan national team?

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Posted in: Lower house OKs free preschool education bill See in context

Raising kids is expensive.

If you can”t afford kids DON’T have them!

Why should tax payers be burdened with other peoples lifestyle choices?

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Posted in: Wreckage confirmed to be crashed Japanese F-35 stealth fighter; pilot still missing See in context

10 billion yen? Just give the blueprints to the Chinese and a year later Japan could be buying them for a fraction of that.

They will never be used in anger, such a waste of money.

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Posted in: In unprecedented move, U.S. names Iran's Revolutionary Guards a terrorist group See in context

You really have to feel sorry for the US administration. They backed the wrong horse way back when they decided the Saudis would be regional leaders....

They then have two wars in Iraq and eventually overthrow Saddam, only to have him replaced by.... a political group started by Ayatollah Khomeini while under exile in Iraq.

Obama and Clinton instigated the Syrian “war” to weaken Iran and her Hezbollah allies in Lebanon... This backfired miserably. The US and Saudi funded jihadists were defeated with support from Russia.

so we are now where we are.... the US has funded the same groups responsible for 9/11, lost thousands of troops, killed hundreds of thousands of innocents, wasted billions of dollars all to give Iran more control in Syria, Lebanon and especially Iraq.

This is why Trump pulled out of the nuclear agreement (that the Iranians were sticking to) even the CIA said so! This is why more and more ridiculous sanctions are being place on Iran.

The US needs to look a little closer in the region to find the real problem nations... and end their blanket support for Israel and the Saudis.

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Posted in: Airline complaints: Which bothers you the most? See in context

Fat people sitting next to me. If you can’t fit into your seat.... either buy two or stay home and eat some doughnuts! I’d like airlines to weigh bags and people.

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Posted in: Suicide leading cause of death among Japanese children aged 10-14 See in context

10 to 14 year olds generally don’t die so this shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

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Posted in: Japan to send SDF members for peacekeeping operations in Egypt in April See in context

Its awesome that Japan is bravely joining peacekeeping missions to save the world!

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Posted in: Two 12-year-old girls jump to their deaths; note hints at bullying See in context

Call me “a fool” or an “idiot” but one of the problems seems to be the incredibly thin skins of some students in Japan. I am often amazed by the mental strength and shocked by the emotional weakness of young Japanese.

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Posted in: Teenager ashamed of given name 'Prince' adopts traditional one See in context

I once taught a Japanese high school class with a boy named “Rhythm” and a girl “Melody”. I made them sit together.

Also changed my family name when I was 21 to Smallheath ..... Got fed up with all the giggles when receptionists called out ...”Mr Smallcock”

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Posted in: Nuclear evacuees to face tougher housing situations from April See in context

Japan simply can’t afford the free handouts to these freeloaders...

There are multi billion yen rowing facilities and archery centres to construct for the upcoming olympics. I have also witnessed with my own eyes vast sways of the countryside totally devoid of any concrete. Thats where out tax money should go!

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Posted in: More Japanese companies could leave UK over Brexit: ambassador See in context

Im sure Japanese companies have no interest in the UK being part of the customs union. The only reason they set up in the UK was for the weather, fine dining, clean and on time public transport and the safety of old people hardly ever mentioning the war!

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Posted in: 'Reconstruction Olympics' theme said not to have caught public eye See in context

Much of Tohoku is “dying” due to the ageing population and the exodus to the big cities. Makes sense not to waste money rebuilding.

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Posted in: Karate associations vent anger after Paris 2024 exclusion See in context

Every nation holding the olympics gets to choose some sports, they usually choose those that give them medal opportunities, thats why Tokyo 2020 has softball and karate.

Maybe the Karate federation should have offered a little more under the table cash?

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Posted in: Japan wants frictionless UK-EU trade after Brexit: ambassador See in context

Jimi....Brexit is none of Japans business and they should keep their nose out of it. By the way, the EU and Japan signed no tariff deals recently, that's why they are pulling Honda and Nissan out of the UK, nothing to do with Brexit. They will relocate these plants in the EU. Japan is not a friend of the UK that's for sure.

The no tariff deal is great for goods between Japan and the UK but does nothing for Nissan and Honda cars made in the UK for the Europe market. Thats why they are going. Thats why the rest of Japanese manufacturing in the UK will be following.

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Posted in: At least 500,000 foreign fans expected to visit Japan for World Cup See in context

There will probably be more fans visiting for the rugby than the olympics. There actually are rugby fans. Never met a 50k walk fan, swimming fan or small bore pistol shooting fan!

London had a net drop in foreign visitors for the olympic month.

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Posted in: Couple indicted over death of granddaughter bitten by their dog See in context

Well, I think the dog is at least partly responsible too!

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