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That woman is amazing!!!

What a great way to do sport in a fun but also challenging way!!

All I can say well done - Akiyo Noguchi !!

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The problem is not the Muslim people its the Sultan who is the problem here and Islamic laws that he is trying to implement.

There are tonnes of Muslims who "silently" condemn many of the medieval archaic practices of Islam brought about by their Prophet.

That is why so many Islamic woman try to escape from their abusive families and abusive religion and for them to do that is like a farm animal (cows) trying to escape their fate from being bred to be butchered or artificially inseminated every year to produce milk to the human population at the cost of her own body and her calf that is taken away from her every time and sold for veal if male and used for milk if female.

Islam is one of the last religions that have not yet moved into the 21st century. Driven and controlled by male domination with no regard for women, children and animals.

I feel so sorry for so many Muslims who try to escape this religion but who are persecuted until death because they are not free to choose another religion or to be atheist or not to submit to the cultural and religious practices. I.e. praying, sacrifices, forced to marry, forced to wear DARK, deathly clothes only with beautiful eyes visible. Its like being wrapped in grave clothes with no escape.

No - I do feel sorry for the ones trapped not because they chose the religion but because they were born into this religion and I feel free males who occupy high positions in governments in the Western World are not doing enough to help people who want to escape Islam. This is not only limited to women, there are men who also question Islam and want to be free to live their lives not be dominated by their fathers, Imam's and family members in this religion.

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This is a great article - thanks. I loved VightingViking's story about saving a police dog. Every dog or cat saved is one less dog put down or dumped on the streets. Every country have their citizens who are uninformed about the needs and care animals. But it does seem that Japan is not at the bottom of the list of those who do nothing. However, a first world country like Japan should by now have been first in line when it came to animal protection laws and implementation thereof since they claim to be mostly Buddhist and a TRUE Buddhist would understand that animals are sentient beings with similar needs as humans and have taken greater care to protect animals in general. Still they are improving and we need to admire them for that.

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