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Posted in: Fox TV reporter Ako Koizumi shines on See in context

Then again, there's alot of western media filth like Hollywood and Fox TV channels holds tight grips on Japan's mainstream entertainment culture, on the otherhand the west won't give a nickel to Asian media let alone Japanese ones on their best watched screens. The few shows that do make it are relegated to obscure art house cinemas and ethnically targeted local TV channels.

Oh, most Japanese TV is stupid to westerners. If it were on I would not watch it and the networks would lose money. Seeing as though they are not in the business of losing money they don't air them to the vast public.

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Posted in: Miyagi woman arrested for selling porn DVD of 14-year-old daughter See in context

I don't even flinch anymore when I read these articles. This seems to be an every day occurance in this lovely country. If this still shocks you then you have not been here long enough.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discuss ways to resolve custody disputes See in context

Japan dose not care about anyone but there own, so if you have a Japanese wife make sure she give up her citizenship for yours. It the only way to protect you for this type of crap.

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Posted in: Cop, 3 others arrested for confining student during party See in context

wow, what do you say after reading something this crazy...

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Posted in: Officer loses gun on the way to toilet aboard train See in context

What is there to say...LOL

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Posted in: iPhone turns corner in Japan See in context

I like my blackberry!!!

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Posted in: Gang-rape incident a by-product of Kyoto's lenient academic culture See in context

Again, someone is raped while they are in school and they only get a slap on the wrist. Were is the justice for the women that was raped not only by 1 man but 6. Who cries for her?

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Posted in: Kagawa woman arrested for making 80 nuisance calls to police in one day See in context

I'm sorry but I will have to say that this is funny as hell; I do understand that she is taking time from the police to combat real crimes.

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Posted in: Man who killed, dismembered neighbor doesn't get his death penalty wish See in context

That's a good thing that he did not get his wish, because why should he? I hope they insure that this man lives a long healthy life behind bars! That way he can think about his crimes that he committed to the man.

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