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If you look closely at the picture, it is actually a flat/straightening iron. Most of them (including the one I own) can also be used to curl hair. So it is actually a bonus for the Jladies that don't have naturally straight hair.

In any case, I would love to get one of these. It would be perfect for keeping my hair straight throughout the day, especially in rainy and humid weather.

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Posted in: YOSHIKI, recovering from back surgery, reveals fans will benefit in his will See in context

Please remember that all surgery carries the risk of death, especially when general anesthesia (complete knock-out) is used. He is actually being quite responsible.

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Posted in: Gackt becomes GACKT to celebrate 10th anniversary See in context

Has anyone here considered the fact that the swastika is a Buddhist symbol?

Congrats, GACKT! I hope he doesn't retire in 2010...I'd love to see him in concert~

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Posted in: Hello Kitty invades Taiwan maternity ward See in context

The decorative motif of the maternity ward and delivery rooms is not for the babies, as much as it is for the mothers--the women actually giving birth. I would not necessarily be made comfortable or relaxed by staring at "rockets, horses, and trains" even if I was giving birth to male triplets. Please keep in mind that this is a maternity ward, not a children's hospital. The babies will not remember if they saw Hello Kitty's face plastered on everything within eyesight, but the mother will remember that it was much softer on the eyes than stark white walls.

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Posted in: Emily Deschanel has a few bones to pick See in context

The books, as usual, are much better.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Lolita subculture thumbs nose at men See in context

As someone who participates in this fashion, I can actually support this article (in general). Some of the descriptions are not exactly accurate, but as this was not written by someone involved in lolita fashion, it is acceptable.

Instead of dressing "sexy" (Japanese gyaru fashion), girls flocked to lolita fashion. It has historical roots in many periods (Rococo, Edwardian, American 1950's, etc). It is modest, and that's the main point. It is in no way associated with the true definition of lolita. Unfortunately, the Japanese have a habit of taking words out of context and meaning (ahem, Kanji anyone?) and creating their own meanings.

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Posted in: Scanners that see through clothing installed in U.S. airports See in context

Given the option of a patdown or scanner, I would definitely choose the latter. After going through my third airport patdown (first two were random selection) I had to wait five minutes for a female TSA agent to appear. Then the patdown took another few minutes. All of this was caused by a barette I had forgotten to remove from my hair. I could have used those ten minutes to purchase more water bottles and use the washroom.

Question - How many of those who object to the scanner have at one time posted an inappropriate image of themselves on the internet?

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Posted in: Movie titles in Japan: Jack, we understand your frustration See in context


The pronunciations have been changed in -all- cases? I would like to see some linguistic data backing that up, because I'm a native English speaker who uses those words in the proper context. Actually, just an example of a word would suffice.

Native English speakers have no idea about languages? I beg to differ. That is an incorrect statement and a poor attempt to discredit the previous posters.

The Japanese also make fun of non-native Japanese speakers. It doesn't make it right, but it does happen. Also, most languages contain a large amount of words from other origins.

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