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Yeah, it’s great they are upping the lump sum. But it may not cover all of the birthing costs. Which is fine. But you still have to pay a fair amount out of pocket for prenatal check ups too.

Then there is the problem of child care. There aren’t enough teachers as is. So unless they make it easier for one of the parents to stay home and raise kids on a single income.


they improve childcare and make it cheaper for the parents who both want to work (not just in Tokyo) .

It’s not really going to work otherwise.

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Posted in: Man arrested for asking teenage girl to show him her underwear See in context

Don’t agree, but at least he asked.

Yeah great, points for asking for consent… but she is a TEENAGER.

Even if she was an adult, it’s creepy and gross. How would you (I presume a man) feel of another guy pulled up in a car and asked you that.

Yeah, he's a creep, but can you really arrest someone for asking a question? Seems like a slippery slope to me.

It wasn’t just a question. It was a sexual question, asked completely unprovoked. They weren’t at a bar, drinking vibing and there was a mood from both parties. They weren’t a couple etc. it was a teenager just trying to go home, and probably scared this guy was going to throw her in the car afterwards.

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