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Posted in: Tokyo Disney Resort eases rules on same-sex weddings See in context

are you freakin' serious!!!

SchopenhauerMAY. 16, 2012 - 07:45AM JST For long I thought it is a matter of America. It happens only in America since women there are not very womenly. I believed it would never happen in Japan. I may be wrong. Is it happening in Japan also? It is a human right thing and has to be considered.

just how do YOU define womanly?

did you really never consider that a woman could love a woman in japan imagine that! a japanese woman loving a japanese woman you need to open your mind

yes, it is happening in japan too in fact, it is happening everywhere has been for centuries

and yes! it is a human right thing

patty cake ... right on!

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Posted in: Cathay Pacific to enhance inflight Internet and entertainment with Panasonic Avionics See in context

thanks for the heads up on this ... i will avoid this airline in the future in spite of it being so fantastic in other ways. the last thing i need on my overseas trip is being in the middle of 100 business meetings and 57 family arguments about who picks who up from the airport! they should have speaking lounges if there will be such options onboard. ack! no thank you!

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Posted in: Camera bags See in context

no kidding! that much for nylon ... no thanks

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Posted in: Waterproof MP3 player See in context

doesn't work with mac. no thank you.

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Posted in: The mystical world of Koyasan See in context

i visited koyasan for two days last spring. it was an amazing experience! i walked through the graveyard by night and again by daylight. both were among my most memorable experiences of all my time in japan. i visit japan again in october and will walk the shikoku pilgrimage as well as make another visit to koyasan. a very peaceful and inspiring place.

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Posted in: Hair iron blamed for Narita airport suitcase fire See in context

what kind of fool would travel with the battery IN the device of such an item? geez!!! think while you pack. can you imagine the headlines of a 747 (i am assuming) brought down by a curling iron with all those lives lost. if the battery comes out ... and you are packing it in checked luggage ... REMOVE THE BATTERY!!!!!!

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Posted in: Disney mobile phones See in context

grow down people! disneyland and other disney parks can be great fun for adults on their own. and seeing the characters and getting good photographs of them can be fun too. lighten up ... have some fun. don't be such adults about it all. there is so much time in your lives for that.

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Posted in: Croc attack See in context

weren't people in japan getting their crocs caught on escalators and thereby causing some places to put up signs banning use of crocs on the escalators? that was a couple of years ago now.

wearing crocs in an OFFICE setting, are you serious??? that comment MUST be from america!

what has happened to people wearing decent shoes that are made of natural products and healthy for the feet? hmmm.

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Posted in: Guava liqueur See in context

yes, but is that RUM from the caribbean or guava juice AND rum from the caribbean? most rum is from the caribbean

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Posted in: Guava liqueur See in context

yum! but japanese? where do guava's grown in japan?

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Posted in: 'The Cove' wins Oscar for Best Documentary See in context

the cove was an amazing film. i thought they were actually rather gentle towards the japanese. that is why it was so well received, in my opinion. i hope getting the academy award will make a lot more people see it ... and think about the issue ... and relate it to other horrors.

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Posted in: For the absent-minded See in context

seriously? do people lose stuff so badly that they need to spend THAT much money for locators? take care of your stuff ... we are adults, aren't we?

yes!!! ha ha ... just don't lose the handset!!! nice! hahahahahaha

maybe they will charge 400,000 yen for a locator for the loc8tor lite.

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Posted in: How to get the best seat on the plane and hold it See in context

seatguru is an amazing website ... i have used it for years to assist while booking flights

my experience with flying first class is if i slide down as far as i can with my butt still touching the seat a tiny bit ... my legs (or fairly average western length) won't come close to touching the seat in front of me. good luck having not enough leg room with that ... even if there is a wall rather than a seat in front. first is called first for a reason ... you aren't going to be slummin' up there.

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Posted in: Croc attack See in context

Brainiac, i couldn't agree more

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Posted in: What is your favorite movie with a twist ending? See in context


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Posted in: Medals See in context

i am from vancouver and we call it broccoli. odd choice for VANOC but they look just like they were ordered. hmmm. sadly, no team japan clothes for sale here ... nearly every other nation has at least something that fans can purchase. i want to cheer japan on ... so i had to say it loud on skytrain this morning through the crowd as i saw two team japan ladies. i love tp watch the j-speed skaters ... just fantastic!

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Posted in: MP3 player See in context

i totally missed something here. perhaps it never was there to miss. for that price and that image and write-up ... i think i will give it a miss.

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