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Posted in: Sustainable vegan cheese brand introduces ‘faux-mage’ lineup See in context

akadake, you should try British regional cheeses, we produce more varieties than even France and they are brilliant!

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Posted in: Frustrated and weary over long pandemic hours, more U.S. workers are striking See in context

For a society to function there needs to be a balance, the system must be perceived to operate fairly, if the disparity between the lowest an highest is too great, if the few are perceived as “stealing” all the growth/wealth to the disadvantage of the majority, this can only go on for a period before (if it isn’t corrected) ultimately the tumbrels roll. Then the society collapses in to bloodshed and chaos.

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Posted in: How members of Japan's House of Representatives are elected See in context

A system designed to promote the interests of the Party rather than represent the interests of the people. Representatives are distanced from the people they are purportedly representing. It is the party and their interests that are represented not the voters.

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Posted in: Growing American football on Japanese turf See in context

Rugby, a far better game to play and watch. American football drags on so long and there is so little going on you fall asleep! Well I suppose the pom-pom girls help to keep you awake.

And why do they need to be more heavily armoured than an Imperial clone Trooper!.

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Posted in: Kishida sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Oh dear, the same politically purblind behaviour. I think Japanese politicians must suffer from the political form of tunnel vision!

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Posted in: First and foremost, politicians must abandon the unrealistic and optimistic premise of Abenomics that Japan can cure all ills just by reflating nominal growth. See in context

He is right, a radical reform of the archaic Japanese labour market is required, with greater workers rights and statutory protection and support for those exercising them.

As long as politicians are so closely linked with industry and tied by financial apron strings there will always be a conflict of interest that they will inevitably resolve in favour of what best serves their own pockets.

Japan is a very unbalanced society with a very long standing focus on supporting business and thereby more covertly the wealthy elites who run business and the government. In any other democracy this could not continue for long but Japanese culture facilitates it.

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Posted in: Sustainable vegan cheese brand introduces ‘faux-mage’ lineup See in context

If it isn’t made from milk it’s not cheese.

I agree with Wobot, if you are vegan accept the fact and stop pretending.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea leaders look to deepen ties, despite strains See in context

Words are just hot air, actions speak louder.

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Posted in: Authorities call fatal stabbing of UK lawmaker terrorist act See in context

While the arrested man is of Somali origin, there is as yet no evidence as to his motives. The police investigation is in a very early stage. No doubt further information as to his motives will be garnered from his computer/phone etc.

Very concerning, these open surgeries held by MP’s are a fundamental part of our democratic system, MP’s must be accessible to their constituents.

His family will be devastated, heartbreaking.

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Posted in: Keeping a watchful eye See in context

Trialing what everyone going to the Genocide Olympics will need to wear!

Are we sure they aren’t aliens who beamed in to watch these strange creatures inhabiting this rock?

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Posted in: Rolling Stones drop hit 'Brown Sugar' from U.S. tour See in context

Political correctness gone mad!

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Posted in: Humans enjoyed blue cheese and beer 2,700 years ago: study See in context

I’ve seen biscuits made by children that looked like that!

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Posted in: Humans enjoyed blue cheese and beer 2,700 years ago: study See in context

Zichi, no not stupid, it was a humorous comment in an otherwise serious and thoughtful interview, a witty way of expressing an environmentally conscious decision to change the fuel running his favourite car to a sustainably sourced fuel derived from waste wine and the whey from cheese making. Keeping the same car for over 50 years is also a very environmental beneficial thing as the embodied carbon in its production is a massive part of any cars total environmental footprint.

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Posted in: Taiwan tensions raise fears of U.S.-China conflict in Asia See in context

Countries can be as inextricably and economically linked as you like but that has never prevented a power hungry autocratic from launching a war of conquest. Precisely the same arguments were put forward regarding Europe before the First World War, that didn't stop the Kaiser from sacrificing the lives of millions and destroying his country and economy.

Autocrats living in their own little bubble, out of contact with their own people and lacking empathy like Pooh Bear and the Kaiser can become a very real threat that economics have no real leverage on. Add in paranoia at being toppled and a nice military victory to distract the masses and whip up nationalist fervour which they can ride becomes overwhelmingly attractive.

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Posted in: Kishida dissolves lower house for Oct 31 national election See in context

“Ruling and opposition blocs are in close competition” a situation that can only be of benefit to the people of Japan. The development of a true democracy allowing the expression of alternative views and a more open public debate on matters affecting the population and if they are very lucky a government responsive to those needs!

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Posted in: Olympics VP says China human rights 'not within' IOC mandate See in context

Boycott the Genocide Olympics!

The IOC is intrinsically and systemically corrupt. It needs a root and branch cleansing (talk about the Augean stables) and reorganisation. Otherwise the Olympic ideal will be irredeemably lost (little evidence of it remains today).

Coats is typical of these vermin.

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Posted in: What do you think will replace email as a form of communication in the future? See in context

After we nearly wipe our selves out in a nuclear Holocaust, clay tablets or scratching on stone!

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Posted in: Kishida urges S Korea to do more over wartime row to improve ties See in context

Korea is like the nightmare neighbour!

Both sets of politicians need to grow up.

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Posted in: Average gasoline price in Japan rises to 7-year high See in context

The equivalent of £1.05 per litre! I wish, haven’t seen petrol that cheep for so many years I can’t remember when. Currently equivalent to about 216.6 yen per litre and some some greedy scalpers recently were charging 321.8 yen.

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Posted in: UK job vacancies hit record high amid worker shortages See in context

Mr Kipling please refer to the facts not your bias, after Brexit the actual figures show there was virtually no reduction in the number of foreign drivers working in the UK. With the onset of the Pandemic and the various lockdowns and the perceived threat of catching the disease and lack of work, many went home. The problem is that there is a shortage of drivers in Europe as well, not just the UK so there was plenty of work at home and therefor little incentive to return to the UK. So no Brexit has little or nothing to do with it.

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Posted in: UK job vacancies hit record high amid worker shortages See in context

Dragging Brexit in to everything! Sweet FA to do with Brexit and everything to do with the effects of the pandemic China kindly gifted to the world.

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Posted in: Tokyo court disrupted by hundreds of maskless anti-vaxxers See in context

The ignorant and idiotic are always to be found in every country, and these idiots prove the point.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for attacking girl; hints at involvement in fatal arson See in context

Agreed, at 19 not a youth in most countries but obviously is in Japan. It does seem irrational to most of us but whether Japan will change is debatable.

Sounds like there are some very serious underlying mental issues, perhaps he should be locked away in a mental institution for the rest of his life.

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Posted in: LDP seeks defense spending boost beyond 2% of GDP See in context

Given the overtly aggressive behaviour of China and the unstable lunatic regime in North Korea not to mention land grabbing opportunistic behaviour of Russia the perceived need to strengthen defence is understandable but affordability is an important factor.

Japan needs to have a clear plan of what it needs to defend against and how it will do that in conjunction with its allies and from that what equipment it needs/can afford.

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Posted in: Do you think it is a good idea to include patriotism in school curricula? See in context

Voted no. All too often what is defined as patriotism ends up being bigoted jingoism. Inculcating patriotism at school can all too easily turn in to a slippery slope in to something never originally intended.

’patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels’ Dr. Johnson 1775. Referring specifically to what I described above, the misuse of patriotism for political ends.

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Posted in: 6 injured after wooden maze floor collapses at Hyogo amusement park See in context

Looks fun, but like all things open to the public adequate inspection and ongoing maintenance and repair is critical. They say it’s inspected daily but it depends on what those inspections consist of.

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Posted in: SDF fighter jet loses 90-kg cockpit canopy in mid-flight See in context

Some people get their knickers in a twist when bits fall off US helicopters, will they get as steamed up over this?

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Posted in: The 'zombification' of married life See in context

Sounds like a lot of the underlying problems spring from the attitude of the employers and the workplace culture in Japan, even where archaic cultural attitudes to household duties don’t exist. Double income households are not exactly unknown elsewhere in the world and couples have managed to cope perfectly well with it, but there usually is a very different attitude to work and workplace culture.

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Posted in: Cherry-picking the Bible and using verses out of context has been done for centuries See in context

All religion is part of the problem not the solution.

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Posted in: Gov’t panel recommends GPS devices for suspects out on bail See in context

Bail should certainly be used rather than incarceration of the innocent (innocent until proven guilty) but tagging them in this way is again to assume guilt and therefore probability of absconding before trial, unless the Japanese judicial system is so distrusted by the vast majority of citizens as they are likely to scarper rather than face trial in a failed system.

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