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Posted in: Stations to suspend use of trash cans, lockers in Osaka for 6 days during G20 summit See in context

Why should the taxpayer be inconvenienced just so a bunch of self opinionated elite can attend a pointless yap fest to boost their egos.

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Posted in: Organizers vow to keep beer flowing at Rugby World Cup See in context

The picture at the top looks like some British bitter, but if Heineken are supplying the drinks it will be fizzy lager instead of proper ale!

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Posted in: Organizers vow to keep beer flowing at Rugby World Cup See in context

Agree, very different sort of fans in my experience.

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Posted in: Man pushed onto train tracks by commuter angry at his listening to loud music See in context

Bet he won’t play his music so loud in the future!

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Posted in: New York Times to cease political cartoons after anti-Semitism row See in context

Political cartoons have always been rude to pierce the bubble of pomposity of the elite. If we allow their censure through overly PC sensitivity we endanger freedom of speech.

In the name of freedom of speech I demand the right to be offensive, if you are offended, get over it, you won’t die. If your feelings are hurt tough it doesn’t give you the right to censor my freedom of speech, I am offended and my sensibilities are hurt that you would seek to remove my right of expression.

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Posted in: Spreading the joy of marmalade across the sea from Ehime See in context

For me marmalade is made with Seville oranges, everything else is jam.

Having said that, I bet these taste great and would love to try some (especially as I have been known to make marmalade my self) but I won’t be going to London for it nor paying the exorbitant prices Fortnum & Mason charge.

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Posted in: 25 years after murders, OJ Simpson says 'life is fine' See in context

He was wealthy enough to afford a trickster lawyer who played a system intended to protect the innocent but which is all too often used to allow the wealthy guilty to get off.

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Posted in: Kimigayo: A guide to Japan’s controversial national anthem See in context

BigYen, both words and music predate Queen Victoria by several centuries, indeed the tune traces its ancestry to a medieval chant.

As it seems the words are open to interpretation, perhaps an agreed democratic reading should be formulated and taught alongside any singing of the anthem so children grow up with a clear understanding of its import. Agree it should not be mandated in schools or teachers punished if not sung.

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Posted in: Putin says Japan's military cooperation with U.S. is source of concern See in context

ALmost, you got there ahead of me!

quercetum, because they invaded them once doesn’t justify a later invasion of an independent, culturally different people and then swamping them with immigrants to occupy their land and dispossess them in their own land. The Chinese have been overbearing imperialists throughout their history and they are no different today.

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Posted in: Obesity of young children tends to develop into obesity at school-age and older. It is important to prevent the issue early on. See in context

Children are energy burning machines as they grow, but they need to be outside, running around and socialising, not sitting on their arse indoors. Agree crap food doesn’t help and sets the pattern for later life. Fat lazy children all too often grow in to fat lazy adults.

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Posted in: Madonna says she feels 'raped' by New York Times profile See in context

So she invites the media in to boost her flagging career with the publicity she has always craved, when the female reporter didn’t follow the script she condemns both the reporter and the media (which she wouldn’t have said a word against if they had written a puff piece boosting her career) with inaccurate and deliberately emotive language so as to generate the publicity she craves

The old performers saying is still true “all publicity is good publicity”

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Posted in: What realistic measures can countries take to reduce plastic waste being dumped in oceans? See in context

Agree most plastic packaging is unnecessary. Where suppliers continue to use it then the costs of collection, removal and compulsory recycling (whether economic or not) should be borne by the originator. Where there is a real case for its use for food safety, then a fixed period of no more than 3 years allowed to continue its use to encourage innovation and adoption of alternatives, thereafter banned.

The same approach should be taken with all other plastic uses unless and for as long as it can be shown there are no other alternatives, and the producer must bear the cost of recycling at end of life. Thereby incentivising them to maximise the length of life and its recyclability.

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Posted in: Prosecutors drop case against man accused of killing wife over her failure to cook dinner for him See in context

Certainly charge him with at least assault, though I agree with afanofjapan above, a very, very heavy fine might be more appropriate in his case so he has to fend for him self rather than be awarded with free, warm, accommodation and 3 meals a day.

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Posted in: Academic tells story of first Japanese to come to England See in context

Fascinating, I think I have previously heard mention of these two before. Will be very interested to read the book.

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Posted in: Ex-captive journalist denied passport issuance for 5 months See in context

Unbelievable, in every other socially advanced democracy the necessity of reporters seeking to ascertain the truth, sometimes at risk to them selves is recognised as being both necessary and praiseworthy. Only in dictatorships and repressive regimes would a reporter be punished for seeking to do his job and inform the public of what is happening in a troubled and difficult area of the world.

Agreed he must know and accept the risk he faces, and no government should pay ransom to a terrorist organisation and that is part of the risk he must accept, as must the public so the Japanese government needs to make it clear to everyone that in his case and any other they do not provide funds to terrorists.

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Posted in: Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling marries Exile dancer Akira See in context

Yep, never heard of either of them but the very best of luck to them.

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Posted in: Tokyo expressway to have variable tolls during 2020 Olympics See in context

JJ & marcelito, while I understand the objections to the suggestion, if not this then what practical and achievable alternative do you offer?

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Posted in: Britain plans unprecedented D-Day event for queen, leaders See in context

Strangely enough it isn’t all about Trump, he is just one of many and far from the most important on the day, that would be the veterans of D day. So concentrate on the importance of the occasion and not some here today gone tomorrow politician.

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Posted in: 4 ways to be a good traveler in the age of overtourism See in context

There is a difference between travellers and tourists, this is primarily aimed at tourists.

There is no real solution except to control the number of tourists, at any over crowded destination.

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Posted in: Hospitals in Japan: Invasive checkups, bungled diagnoses, botched operations? See in context

Sounds frightening, perhaps it calls for a more comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation? If true, then remedial action to protect patients and stop the appalling waste is urgently needed. If false then proof of the safety of the system can only help patient confidence.

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Posted in: U.S. Justice Department prepares antitrust investigation of Google See in context

In the past theUSA has been effective in controlling over mighty corporations through its anti trust laws but for some reason big Tech firms have been given a free pass. So this is long over due and for the sake of the consumer, society and proper competition all the dominant tech firms should be subject to anti trust investigation though the resources may not be available.

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Posted in: Japan, South Korea tighten grip over Indian steel imports See in context

Surely what China is doing falls under the WTO definition of “dumping” so India can act against it? India may need to limit imports temporarily to previous levels if they want to maintain a steel industry but the more important thing is to improve their industries competitiveness and cut the red tape endemic in India rather than protectionist measures which merely entrench existing inefficiencies.

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Posted in: Interrogation recording in serious cases becomes mandatory in Japan See in context

Every little helps I suppose but agree it should be all interviews (it is indicative that even a reporter calls them “interrogations”). And the other blatant injustices of the system are ignored, but that is the prerogative of a sovereign state, so it is down to the Japanese people to bring about change.

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Posted in: Automated train travels in wrong direction, injuring 20 in Yokohama See in context

Whatever the age and technology of the system, the story highlights the underlying and quite proper distrust of systems we do not understand or have any control over being forced on us by overbearing, arrogant zealot organisations driven purely by their own profit. Society at large needs to take back control of the implementation of technology and only allow what is in our best interests as a society and not just blindly grab at the latest shiny shiny sold to us at great profit. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics to ban fans from posting photos, video of events on their social media accounts See in context

Another sign of the oppressive times!

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of older brother See in context

If you are going to carry out DIY phlebotomy, it’s better to use leeches or the knife can slip and accidentally stab him multiple times! He was attempting to help his brother wasn’t he? Or have I missed something?

My brother can be irritating at times, especially when I was young but I would never wish him harm.

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Posted in: Ex-ambassador arrested over murder of son See in context

Pity the article gave no indication as to why he would do such an abhorrent thing?

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea agree to work for N Korea's denuclearization See in context

So they agreed with the UN, but not how? Usual diplomatic waffle and obfuscation.

ripe etc. As usual you only bother to look at one side of the story, there have been efforts to progressively reduce nuclear arms in all nuclear nations, unfortunately Russia has just torn up one of the agreements and China won’t even talk about it.

NK is a sovereign state but it does not need nuclear arms to defend its self. It is a rogue state, a vicious dictatorship and a threat to its neighbours and its own population.

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Posted in: Facebook isn't deleting the fake Pelosi video. Should it? See in context

Surely that is defamation of character, anyone publishing it should be sued.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia accuse each other of military buildups See in context

An anti missile system is wholly defensive, it just sits there doing nothing until some one fires a missile (aggressive act), so the Aegis system can only be a threat to Russia if they intend to attack you.

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