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Posted in: Launch debut of 3D-printed rocket ends in failure, no orbit See in context

The concept is good, 3d printing allows for ease of production of complex single piece parts that either can’t be machined or quicker than traditional manufacturing. It failed, that happens and why you test new products/concepts and 3d allows a more rapid production of the next iteration.

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Posted in: Russia boosts defenses near Japan; accuses U.S. of expanding Asia-Pacific presence See in context

So that is why the Muscovite army is dragging antique T55’s out of storage in the Far East, all that’s left to defend its subject colonies! I was going to say the Chinese army wouldn’t worry much, but now Moscow is a resource colony for the CCP they don’t need to waste time invading, they already have the mangy performing bear on a leash.

Japan really needs to take this moment of opportunity to increase pressure on the Muscovite empire and get the illegally held islands back.

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Posted in: Malvern College UK to open 7th overseas school in Tokyo See in context

Well that should be a culture shock to any Japanese children transferring there from traditional Japanese schools.

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Posted in: 1966 quadruple murder case to reopen as prosecutors give up appeal See in context

Whatever good points Japan has, it’s world renowned (in)justice system is an utter disgrace. Will it ever change? It should as it seriously degrades Japan in the eyes of the world, Japans reputation is repeatedly left in tatters. Sadly not holding my breath though.

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Posted in: S Korean wartime laborers file suit against Mitsubishi Heavy See in context

Keep the case going long enough and they will all be dead and the ambulance chasing lawyers will lose their nice little earner. Not that that will stop a certain type of politician from trying to stir up hatred on the basis of this for their own advantage.

Whatever happened then both countries need to move on, let the dead past bury its dead.

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Posted in: Australia to buy up to 220 Tomahawk missiles from U.S. See in context

Still waiting for the inevitable CCP mouthpiece to start frothing in hypocritical, fake anger.

Elephant, you are demonstrating your lack of knowledge, they are primarily a deep strike land attack missile, there are purpose designed anti-shipping missiles.

As always you hope you never need it but it is better to have and not need than to need and not have, because then you are truly up the s**t creek without a paddle.

The very fact of Australia having this capability acts as a deterrent and constrains the actions of potential aggressors. As will the nuclear “powered” not armed subs.

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Posted in: Court gives Bolsonaro 5 days to hand over Saudi jewels See in context

It certainly looks dodgy!

But hey this is Brazil what do you expect if you can be convicted of money laundering and corruption and still become president why should anybody bother with irritating details like the law!

Personally I think Lula da Silva and Bolsonaro are as bad as each other and neither is fit to run a country.

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Posted in: Australian PM defends AUKUS submarine deal against critics See in context

Wrong Rodney. No stockpiles needed. Current models of Rolls-Royce reactors run for the life of the sub without need of refuelling, they come as a complete unit. So it is irrelevant whether Australia is left or right wing.

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Posted in: 'Omuraisu,' comfort food for Japanese and Koreans, a symbol of warmer ties See in context

Never heard of it before, sounds interesting, would like to try it.

I assume the brown sauce is not the same as Daddies or HP Brown sauce?


Very important meeting and japan feeds him day worker food

Quite the reverse, it shows they took the trouble to find out what he likes.

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Posted in: Should commuting to your workplace count as work time? See in context

Aly Rustom

absolutely, BUT not holding my breath

I tend to agree but:


That would be nice. I'd move a lot further away from work, arrive later and leave earlier, and still get my '40 hours

Is the reason why it will never happen.


Of course if you have a 3 hour commute then that's on you, but a company having their office in Roppongi for example shouldn't be paying people 400万 a year and think that their employees can have a family and live 10min away. I'd say if you place your office in such a spot and still pay close to minimum wage then you can pay for up to an hour extra for the commute

Valid point, true in most major cities. If it is too expensive to live close to work, it is irrational to expect it. From a company point of view they would be hard pushed to be able to recruit just from the labour pool within easy journey time so accessing a larger pool is to their advantage, but there is lnevitably a cost to that.

If a large proportion of your staff have to travel 2 hours each way, perhaps it is time to move your offices and probably save a fortune on property costs!

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Posted in: Britain and Japan to pay for most of fighter project agreed with Italy See in context

The trenchantly expressed opinions above, founded on an obvious complete lack of knowledge of the subject is impressive (with exception of the pro-Muscovite shills as expected).

Italy and Britain have worked successfully on a number of projects, surprisingly to the ignorant they have proven in the past to be a good and competent partner to work with.

This project benefits from not involving the French and Germans who have been the cause of problems in the past.

Japans involvement is obviously an unknown quantity, we shall just have to wait and see.

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Posted in: Britain and Japan to pay for most of fighter project agreed with Italy See in context

Britain was already developing its next generation fighter jet, Japan joining in gains exposure to technology and expertise they lack and Britain and Italy spread the cost of development while reducing the per unit cost. All in all a win, win, win situation

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Posted in: China says AUKUS on 'dangerous path' with nuclear subs deal See in context

Wang repeated China's claims that AUKUS poses a “serious risk of nuclear proliferation and violating the object and purpose of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

Utter deliberately inaccurate claptrap, but what else do you expect from a CCP mouthpiece. Nuclear powered not armed, no more violation than China or any country building a nuclear power station.

grave challenges to our nation’s development.”

Translates as our nations militaristic expansion and imperial colonialist ambitions.

It is China’s own behaviour that is causing its neighbours to increase their military spending and look for security by seeking friends to link arms with in the face of China’s overtly imperialist rhetoric and actions.

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Posted in: EU urges members to deport more migrants ineligible to stay See in context

About time.

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Posted in: Hungary to delay vote on NATO membership for Sweden, Finland See in context

Perhaps it is time to question Hungary’s membership of NATO, at least under this poo tin lickspital.

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Posted in: Putin says Germany remains 'occupied' See in context

Every time the guy opens his mouth it’s comedy gold! Never seen a better standup comedian.

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Posted in: Former Australian PM says nuclear-powered subs 'worst deal in all history' See in context

Absolutely right you could have more short range subs that have to come up to breath and charge batteries for the money. For the cost of a self propelled howitzer you could have lots of horse drawn ww1 pieces, they still throw shells so why not! Sadly for him technology moves on including military technology. Having lots of technologically outdated equipment doesn’t actually help as has recently been proved by the Muscovite army in Ukraine.

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Posted in: Russian advance stalls in Ukraine's Bakhmut, think tank says See in context

Clay, peace is easy to achieve, poo tin just needs to pull his shambolic army out of all Ukrainian lands and pay compensation for the war and crimes he initiated.

horrific treatment of ethnic Russian speaking Ukrainian citizens

There is no evidence to support this propaganda lie, there is a vast amount of evidence for the ongoing war crimes, murder, rape and torture of people in those areas temporarily occupied by poo tins fascist forces.

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Posted in: BBC chief refuses to quit despite chaos sparked by Lineker removal See in context

The has been ball kickers over paid inflated ego should have been fired not suspended.

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Posted in: UFO sightings put rural Japan community on intergalactic map See in context

All a load of boll*cks of course but if it pulls in the tourists why not! Unless you are daft enough to take it seriously it could even be quite a bit of fun.

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Posted in: Russian advance stalls in Ukraine's Bakhmut, think tank says See in context

The Muscovite forces being bled in to the ground by their blind effort to take a strategically insignificant town, at least for them. It has become strategically important from the Ukrainian point of view as it allows them to inflict such casualties as to drain any reserves that could be used for an offensive, just as they have done in Vuledar.

I feel sorry for the fascist Muscovite apologists, it must be hard trying to positively spin such a total disaster A three day war that has lasted more than a year!

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Posted in: What’s happening at Fukushima plant 12 years after meltdown? See in context

It’s going ahead regardless, live with it. You aren’t going to stop it or change the plan.

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Posted in: Safety costs at nuclear plants in Japan exceed ¥6 tril See in context

Nuclear using these legacy designs was never cheap, it as just made to appear so by socialising the costs and privatising the profits.

A wide mix of renewables can provide much of the needed power at a much lower cost and help achieve the carbon reduction targets but there is still a need for a base load capacity that can be switched on and off at need which these decaying dinosaurs can not fulfil though there are modern walk away safe designs of nuclear reactors which can be used in this way.

Pouring money and scarce resources in to these decrepit plants is a waste of time and opportunity. These resources could be better used to greater benefit to the people and country to achieve long term energy security.

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Posted in: Converting rice into low-carbon plastic: Bringing hope to a struggling Fukushima town See in context

It is still plastic, just not as much. This is not the answer or even a part of the answer.

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Posted in: Diamond Princess returns to Yokohama 3 years after mass COVID outbreak See in context

I remember following the story of this disease pressure cooker of a ship.

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Posted in: China condemns Japanese plan to release Fukushima water See in context

China should deal with its own very serious pollution problems before it starts complaining.

“Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye”

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Posted in: WHO fires Japanese director in Asia, accused of racist misconduct See in context

Kasai regularly harassed workers in Asia, including engaging in “aggressive communication, public humiliation, (and) making racial comments.”

Isn’t that standard management practice in Japan?

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing underwear from laundromat See in context

What is it with the Japanese and underwear? While there is the occasional case in other countries it is vastly more prevalent fetish in Japan?

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Posted in: Kim's sister warns N Korea ready to act against U.S., S Korea See in context

Fat boy has let loose his attack dog to bark at the fence again.

Regretably were NK so stupid as to attack SK they do have the capacity to do a lot of initial damage, especially to Seoul which is easily in reach of their massed conventional artillery. While the South and USA could obliterate it, it would take time and not before a lot of damage was done and a lot of civilians murdered. The total annihilation of the Norths military and its political leadership would be of little consolation to the dead.

SK has undoubtedly made a strategic error in allowing the Capital to grow to such an extent that a major portion of the population now resides directly under NK’s guns.

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Posted in: Japan's H3 rocket ordered to self-destruct after liftoff See in context

Space is hard and anyone who thinks otherwise is either ignorant of the facts or deliberately obtuse.

SpaceX at one period during the learning stage provided some of the best fireworks you could ask for, now they are a lot more reliable. One problem with disposable rockets is you don’t know if anything is wrong until you light the blue touch paper. With reusability you get to study what works, like aircraft.

How successfully the failure is dealt with depends on how few committees are involved.

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