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Posted in: When cars fly? Japan wants airborne vehicles to take off See in context

Forgot to add have a look at Lilium’s and Airbus sites for their flying taxis in development, they have thought through how it will work in the real world.

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Posted in: When cars fly? Japan wants airborne vehicles to take off See in context

Sorry, all fantasies of having your own “Jettsons” flying car that you jump in to outside your door and fly away in are going to remain just that.

Flying “cars” will be more like a taxi or Uber you access at need, to start with only in major cities, with very tight and probably computer managed air traffic control in rigidly defined air corridors and to be honest I don’t see this happening to any great extent until they are driverless and AI controlled otherwise as posters above have said it would be a disaster waiting to happen.

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Posted in: Mind-altering breast milk? New pot study poses that question See in context

“May” includes may not “theoretical risk - dearth of research” this is a non story aimed at prejudicing opinion.

I hate to use the phrase but “fake news” springs to mind.

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Posted in: Brown rice salad with asparagus makes a hearty side dish See in context

Still prefer in season asparagus served simply steamed with melted butter. Brown rice I like but this collection of flavours seems a mishmash. There is a tendency among cooks to over do the complexity.

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Posted in: Japan protests after reporter blocked from covering meeting in China See in context

If the Japanese government is serious about defending freedom of speech perhaps they should have terminated the meeting as soon as they were made aware of the exclusion. That would have got through to the Chinese dictatorship as little else would have.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for fatally stabbing man in apartment See in context

Someone has some serious anger management issues!

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Posted in: Husband arrested for beating pregnant wife to death in car See in context

While he deserves absolutely no sympathy what so ever, making it 3 murders (one state sponsored) does not help.

Better he be gaoled until his dying day, without hope of release so he can reflect on his actions.

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Posted in: Panasonic to move UK headquarters on Brexit fears See in context

Irrational over reaction. But what else can one expect.

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Posted in: New station on Tokyo's Yamanote line unveiled to media See in context

Alex, have to agree it looks bland and uninspired. A classic example of third rate institutional modern architecture.

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Posted in: Aspirin disappoints for avoiding first heart attack, stroke See in context

One yen per tablet, over a year would still be only 365 yen. I don’t see how that can be classed as making a hole in your wallet? About £2.53!

Tackling other causative factors will have far more impact.

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Posted in: Glamorous Venice Film Festival courts controversy See in context

Agree, the only criteria is the quality of the film.

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Posted in: Man kept body of father at home because he didn’t want to be separated from him See in context

Sad, gruesome and smelly, but very sad.

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Posted in: 1,400 guns, 1,200 swords from WWII era found buried at Tokyo elementary school See in context

never went that far :) Please can we have an edit button!

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Posted in: 1,400 guns, 1,200 swords from WWII era found buried at Tokyo elementary school See in context

Cannon balls? I suspect a mistranslation from the Japanese.

The type 89 still fired shells not cannon balls.

If the IJA were really resorting to cannon balls they were even more desperate than I thought! Even Captain Mannering went that far :)

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Posted in: Japan welcomes Britain's willingness to join TPP, pledges support See in context

TPP is a nightmare waiting to happen, the way it has been written it is great for big corporations and their profits but very bad for people, national sovereignty, and just about any one else.

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Posted in: Japan to survey disputed islets in Aug. for projects with Russia See in context

Ganbare, you are living in fantasy land, how will Japan pumping money in to the Russian populated islands, making them economically viable, make it more likely that Russia will hand them and their citizens over to a foreign country?

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Posted in: What do you think about police using computer programs to predict where crimes may occur, and who might commit them? See in context

An inevitable application of big data. Surprisingly accurate in its predictions, as it is based on machine learning the biases and assumptions of the programmer shouldn’t be a problem but the programme and the basis of decision becomes opaque which in turn can become a problem, at least for mear humans!

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Posted in: Why the Summer Olympics are held in July, August despite heat See in context

Money is all that matters to the IOC, the athletes are just cannon fodder to their money making machine. The spectators count for even less!

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Posted in: Mie police detect sleeping pills in man’s corpse; his wife and her lover suspected of murder See in context

Talk about a predatory Couger!

I get the impression sex is her job, the bar is just a hobby!

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Posted in: New Murakami novel ruled 'indecent' by Hong Kong censors See in context

Not having read the book, it would have been useful for the article to have detailed what about the novel was deemed “indecent” by the state thought police.

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Posted in: Marine debris widespread after flooding in western Japan See in context

The clearing of this debris is as much a part of the clear up softer the disaster as that carried out on land.

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Posted in: Another senior education ministry official arrested for corruption See in context

That some one has been caught is not a problem provided there are strict rules in place and they are enforced then it is just the system working. It’s only a problem if this is not the case; then you are in deep brown stuff!

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Posted in: Do you think the world is more dangerous today than it was two years ago? See in context

The world has always been a dangerous place, I grew up under Mutualy Assured Destruction and the everyday expectation of potentially being nuked. My parents and grand parents fought 2 World Wars in which and as a consequence of which hundreds of millions died.

Currently I do not think things are as bad as they have been.

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Posted in: How much fake news do you think there is on the internet and other media? See in context

News papers (in the eighteenth century the only media available) were without exception biased in favour of one party or another. In the 17th century the printed news sheets were government controlled, hand written sheets were not covered by the legislation so gave the alternative view point; were they any less biased? Of course not.

Biased news reporting is nothing new.

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Posted in: Walking under the ocean between two of Japan’s main islands via Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel See in context

Inkochi, yes the Greenwich foot tunnel starts near the Cutty Sark. Dates from the early 1900’s I believe. Always meant to walk it when I was a student in London but never did. You never do the touristy things nearest to where you are!

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Posted in: Walking under the ocean between two of Japan’s main islands via Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel See in context

Pity they didn’t build it so you could see out in to the ocean, that would have been fun!

Still an interesting feature though.

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Posted in: Rescuers scour scorched towns after Greek wildfires kill 74 See in context

This heat wave is getting bad, we have had a lot of heath fires near here and the Saddleworth Moor fire was bad but thankfully nothing on the scale of what has hit Greece.

Greece is used to summer fires, so for them to be overwhelmed in this way is an indication of just how bad this fire is.

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Posted in: Death toll in Greek forest fires now at 49 See in context

BBC just now reported 26 bodies found in a courtyard, death toll before was 24 so for the moment risen to 50. 10 or more still missing whofled the flames in a boat.

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