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Posted in: Bad weather may force changes to emperor's enthronement ceremony See in context

TrevorPeace, that's probably code for what they had for breakfast!

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Posted in: Gov't funding for imperial ceremonies sparks rare dissent See in context

Tradition and ceremony are some of the cultural glue that helps cement a society together.

As I am not Japanese I am not qualified to comment on the appropriateness of these ceremonies.

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Posted in: S Korea cuts interest rate again as Japan trade row rumbles See in context

Central banks and Governments sell the fear story over deflation, yet they are the only ones who profit from inflation. The price of goods and services generally have fallen exponentially over the last fifty years, that is deflation and the majority of society has benefited greatly but banks can’t make obscene profits without inflation and politicians can’t continue to borrow and squander without it either.

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Posted in: New Zealand plans armed police patrols after Christchurch massacre See in context

Zichi, while there are a few areas where armed police are or are kept close by, mainly in London, the vast majority of police still are not armed or have guns in their cars. The most they carry is an extending baton. And the police themselves do not want to be routinely armed.

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers cancel 2 games due to typhoon See in context

Understand the need to cancel for safety reasons, but surely it is not beyond the wit of man to reschedule?

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Posted in: Livestreamed killings test social media measures to block extremist content See in context

Silicon Valley bubble dwellers have created a monster beyond their control for their profit which the rest of us have to live with.

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Posted in: Attacker found out idol singer’s address through online image eye reflection See in context

What a waste of real talent, he could have used his knowledge for constructive purposes.

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Posted in: Super typhoon on track to drench Japan's main island See in context

Rgcivilian, wood is beautiful, but given where you live I can’t knock your choices.

Zichi, sounds like the best place to be! Get well soon.

Cancelling rugger for a drop of water and a bit of a breeze! What is the world coming to! They would never have done that in my day!

(and yes I am being humorous)

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Posted in: Missing part of oldest 'Tale of Genji' manuscript discovered See in context

Agree. On my list of books to read, but have not got to it yet, so I might hold off until I can get the revised version?

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Posted in: Japan protests to N Korea over sea collision See in context

If there is a known problem in the area, then perhaps a concentration of policing assets, backed up by the military if called for to arrest every illegal fishing vessel in one fell swoop, seize and destroy the vessels, and equipment, confiscate the catch, prosecute the Captains, the crew can go home and NK provides the transport, any who wish to can go to South Korea as refugees.

Do this a couple of times and the problem will soon go away!

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Posted in: Fishy look See in context

Somehow my dinner staring back at me has never been one of my favourites!

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Posted in: 3 win Nobel Prize in Physics for work to understand cosmos See in context

Really? In this day and age an article needs to explain what an exoplanet is?

The discovery of the planet was at the time a stunning piece of work, until then we had assumed there were but had no definitive evidence of the existence of other planets around other stars. Now the assumption that most would mirror our own system has been blown away.

Incidentally, the correct form is Sir Peter Ratcliffe.

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Posted in: Wheels for an emperor See in context

So what would the Emperors of a thousand years ago have traveled in, or even two hundred years ago? If you are going to do tradition, then do the traditional!

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Posted in: Japan rescues all North Korean fishermen after collision with patrol boat See in context

These coast guard ships are not built for ramming, singularly unlikely a captain would endanger his command to sink one little fishing boat out of the many in the area.

Like the Indonesian solution!

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Posted in: Beset by Hong Kong protests, China's Xi showcases missiles See in context

The HK citizens have a concept of freedom and democracy that has been denied and crushed out of those on the mainland. Number eleven (or is it Pooh bear?) knows that if that gets a hold in mainland China it’s game over for him and his gang of Mafia style bosses called the Central Committee. So they will hang together lest they hang separately, and will use unlimited force in the final analysis to retain power and kill any threat to their position.

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Posted in: Torii trail See in context

As above, true of any tourist destination in the world. You should see Stratford upon Avon in the height of summer, a total PITA and that was in the 80’s when I lived near there.

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Posted in: Organizers fear security staff shortage for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Shogun36, the UK had to call in the military to help out at the 2012 Olympics due to the failure of the contracted security firm (ergo my comment above!) and surprise, surprise no one launched an attack.

Agree with other posters above, facial recognition is the thin end of the wedge and should not be allowed.

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Posted in: Organizers fear security staff shortage for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Just don’t use G4S!

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Posted in: Kyushu Electric to halt 2 reactors due to delay in anti-terrorism step See in context

Since1981, yes you are right, though the “profits” are illusory as the real long term cost of the current version of nuclear power is borne by the public purse (in every country not just Japan). If the company had to bear the cost of decommissioning and long term storage and safe disposal, even at the current inflated prices they would go bankrupt. If they had to compete in an open and unsubsidised market they would never get built.

If you want to decarbonise your electricity supply then nuclear does have a place, but not the intrinsically unsafe antiquated 1950/60’s technology currently being used and built which was primarily designed to produce weapons grade materials for bomb making. The alternative tech, known at the time, was ignored or had its budgets cut so we are only now starting to re look at them.

The other problem with current reactors is they are inefficient, they only burn about 5% of the fuel leaving a very high and long half life residue (if 95% can be called a residue) for untold generations to come to deal with.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric gift scandal extends to Kyoto branch See in context

Dinesh, nope, in most developed countries it would be called what it is, outright bribery. There would also be police investigations and prosecutions. I will not pre-judge what will happen in Japan but wait and see, with a modicum of cynicism!

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Posted in: Parade rehearsal held for emperor's enthronement ceremony See in context

For a ceremonial parade it looks a bit boring, just a bunch of dull motor cars with equally dull motor cycle escorts. Given Japans long history and individual culture I would have thought they could come up with something better and more enjoyable than this.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for repeatedly clogging women’s toilets in convenience stores See in context

One very sad individual, and not fit for the position of trust he holds.

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Posted in: Man says he abused stepdaughter because efforts to discipline her didn't work See in context

Edit, “hold those responsible”

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Posted in: Man says he abused stepdaughter because efforts to discipline her didn't work See in context

Don’t just enact laws, make their application mandatory and hold the lose responsible for enforcing them to public account. That includes the senior local politicians.

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Posted in: Japanese spacecraft releases rover toward asteroid in last mission See in context

This has so far been an excellent mission all round.

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Posted in: ASDF fighter obstructs commercial plane's landing at Misawa base See in context

Perhaps the answer is to build a separate civilian airfield? Either way the pilot of the fighter jet should have obeyed the controller unless he had an emergency forcing him to land but if that were the case he would have already notified control (if he is competent) of the problem and his need to land immediately. There is no indication in the article of any such circumstance, so the natural interpretation is that the pilot is an arrogant, entitled prat.

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Posted in: Shun nuisance 'obligations' and do what you want to do See in context

Agree with almost all of this, not being Japanese I don’t feel the same pressure in respect of “obligations” imposed by others that their society imposes, so yes I do what I want and don’t allow society to impose obligations I have no interest in. But the again I always did. The one thing I don’t agree with is health checks. High blood pressure is known as the silent killer for a reason. There is no symptom or indication that you have it until it is too late, so picking it up early at a check means you go on living to enjoy your obligations free retirement and the treatment is very simple these days.

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Posted in: Organizers apologize to Georgia for Russian music gaffe See in context

Someone needs his botty smacked for not paying attention!

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Posted in: No grant for Aichi art festival after 'comfort women' exhibition fiasco See in context

So much for freedom of expression. Going by the exhibitions title, it looks like they proved their point. Sadly this portrays Japan as no better than the vicious and oppressive dictatorships across the water from them.

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Posted in: Takanofuji says punishment for off-ring violence 'too heavy' See in context

Anywhere else he would be in police custody for assault.

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