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Posted in: Mister Donut apologizes for selling 'Meat Pies' that didn’t contain meat See in context

Selling a product under a deliberately misleading name, taking money from customers for something promised but not delivered is apparently not fraud in Japan?

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Posted in: Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who skewered fast food industry, dies at 53 See in context

A lot of US food is illegal in both the UK and EU because of the dangerous chemicals allowed in to it and the farming practices.

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Posted in: Israeli tanks push deeper into Rafah; battles rage in northern Gaza See in context

The quicker they eradicate the Hamas terrorists and end it the better for all.

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Posted in: Sunday is Mother's Day. What are your fondest memories of your mother? See in context

Good god, all the above!

Didn’t respond to this as there were far too many to recount. I had a very happy, nonviolent childhood. My father never used violence, as an intelligent man words were more than enough.

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Posted in: Japanese police seek to question Singapore diplomat over voyeurism See in context

Singapore doesn’t take too kindly to that sort of behaviour.

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Posted in: Drone filming Japanese MSDF ship went undetected: source See in context

I have seen recently an instance where a civilian drone approached a designated no fly zone in the USA, when it hit that limit an inbuilt algorithm immediately and automatically returned it to its start point.

So it isn’t that difficult to ensure every drone held or sold has such a limiter installed. Add effective detection and capture and the problem goes away.

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Posted in: Nearly 200 Japanese to attend Taiwan president's inauguration See in context

It’s about time the US, UK, EU, Japan and every other country that doesn’t want to be bullied by the CCP, jointly and simultaneously recognised Taiwan as an independent nation and required they have a seat at the UN. Number eleven can froth in to apoplexy but even he can’t threaten the majority of the world.

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Posted in: Kyoto government worker assaults coworker for spoiling popular manga series See in context

Never understood why grown adults read/watch what is basically a children’s comic?

Certainly his behaviour was far from adult and prosecution for assault is the least he should get. Utterly amazed he wasn’t at least suspended or fired.

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Posted in: Tax office investigator, arrested for theft, says he needed money to pay back debts See in context

Why on earth would someone like a tax investigator be living in a dormitory? For that matter why are the tax authorities providing accommodation of any kind for their employees?

Someone in that position with debts is a red flag to start with. More surprised he wasn’t caught extorting money from those he was investigating, would be harder to prove.

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Posted in: 'Mount Fuji convenience store' issues apology for bad tourist manners, adds multilingual signs See in context

Add in tourists jaywalking back and forth 

Does Japan have the same ridiculous laws as the US on crossing the street. I didn’t think any other country was as daft.

As for the Dentist, he is entitled to peaceful occupation of his property, he would be sensible in the circumstances to block it off and charge say ¥3000 per photograph. That should discourage them.

Lawson’s car park is also presumably private property, charge them for entry a hefty sum repayable in the store if you are a local.

The street is the police/local authorities problem.

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Posted in: Paris Olympic athletes will feast on freshly baked bread, select cheeses and plenty of veggies See in context

Wot, no bangers and mash? ;)

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Posted in: Juro Kara, rebel playwright behind Japan's modern underground theater, dies at 84 See in context

rejected the established theatrical modes then dominating modernizing Japan that were mostly Western, middle class and well-behaved

Very 1960’s, very much in the zeitgeist of the times. Expressed in a way relevant to Japanese culture, but typical of much of the period. In philosophy.

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Posted in: Japan, Philippines agree to work for early conclusion of defense pact See in context

All of which is good, and I am all in favour of independent, free countries working together to fend off encroachment from the imperialistic, dictatorial CCP but what does the Philippines get out of it at least until Japan changes its constitution?

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Posted in: Japanese beef brand faces marketing mess as kanji creates confusion See in context

All of which confusion highlights how kanji is simply not a good fit for the Japanese language. Adopting a writing system created for a very different language might have been the only solution over a thousand years ago but if it needs the addition of furigana for people to be able to read and understand it then there is a fundamental failure of the purpose of a writing system.

The city of Hitachinaka has even done away with kanji altogether and just presents its name in phonetic hiragana characters

Perhaps that is the solution?

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context

Ramsey's Kitchen

Gotta love this. For years J govt expert economists were spouting the BS line saying stagnant prices / deflation was the cause of J-consumers not spending and were hailing inflation as the economy saviour. Now they finally have their precious inflation and their excuses have done a complete U-turn, lol. Hopeless as ever.

Economics isn’t a science, it’s at best a handcrafted art form. Ask 5 economists a question, you will get 7 mutually different answers.

Inflation and deflation are both bad or good but for different groups. Politicians, Banks and exporters love inflation, importers and ordinary people hate it but benefit from deflation.

Tourism is also part of the economic mix, if that is what makes you money, go with it. What politicians complaining about over tourism never realise is that it is their failure to properly manage it they are highlighting.


No reason tourists should not pay the insufferable 10% sales tax. Take the good with the bad.

Petty spite, cut your nose off to spite your face. By giving a small benefit tourists end up spending more thus boosting the overall Japanese economy, to the ultimate benefit of all. Also Japan is in competition with other tourist destinations who offer the same, in the UK it’s a 15% benefit

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Posted in: Number of vacant homes in Japan tops record 9 mil See in context

This is an aspect of Japan I have never understood.

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Posted in: Marmalade fest celebrates quintessential British breakfast treat See in context

Paddington, the patron saint of Marmalade!

Haven’t made any for years. I must dig the jam pan out of the shed next year when the Seville orange are available Note to self.

On the whole I tend to prefer the classic thick cut marmalade made from Seville oranges without any additions. The contrast of bitter and sweet that the Seville’s give is perfect, and I do like some texture to my jams and marmalades.

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Posted in: Japan Airlines cancels flight after captain gets drunk at U.S. hotel See in context

While he technically passed the alcohol test of his fitness to fly, his behaviour does bring in to question his mental state and psychological suitability for his position. Not to mention behaviour bringing disrepute on his employers.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to visit Britain as state guests in June See in context

I am sure we can stretch to a steak & kidney pudding and a pint of ale for each of them, followed by spotted dick and custard!

All joking aside this is part and parcel of the ongoing and developing relationship between the two countries that can only of benefit to both in these times.

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Posted in: Paris Olympics opening ceremony on river Seine will last nearly 4 hours See in context

The opening ceremony tends to define how people remember it, Peking was a display of state control of the masses, London was spectacular and humorous, Rio was sad and highlighted how little they could afford to host it, sorry Japan I can’t even remember the opening ceremony, which is a shame as I thought they would do a good job of it.

To hold it on the river is in modern times novel, though if you go back in time large public displays were often carried out on the water as it provided the best view for the populous. Be it the Doge marrying the sea in Venice, or the Lord Mayors show on the Thames.

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Posted in: Japan begins release of 5th batch of Fukushima treated water See in context

This as it should, has become a regular activity. No longer really a newsworthy item, just the I’ll informed trying yo stir up discontent.

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Posted in: Do you think gold is a safe investment in times of geopolitical trouble, war or other international crises? See in context

Fiat currency is only backed by a politicians promise.

Classic example, when the UK was on the gold standard one sovereign was one pound and in those days there were 240 pennies to a pound. Fast forward to today, to buy a gold sovereign you would pay about £480.00 so a modern pound due to inflation is worth about a halfpenny coin!

Gold is a store of value over the long term.

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Posted in: Learn more about O.J. Simpson: The TV, movies, books and podcasts about the trial of the century See in context

The trial was turned in to a circus making a farce of the whole thing. If he had been white or poor there is no doubt he wouldn’t have got away with it.

So he could crash in to people and throw a ball, who cares in light of murdering 2 innocent people.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to kill 18-year-old son See in context

I know teenagers can be a pain in the neck, but attempted murder seems a slight over reaction.

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Posted in: Newly discovered genetic variant that causes Parkinson’s disease clarifies why condition develops See in context

Well, that is promising, not the answer we are looking for but perhaps the first concrete steps towards a final answer.

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of ¥10 mil gold tea bowl from Tokyo store See in context

He quickly sold it, didn’t he? — at least that’s what’s reported in this article

At a more than eighty percent discount, less than the scrap value of the gold. They bought the gold not the bowl.

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Posted in: Kishida addresses Congress amid skepticism about U.S. role abroad See in context

Unfortunately the US has a government structure that allows one fascist puppet to tie up and strangle foreign policy despite the will of the elected representatives at the ultimate behest of a foreign inimical power.

Johnson has a lot to answer for, as does the Oompa Loompa.

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of ¥10 mil gold tea bowl from Tokyo store See in context

Impressive security there!

Luckily the thief was as inadequate as the security.

Who the hell is going to buy or need a gold tea bowl?

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Posted in: Iran launches drone attack at Israel See in context

Looks like the only missile they have with the range to reach Israel from Iranian territory is the Shahab3, range of about 1,242 miles so easily within range but how smart/stealthy is not available nor its accuracy.

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Posted in: Clouds gather over Osaka World Expo See in context

If they are seeking to promote “technological and environmental aspirations” why is it being built without any clear future use or further purpose? The ultimate in disposable culture as far as I can see with a thin coating of greenwash. An architects ego project at the tax payers expense.

Not at all sure how a temporary wooden shed is promoting either technology or the environment.

Then they will pour yet more ugly and environmentally unsustainable concrete for a tacky casino.

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