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Had fish and chips last night, very nice too with a pot of tea. However not something I would have frequently.

Understanding the applicants reasons for wishing to become a British subject and their acculturation is fundamental to the process, and the test should be only a part of a longer process by which they demonstrate their connection to the country. Yes a clear grasp of English (not american) should be fundamental for the whole family not just the husband.

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Posted in: Less beef, more beans. Experts say world needs a new diet See in context

Beans, beans, every one guaranteed to crack!

Would rather have a nice steak than spend time and energy chopping it in to tiny pieces just so I can stick it back together before cooking it.

Over population is the real elephant in the room, as has been said above, reduce (or if we had encouraged sensible population control policies, prevented the population explosion) the population is the real answer, faffing about trying to impose the veg maffia’s agenda is to mislead and distract the population from the real issue that the political elite simply do not want to confront.

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The world is overpopulated, Japan is over populated for the useable land available, a reducing population is good for the people as a whole but not for the fat cats who need lots of worker drones to keep producing and consuming. What these out of touch, backward looking dinosaurs forget is that there will progressively be less jobs for people to do as automation replaces them, not just the manual jobs hit so far but more and more of the middleclass white collar jobs lost to AI algorithms. Countries with a large unemployable population are going to face serious social problems and disruption.

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Posted in: Suicides in Japan down for 9th straight year to 37-year low in 2018 See in context

The fact that it is going down can only be good news but jet plane is right, changing the cultural attitude to suicide is a very hard ship to steer.

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Posted in: Many boats likely from N Korea left neglected on Sea of Japan coast See in context

I agree, a beach bonfire is the best solution.

Brian Wheway, dead right, well seasoned wood burns beautifully, and if you have an open fire the salty wood is lovely.

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Ambassador Lu is quite correct, relations between China and Canada can quite easily be repaired, all it needs is for China to recognise international law and treaty obligations, stop arresting people on trumped up charges and spuriously retrying people so as to increase the punishment as a means of coercion on other sovereign governments and refrain from undiplomatic and insulting language about your host country. Simples really!

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Posted in: Labor ministry bureaucrats to be punished over faulty jobs data See in context

In any other country in the first world, heads would roll, and criminal proceedings would be bought. Will that happen here?

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Posted in: Japanese rocket blasts into space to deliver world's 1st artificial meteor shower See in context

On a planetary scale one rocket launch does not an ecological catastrophe make, but it can cause local ecological damage, and there is never just one launch at a site.

A fairly frivolous use of the technology, but every economic use increases the demand and starts to bring down the cost of space access which in the long run is something we as a species need to do.

Still not convinced using oversized fireworks is the best way to reach space.

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Posted in: Merkel, Abe, other leaders to attend Davos forum as Trump sits out See in context

Davos, where Billionairs go to tell Millionairs how everyone else should live!

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing sauce on young woman’s kimono on Coming-of-Age Day See in context

The man is a blighter and a bounder, and very probably a cad as well!

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Posted in: Hitachi, UK say no decision taken on British nuclear project See in context

Would be happy personally if they choose to pull the plug on this project. Wrong technology for the job, and too high a risk factor if there were an accident not to mention the long lived highly radioactive waste that will be generated across the lifetime of the reactor which Hitachi will not have to pay for but lumber the tax payers with (privatising profits but socialising cost/risk again).

Greenpeace are only partially correct, there are not many sites economically viable for renewable energy projects left that have not already been used, what are left are marginal or non viable without ongoing state subsidy. It also ignores the inherent need with renewable energy sources for a base load capacity for when the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine. Currently supplied by fossil fuels. Nuclear can be a valid solution for this but not this dirty and intrinsically old and inefficient technology which only “burns”about 5% of the available fuel leaving highly radioactive fuel rods needing reprocessing to remove waste some of which has very long half life, not to mention irradiating the structure leaving a long term problem when it comes to decommissioning which Hitachi won’t be paying for.

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Posted in: Don't shift blame over wartime labour ruling, Tokyo tells S Korea See in context

Fascinating, the number of posters expounding on the relationship between domestic and public international law! Would love to know what qualifications (if any) they have to expostulate on such a complex subject?

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Posted in: JAL faces fresh disciplinary action after drinking by flight attendant See in context

Do they know something about the airline safety we don’t? Is that why they have to fly pissed?

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Posted in: American woman brings pistol, bullets onto Delta Air Lines flight to Japan See in context

The real problem is the underlying attitude to guns in the USA, the TSA staff and their attention to duty or lack thereof is secondary.

Perhapse all flights and passengers originating from the USA should be separately re-checked and luggage scanned at the dastination airport (not just Japan).

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Posted in: Ghosn indicted on 2 new charges; Nissan cancels lease on his Tokyo apartment See in context

This was predicted, that the prosecution would game the intrinsically unjust system to prevent any hope of release.

As has been pointed out many times in various threads on this site, how out of sync with 21st century concepts of justice and fair trial the Japanese legal system is. Previously it was kept local and low key from an international point of view. That however has now changed.

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Posted in: Japanese corporations are getting pressure from shareholders to spend money more efficiently. Not many Japanese companies are very willing to distribute cash to shareholders as dividends. They see these fund as resources to expand business overseas. See in context

Gogogo, yes there are less shares and theoretically that may cause the shares to rise as there are less but it is not in reality that simplistic, there are many other factors, and it is still the hired help who primarily benefit from spending the owners money.

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Posted in: Japanese corporations are getting pressure from shareholders to spend money more efficiently. Not many Japanese companies are very willing to distribute cash to shareholders as dividends. They see these fund as resources to expand business overseas. See in context

The CEO and other managers are just the hired help, they do not own the company. The money made and held by companies belongs to the shareholders. The owners of a company are entitled to expect a decent return on their investment. Share buybacks are very popular with the management of companies as a large chunk of their remuneration is in shares, so the owners money is used to temporarily inflate the share price, the money is gone, the managers make a killing, the company is no better off in fact worse off and the owners gain nothing as the share price reverts to normal or some external event causes the market to slide and all that money has been wasted. Dividends are real money in your hands (or your pension fund). Companies that can consistently pay dividends and rising dividends over a long period of time are well managed profitable companies. Boosting the share price is often illusory, look at Enron.

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Posted in: Footage of 'snow monkey acrobats' goes viral See in context

Amusing, but hardly news.

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Posted in: Man to be arrested for murder of Tokyo vocational student See in context

To murder for so little? The guy is a nut job. Infatuated with but then murders her? The guy is a nut job!

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Posted in: Attacker wounds 20 children at Beijing school See in context

Saw the video of the bus incident, it was not the fight caused it, that had stopped 3 to 5 seconds before, then the driver wrenched the wheel to the left and off they went.

Can not understand the mentality involved, how they think these actions will resolve or help with their problems? If they are stressed about someone or an institution why then attack the ultimate innocents?

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says bail very difficult before trial See in context

Japan is showing its self to be a repressive and unjust state, it’s legal processes on a par with some of the most despicable and morally corrupt regimes around the world.

For the system to permit the long term incarceration of the innocent (until proven guilty) is morally repugnant, tothen game the system by repeatedly bringing forward charges just as the time runs out so as to further extend the incarceration is worthy of the most loathsome dictatorships. There is no morally acceptable justification for imprisoning him, he can still be investigated and brought back for further questioning if necessary while out on bail.

The fact that the system does not permit his lawyer to be present highlights the reliance on unsound “pressured” or fraudulent (you didn’t understand what you were signing) confessions.

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Posted in: Japanese school bans non-white masks for students See in context

Sounds like masks have become a cultural psychosis.

To maintain order and a good learning environment a shool needs to be authoritarian to a degree, but sounds like this has gone too fer. Within the authoritarian structure you then need to allow and encourage creativity and critical thinking.

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Posted in: We are not going to allow a scoop on the new era name by any news organization. See in context

Nothing like throwing down the glove to get the media going!

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Posted in: Man arrested for appearing naked on another man’s third-floor balcony See in context

Speed wins for saying first what we all thought! But albaleo wins for the subtly funniest!

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Posted in: Jewelry, watches worth ¥33.5 mil stolen from home while owner overseas See in context

Another reason to have a good quality solidly embedded home safe!

If you want to flash the cash on wearable and therefor noticeable bling, you are advertising it to thieves, so take the necessary precautions.

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Posted in: Japan begins collecting departure tax to fund inbound tourism promotion See in context

Governments do not have any money, whatever a politician has to spend/give away is first taken from your pocket, so any tax is a "money grab". This is a small enough sum that the vast majority of passengers will not even notice it, especially if simply included in the ticket price from the outset, but if as MarkX said it is used as an excuse to boost prirofit margins then yes that probably will have a negative impact on visitor numbers.

How it will be spent? Given the record of politicians generally to waste money, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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jefflee, in a market economy, the cure for miss allocation of resources is the company goes bust and closes down. In 2008 governments interfered with the process and propped up the incompetent, socialising the risk and privatising the profits so increasing the moral hazard without solving the problems. The massive miss allocation was by central governments interfering and preventing the natural solution to the problem.

juminRhee, quire right, Waitrose in the UK operates that way for nearly a century very successfully.

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Wrong market model for the coming decade. Currently not radically different to the auto industry giants who have far deeper pockets, competing on their terms is a recipe for bankruptcy. Looking ahead, as driverless cars become more accepted by the public, combined with an Uber style model of transport availability without the cost of ownership there will be a much smaller market than today. Add in a growing environmental awareness among consumers of the impact of the current planned obsolescence manufacture and sell paradigm and Auto manufacturers will need to find a new way of doing business that still generates income which will no longer be coming from just selling product. Nothing guaranteed but the most environmentally sustainable model is selling use not product so you lease the car (or other product) and the manufac5urer retains ownership, covers all the costs and you pay a monthly lease payment with a use fee (eg so much per mile). They’re is then an incentive for the manufacturer to ensure the product has a long life span and doesn’t break down, so massively reducing the environmental impact of our civilisation.

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Posted in: China could put reforms on hold to boost economy: analysts See in context

A command economy planned by central bureaucrats will always be inflexibly rigid with massive miss allocation of resources, perfectly evidenced by China, with cities no one lives in, pointless massive projects and money poured in to the gaping maw of incompetent zombie state enterprises.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 4 injured in California bowling alley shooting See in context

Keep the popcorn handy, by the end of this year there will have been many more shooting stories like this from the USA, they just can’t help themselves they have to gun each other down. No matter how many mass shootings, how many children sacrificed on the alter of gun ownership they are incapable of doing anything about it so eventually civilised people run out of sympathy and just have to let them get on with their favorite game.

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