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Posted in: English-speaking-only bar opens in Osaka and Tokyo; yellow cards for those who don’t follow rules See in context

GuruMick, I worked in London bars as a student in the 70’s and never had a problem with understanding anyone including foreigners of whom we had quite a few, including groups of Japanese. Light and bitter was a common drink in those days along with mild, mild and bitter and brown ale and bitter (can’t think what that was called). Though I haven’t heard anyone order any of them for decades. Nor a snakebite either!

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Posted in: UK still backs Rwanda deportations despite legal challenge See in context

Illegal immigrants are by definition criminals and should be immediately deported as such without appeal.

Withdrawing from the ECHR would have been the most sensible thing she could have done.

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Posted in: Sweden closes area of Baltic Sea around pipeline gas leaks See in context

Poo tin trying to gas the Swedes as punishment for seeking to join NATO and making him look an even bigger fool than usual?

They should have set fire to the leak at the surface, the resultant CO2 would have been less environmentally damaging than the Methane is.

Hopefully they will make the results of their investigations public.

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Posted in: British Antique Museum opens in Japan with authentic Sherlock Holmes study exhibit See in context

Victorian era, and a vintage London cab will be on the grand floor.

The floor doesn’t look very grand to me,

The very least they could have had a horse drawn Hackney of the period.

While middle class Victorian rooms did tend to be rather cluttered by our standards, this is farcically over the top.

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Posted in: English-speaking-only bar opens in Osaka and Tokyo; yellow cards for those who don’t follow rules See in context

Well they say the best way to learn a language it by total immersion. Rather suspect as people knock back as many drinks as they can to get their moneys worth, the quality of spoken English might suffer a decline!

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Posted in: Kishida appoints eldest son as his executive secretary See in context

was decided based on "the person's personality and insight" and "the idea of putting the right person in the right place

Otherwise known as nepotism.

Purblind politicians, out of touch with their electorate and knowing it matters not a jot as they will get re-elected regardless.

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Posted in: Japan to expel Russia consul as ties worsen over Ukraine See in context

Why was he given 6 days, should have been the same 48 hours given to Motoki.

russia never intended the negotiations to go anywhere save they could extract money and concessions from Japan, so nothing real has been lost in their breaking off negotiations.

Japan needs to start sending warships around the northern islands on training exercises.

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Posted in: Retreating Russians leave their comrades' bodies behind See in context

Standard procedure for the russian army to abandon their dead, they have left them all over Ukraine since 24/2/22, they are just disposable cattle to their leaders and officers. They don’t even have dog tags or anything equivalent to allow them to be identified. Their enemies take more care for the russian dead than their own army does.

Their deploying and probably losing their experienced training cadre’s are going to seriously hamper any efforts to turn their recently mobilised men into anything approaching effective combat soldiers (good). Not to mention trying to deal with the next regular round of conscription now delayed no doubt due to this until November.

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Posted in: Ukraine forces break through Russian defenses in south; advance in east See in context

Rodney, thank you for that, I needed a good laugh!

Sadly for you your slobbering orc mates are engaged in their usual high skill exercise of running away, no doubt as per normal, dumping the wounded to make room for their loot.

I have to question what 300,000 unfit old men and criminals armed with rusty AK47’s, 60 year old tanks and little else will achieve, save literally soaking up Ukrainian ammunition and fertilising the good black earth. That is if they can sort out the shambolic mess currently in progress in russia that passes for a mass call up and get them to the front before it reaches the border, always providing they don’t refuse to be deployed or surrender as soon as possible (a very sensible move).

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Posted in: Musk and Zelenskiy in Twitter showdown over billionaire's peace plan See in context

Musk is sadly misguided or has not properly thought this through if he really thinks his plan is reasonable. I wonder if he would be quite so keen if his business competitors seized his factory and claimed the workers had voted to transfer the plant to them and he should just accept it. Oh and later they would want all the rest.

To reward russia and poo tins illegal invasion and nuclear threats in this way would mean the end of any rules based world and yes powerful though the USA is it would suffer as well, which is why every civilised country the US included is determined rat Russia will be driven out of all the territories it has stolen.

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Posted in: Ukraine forces break through Russian defenses in south; advance in east See in context

Sounds promising, this could lead to the surrender of the 25,000 russian troops trapped west of the Dnipro. Poo tin will have difficulty explaining this “good will gesture”. The orcs capacity for offensive operations, already degraded will be even more limited as much of this force was stripped from other fronts.

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Posted in: Taiwan launches English language TV channel to give it more international punch See in context

Tokyo Living, your mates in West Taiwan are not going to like this a bit,

Anything that contradicts West Taiwans false messaging claiming Taiwan is anything but the independent, democratic country it clearly is can only be good and if the truth can be more easily spread by this channel so be it.

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Posted in: New exhibition at Stonehenge probes Japan's prehistoric cultures See in context

Stephen Chin

How were the stones weighing tons placed to stand upright? We do not know

Sorry you are wrong, it is known, a simple principle of leverage and muscle power. Fairly easy really, of greater debate are the cap stones and how they were got in place.

The pyramids actual building is fairly well understood, the amazing and impressive part (as with Stonehenge) was the societal organisation, planning and the original conception and design.

Pity there were no pictures with this article, I would be fascinated to see the claimed parallels of cultures so geographically and temporally (in travel time) separated.

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Posted in: New exhibition at Stonehenge probes Japan's prehistoric cultures See in context

When I was a kid you could just stop and wander over to have a look. I remember running around the stones as a very small boy, save my family there was no one else there. Now it is fenced off and commercialised.

At school we were always told it was built to observe/celebrate the mid summer sunrise. Modern research is showing it was originally for the midwinter, death and connections to water as a portal to the spirit world.

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Posted in: Putin illegally annexes Ukraine land; Kyiv seeks NATO entry See in context

cleo, nice allegory depicting the current situation. Poo tin is looking more and more desperate, unfortunately a cornered rat is dangerous, it needs to be quickly dispatched.

The demented dwarf in the kremlin is falling in to the fallacy of magical thinking, sadly for him just signing a bit of paper and some ritual chanting doesn’t change reality, Ukrainian territory isn’t “annexed” it’s occupied illegally by force and no matter how often he fronts and froths at the mouth, the Ukrainians are going to take it all back.

The only thing he will achieve is the death of a lot of ordinary russians.

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Posted in: Schwarzenegger visits Auschwitz in message against hatred See in context

A powerful experience, I would recommend to everyone to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau next door, just don’t expect to be the same person coming out as you were when you went in.

Good on him for at least trying, he could have ignored his family history and lived a comfortable life in California, to confront that past and seek to help prevent it happening again is worthy of respect.

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Posted in: Japan vows to work with Australia, India for free, open Indo-Pacific See in context

For those not in the know, the Indo-Pacific is still free and open despite the efforts of China to own it.

Can’t build islands so trying to buy their leaders!

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Posted in: Russia gives citizenship to ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden See in context

What he did endangered the lives of others, that is not the actions of a hero regardless of the legality or otherwise of anything he revealed.

If he cares so much about truth, surveillance, civil liberties and justice, I look forward to seeing his principled stand against all these activities in russia and the murderous and illegal invasion of a peaceful neighbour. But I won’t be holding my breath, the man is a hypocrite.

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Posted in: Dog office See in context

I think I might have a slight problem seeing the screen if I sat there cuddling my dog, Labrador’s tend to take up rather a lot of space!

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Posted in: Lights out, ovens off: Europe preps for winter energy crisis See in context

Olegek, you are right there is always too high a cost in supporting fascist regimes which is why Europe and the civilised world is supporting free democratic Ukraine and not the fascist dictatorship in russia.

The cost to Europe is some inconvenience and short term adaptation while we pivot away from russian fossil fuel and blackmail, the cost to russia and russian mothers is the mass sacrifice of their children, brothers and husbands on the alter of poo tins ego.

I would rather live in Europe than russia.

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Posted in: Japan protests Russia's expulsion of official; denies spying See in context

Wholly irrelevant whether he was spying or not, whether he was caught red handed or not, he is an accredited diplomatic representative and as such is immune to arrest.

His treatment would be unacceptable in an ordinary person and goes way, way beyond what is is acceptable for anyone falling under the Vienna convention.

russia has gone beyond all bounds of civilised behaviour, to compare them to the Nazi regime in Germany is no longer valid, they are worse. Even the Nazi’s accepted the diplomatic norms.

If russia deems it acceptable to arrest and detain diplomats then it is open season on their own diplomats around the world and they have no justification to complain.

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store will now ask customers who ask for a fork to use chopsticks instead See in context

Agree wooden forks would be more convenient for the customer, use less material than the chopsticks and use a renewable resource. But as others have said what about the rest of the plastic?

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Posted in: Canadian PM Trudeau cancels trip for Abe's state funeral See in context

There is no way any politician answerable to their electorate could be seen to be jetting off to another country just for a funeral while their own people are suffering an unprecedented natural disaster and people are losing their homes and lives.

No doubt the Canadian Ambassador will be tasked with representing them, that’s what they’re there for.

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Posted in: 'Informal' Japan-S Korea summit may pave way for better relations See in context

Good, about time if it does. Neither country benefits from or is best served by the petty and vicious populism espoused by the Moon administration.

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Posted in: Oscar-winning 'Cuckoo's Nest' actor Louise Fletcher dies at 88 See in context

Why downvote a post praising the deceased? Especially one that by definition highlights her varied acting abilities?

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Posted in: Toyota to end auto output in Russia over war-induced supply crunch See in context

Even the Lada was a heavy and bad copy of the Fiat Mirafiori, that was a zippy high reving engined car, pity the bodywork rusted for a pastime.

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Posted in: Pink Floyd founder cancels Poland concerts after war remarks See in context

The Avenger

Jethro Tull said it best…he’s Thick As A Brick


Jethro Tull, another of my favourite bands.

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Posted in: 55-year-old man arrested for assaulting 19-year-old daughter because she didn’t keep in touch with him See in context

Totally unjustified reaction guaranteed to ensure she stays out of touch. Just how was punching her face in supposed to encourage her to stay in touch?

Victim blaming is both pathetic and morally reprehensible.

The thug of a father obviously has anger issues, hardly the person you want to employ as a security guard.

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Posted in: Oscar-winning 'Cuckoo's Nest' actor Louise Fletcher dies at 88 See in context

Very good as Kai Winn Adami.

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