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Posted in: Man arrested after refusing to pay hotel bill for 15-night stay See in context

Brian, you missed a zero off there, according to the converter I used five million yen comes in around £36,840.00. He could be washing dishes for a very long time!

Agreed, the staff were remiss in not taking a credit card at the outset, but a lot of hotels don’t and I have never been requested to part pay my bill before I left the hotel.

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Posted in: Culling of 330,000 chickens begins in Kagawa after avian flu confirmed See in context

Just what Japan needs, Wuhan virus and now avian flu!

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Posted in: Culling of 330,000 chickens begins in Kagawa after avian flu confirmed See in context

Zichi, is that what they call panic buying? It will be toilet rolls next ;)

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Posted in: Race to boost financial hub status intensifies among Japanese cities See in context

Japan would need to overturn its entire culture to succeed in this. As others have pointed out above, the bureaucratic opacity in a language culturally attuned to obfuscation and imprecision and documentation in a script virtually unknown out side the islands are alone sufficient reason not to risk the investment. Add in the unjust legal system that has recently been subject to the glare of international scrutiny and the technologically backwardness of most Japanese business, administrative and financial structures and it becomes a no hoper.

Singapore has all the geographic advantages without any of the above problems, is renownedly business friendly and has a population fluent in English to boot.

This makes me sound anti-Japanese, which I am not, but the relative advantages and disadvantages on the ground are evident and not in Japan’s favour. They have been evident since the 90’s and should have been dealt with long ago, but haven’t. Way too late now alas.

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Posted in: Wary of security issues, Japan moves to shut China out of its drone supply chain See in context

China can go on supplying cheap low tech drones to the mass market, just not the high tech and security sensitive market. Of course if they want to supply anything else they could supply the IP and codes, just like China insists on,

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Posted in: Japan picks Mitsubishi Heavy to develop its own stealth fighter See in context

Japan has no experience of developing an indigenous fighter aircraft from the ground up since the Zero. Things have moved on a bit since then. To even catch up they will have to either partner with a US company or persuade the US to transfer advanced technological know how. Trying to reinvent the wheel will cost a lot of time and money and as they are so far behind will take an age to catch up.

Combat drones are a very long way from taking over from piloted aircraft, they are totally reliant on satellites which can be blinded or taken out; on data links which can be hacked, corrupted or blocked. Current drones have been used against enemies who do not have the means of attacking them this way but a peer or near peer enemy will. In any fast jet combat the inevitable delay between aircraft an controller would be fatal.

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Posted in: Woman beheaded, 2 others killed in French church See in context

engr/attilla I appreciate and support what you are doing, though maybe, just maybe not what you say. you are being much too xenophobic and western liberal in your thinking, and you are in danger of cultural appropriation in mentioning Islam.

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Posted in: Woman beheaded, 2 others killed in French church See in context

Time for the French to crack down on Islamic teaching. There needs to be state control and monitoring of what is being taught. If they don’t like the society which gives them such a free and good life, move to a backward medieval country more to their tastes.

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Posted in: Asymptomatic virus sufferers lose antibodies sooner: study See in context

Surely, as refusing to accept the evidence is intrinsically irrational it should be classed as a mental disorder, so they are mental health sufferers! Or in the older terminology, loonies.

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Posted in: Put down the frying pan – You can make amazing pancakes with a sandwich maker See in context

Pancakes should be thin. Why buy an expensive pancake mix, it is the easiest thing to make in the kitchen apart from a mess!

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Posted in: Do you think the century-old tradition of going to the movies will become a thing of the past due to the coronavirus and the increasing popularity of streaming services? See in context

Things will change as they always have, but I suspect they will still be around. We haven’t given up on the four hundred year old tradition (2500 if you count the Greeks) of going to the theatre.

Home viewing is one experience but going to the cinema to watch a film entirely another. I am lucky to have a local, clean, and cheap family run cinema in the nearest town.

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Posted in: Department stores kick off year-end, New Year shopping campaigns See in context

This early? That desperate?

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Posted in: Australia, Japan, U.S. to fund undersea cable for Pacific island of Palau See in context

uktokeo, it’s called soft power, advancing Japan’s broader interests and security by helping others in the region so they don’t end up in a Chinese debt trap and subject to CCP extortion and control.

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Posted in: Safe containing ¥22 million stolen from home in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

Progressively people will be keeping their money at home as a lack of trust in financial institutions combines with a lack of incentive or even with negative rates/charges a disincentive to entrust your hard earned money to them to make huge profits from. However, this story highlights the need to have a solid, secure and preferably embedded safe with adequate household security.

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Posted in: Lilly antibody drug fails in a COVID-19 study; others go on See in context

It doesn’t work! Yes but give us permission to flog a useless drug anyway! Just looking to make money off the sick and fearful.

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for stealing ¥6 million from porn film actress at her condo See in context

derive Ray? Should be derisory!

Oh for an edit button!

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for stealing ¥6 million from porn film actress at her condo See in context

The story is a robbery and threat of violence to a young woman in her own home. What she does for a living is a salacious irrelevance.

Seems rather silly to keep that much cash in her flat, even in a safe. Though with negative interest rates or derive Ray interest rates if the bank charges you a fee for holding your money, more and more people will do precisely that. When interest rates went negative in Switzerland there was a huge upsurge in people installing safes.

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Posted in: Thai parliament opens to discuss pro-democracy protests See in context

TrevorP, agree, no longer wish to visit. At least not until things improve there.

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Posted in: Diet session opens; Suga says Japan to go carbon-free by 2050 See in context

Carbon neutral by 2050? Not exactly setting them selves a demanding target are they!

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Posted in: Thai parliament opens to discuss pro-democracy protests See in context

Perhaps the Thai people should adopt the Chilean solution. They have just had a democratic vote to replace the old oppressive constitution and the new one is to be written by specially elected representatives of the people not existing law makers. Asking the current crop of Thai parliamentarians to re-write the constitution is like asking Turkeys to vote for Christmas!

Perhaps they should add another requirement to their list, that if retained the monarch must live in Thailand except for official visits abroad?

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Posted in: Samsung Electronics chairman Lee Kun-hee dies at 78 See in context

Interesting, no mention in the article of the 50 to 60% death duties and the prospect for a radical shake up the investors want that has caused a rise un the share price as the heirs are forced to sell holdings to pay the bill? Reported elsewhere around the world.

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Posted in: Hitachi to abolish seals for internal documents, cut paper by 70% See in context

About time.

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Posted in: Lawmakers should serve as role models in efforts to stop passive smoking. See in context

Never going to happen, sadly.

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Posted in: Use of smartphones wasting more kids' time, wrecking their brains, says doctor See in context

kohakuebisu, yes it is easier, but if the internet or your phone network were down you would still be able (albeit slower) to make the conversion, which is the point. You need to understand the underlying principles not just blindly accept what you are told by a machine. I know intelligent and apparently well educated people who are so used to using electronic devices be it calculator or phone that when it gives the wrong answer due to fault or fat finger syndrome, they accept what to me is patently wrong because I can do the calculations underlying it.

If parents are so paranoid they have to be able to contact their little darlings at all times, then give them a basic phone not a smart phone and they won’t be able to become addicted. I agree with those schools which are starting to require all phones are haded in at the beginning of the day and can be collected as the pupils leave.

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Posted in: U.N. nuclear arms ban treaty leaves Japan in a dilemma See in context

The ideal of a world without nuclear weapons is one we all would applaud, unfortunately this does nothing to achieve it. Until and unless there is agreement among ALL overt and covert nuclear states with rigorous and enforced destruction of the weapons and production capabilities anything else is just pious hot air.

Palestine is neither a nation or a state and never has been, it was an administrative area of the Ottoman Empire, a British mandate and a part of the Kingdom of Jordan but never a nation or state. It’s inclusion in the UN is purely anti-Israeli political posturing by certain states. There is far greater justification for granting recognition to Taiwan and Somaliland which are successful democratic functioning states.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain sign free trade deal for post-Brexit era See in context

Jonathan Prin "never seen anywhere someone offering me a glass of good English sparkling wine"

English courtesy, knowing how the French react! :)

no, there isn't euivalent to Champaign, requiring 60 different local processes to be made

The traditional method, used in making Champagne is precisely the method used in making English sparkling wine and invented in England!

And we all know that cheese is hardly ever proposed at English restaurants

Not such a core part of our dining tradition as in France, though you will find it at most restaurants these days, a pity it isn't more widely done as we have a huge range of amazing cheeses!

For the rest, I leave to your imagination where to find good food (gastronomy) outside chocolate bars or fish and chips

You will find a vastly more varied range of cuisines on offer in the UK than in stuffy old insular France ;) You will even find Japanese restaurants!

And anyway what's wrong with Fish & Chips!

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Posted in: Suga vows swift decision on release of Fukushima radioactive water See in context

Given there is so much international concern over the proposed plan then competent, independent, international verification of the levels of other nuclear contaminants is the only way of allaying that concern.

If and only if the water is adequately filtered then sea disposal is the best solution. But that is it self dependant on how diluted it is and on a very wide dispersion. Given all that then the impact on the existing background radiation of the Pacific will be negligible to non existent. Dumping it just off shore will be an environmental and reputational disaster.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Heavy said to be freezing development of regional jet See in context

Damned autocorrect ”aerospace infrastructure”.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Heavy said to be freezing development of regional jet See in context

Questionable whether there would be a sufficient market for it post Wuhan virus, the highly profitable business travellers are likely to be far fewer and a declining market as firms use video conferencing more and more in the future, making considerable cost savings and virtue signalling their environmental credentials.

The cheap tourist market needs volume which this may not be best suited for and there is a question hanging over how much the market will recover not to mention an over supply of cheap second hand aircraft as airlines down size to survive (or don’t need their fleets as they haven’t).

Building an airspace infrastructure must be a commercial decision driven by cold hard economic facts not a vanity project driven by political or management ego.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain sign free trade deal for post-Brexit era See in context

English sparkling wine can be bought in every supermarket chain in the country. It’s produced on the same geology as Champagne and by the same method (which was originated in England not France) and to the great chagrin of the French beaten Champagne in blind tastings.

British beef and British farming generally has some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world, and regulations are not only rigorous but enforced. Mad cow disease is long gone or Japan wouldn’t allow it in.

Stilton may not be to the average Japanese’s taste, it is a bit of an acquired taste, but there is a huge range of superb local and artisan cheeses produced in the UK from the very mild to the very strong. Little known fact, but Britain produces more varieties and more varied cheeses than even France.

This agreement should be a huge opportunity for both country’s.

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