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Posted in: U.S. scientist brews up a storm by offering Britain advice on making tea See in context


BertieWoosterToday 08:37 am JST

And that advice from a country that can't even make a decent cup of coffee!

Not everything reflects your anti-americanism. She actually is quite the scholar

Not in the slightest anti-American, just taking the p*ss if you know that British expression.

Some people on this thread, unlike the US Embassy in London are lacking a sense of humour. Rather appreciated the last line of their statement, made me chuckle I think someone there has been infected with our sense of humour!


Well, it wasn't invented in either country and neither should be acting like a snob

Very true we didn’t invent it, we just discovered the proper and best way to make it

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Posted in: U.S. scientist brews up a storm by offering Britain advice on making tea See in context

Her advice is crap, the tea would be undrinkable but as a marketing ploy it’s brilliant.

From a country that wouldn’t know a decent cup of tea from dish water and whose coffee is execrable (ask any European) the entire idea of one of them wasting money, sorry, researching how to make tea is a farce worthy of Monty Python.

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Posted in: Court documents underscore Meta's 'historical reluctance' to protect children on Instagram See in context

Perhaps all the executives who were aware of the problem but did nothing or delayed acting should be charged as accessories to any case brought against the perpetrators? They have facilitated the criminal acts.

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Posted in: ‘I never lost a fight against a man’: The story of the only woman to join Japan’s notorious yakuza See in context

She has lived her life by destroying the lives of other. Inflicting violence and fear without compunction. There is no indication of regret or change of attitude, everything is driven by her needs and desires at that moment in time. Now she is running the Yakuza retirement programme.

A singularly despicable individual, unusual but despicable nonetheless.

An article does not need to be overtly praising of her lifestyle choices to still have the effect of propagandising them, regardless of the authors intent.

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Posted in: Australia rejects China comments on sonar incident See in context

Sigh, China lying and trying to put the blame for their blatant actions on to someone else yet again. Are they really that stupid or blind to reality that they honestly think anyone now believes a word they say? (Not counting useful idiots and paid shills). All they achieve is to further degrade their questionable reputation.

The only excuse I can conceive of is that it was intended for their domestic market to deflect anything read from an outside source except their own benighted denizens aren’t allowed to see anything except CCP propaganda so that excuse doesn’t wash.

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Posted in: Pakistan launches retaliatory airstrikes on Iran, killing at least 7 See in context

Tit for tat retaliatory strike, equivalence attained, so hopefully it will end with that but given the mad mullahs in Tehran’s recent behaviour it isn’t a foregone conclusion. Watch this space.

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Posted in: Prosecutors building case against ex-accountant of Kishida faction See in context

As expected prosecute the little fish but let the big fish swim free; despicable.

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Posted in: Strike-delayed Emmys fall to new ratings low See in context

Yet another boring luvvy fest; boring. No wonder people are discovering there are more interesting things to do or watch. There is that newly painted wall for a start.

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Posted in: Russian missiles hit Ukrainian apartment buildings in latest deadly strikes on civilian areas See in context

Ukraine does the same to its own Russian-speaking people in Donbas and to Russian citizens in Russsia.

Utter rubbish repeatedly demonstrated to be false, repetition of sh*it doesn’t make it smell any sweeter.

Zelensky can keep insisting that no military targets are ever hit but he can't escape the reality of running low on weapons and ammo because all his warehouses (Kiev calls them "civilian buildings in residential areas") are getting destroyed

Warehouses that look just like residential blocks and when hit reveal kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms! Damn these Ukrainians are clever!

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Posted in: U.S., S Korea and Japan conduct naval drills as tensions deepen with N Korea See in context

Fat boy, number eleven and poo tin seem determined to stir the pot, causing international tension. About time we all disconnected our supply chains from them, which basically means China as the other two don’t actually produce anything save misery and propaganda.

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Posted in: Laundry a top source of microplastic pollution – here's how to clean your clothes more sustainably See in context

So you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t! I am aware of the microfibres problem and as far as I can see the only solution is the removal of plastic from clothing. However the author seems to indicate there are microfibres from natural fabrics, without giving evidence to support the claim or how this is suddenly a problem given we have been using them for possibly tens of thousands of years. However the long list of associated problems of plastic microfibres would not be applicable to natural fabrics.

The solutions suggested seem very technology heavy, partial solutions and ultimately both costly and of limited success rather than addressing the source.

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Posted in: Hamas officials say Gaza war deaths top 24,000 See in context

No one with half a brain cell blindly accepts anything said by a terrorist organisation like Hamas.

None of this would have happened if they hadn’t deliberately launched a brutal attack. Palestinians have responsibility for supporting a terrorist organisation as their government. Unfortunately Hamas doesn’t care about them.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia in talks on cooperation in military contingencies See in context

The more aggressive the CCP is the more it unites its neighbours against it and alienates its customers. Australian, Japanese Co-operation is good but has basic flaw in that Japan is hogtied by its constitution.

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Posted in: Ruling-party candidate strongly opposed by China wins Taiwan's presidential election See in context

Well done Taiwan, a pleasure to see a democracy in action. No wonder the mafia CCP are terrified their own oppressed masses might get a whiff of what is possible. Taiwan is an existential threat to their greedy grasp on power.

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Posted in: Fujitsu in firing line over UK Post Office scandal See in context

Sorry but bowing will not be enough this time. There must be accountability for this, those responsible will have to answer in a British court of law.

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Posted in: Landfill work resumes at new U.S. military site on Okinawa despite local opposition See in context

Good. About time. This time don’t let idiots build houses next door to an air base and then complain about il!

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Posted in: McDonald’s adds questionable Butterscotch Pie to its menu in Japan See in context

Butterscotch is delicious. If you eat too much of it then it is not healthy but that is true of everything, so everything in moderation, nothing to excess. There is no one in control of you except yourself so if you stuff your face with unhealthy foods on a regular basis you have no one to blame but yourself!

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Posted in: Nishikigoi breeders hope for early resumption of exports to China See in context

Classic demonstration of the folly of relying on one major customer, especially when that customer is a dictatorship with a track record of unreasonable and unjustified random bans on produce from your country when ever they throw a hissy fit over nothing.

Diversification of your customer base is your friend.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for assault at Coming-of-Age ceremony in Yokohama See in context

Young, probably not that used to alcohol, may have a low tolerance and ends up behaving like an idiot; youngsters do as I am sure most people posting on this site did when young. He needs a slap on the wrist not a criminal record.

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Posted in: Gov't warns about spread of false social media info on Noto quake See in context

I have never understood the way the politicians all get dressed up in these blue overalls on these occasions? No one believes they are going to get their hands dirty doing anything physical, so what’s the point? They are more useful and show more their concern by doing their jobs and ensuring aid and reconstruction happens as quickly as possible, not by getting dressed up in silly cosplay costumes.

But perhaps the Japanese public expect or want this?

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Posted in: Russia to deploy newest howitzers close to Finland's border See in context

Glad to hear it, they will be nice and safe there, then may be they will be able to con some third world country in to buying it on the basis they have never lost one.

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Posted in: Russian shelling kills 4 as Ukraine prepares to observe Christmas on Dec 25 for the first time See in context

nik, Ukraine has a good idea of who and what it is, all the more so since they were attacked by the fractured colonial empire they have the misfortune to live next door to.

It is their choice to celebrate on any particular date, that they choose to make this change merely highlights their cultural differentiation from and rejection of the past attempted cultural genocide and russification. Unlike their hotchpotch neighbours who had to steal their name and history to give themselves an identity and to this day feel culturally threatened by Ukraine and Ukrainian culture not to mention any desire by their enslaved colonies for freedom and reassertion of their cultural identity.

Thuban, as usual expounding false news, no one is discriminating against those who choose to use the Julian calendar. Only in the clown world of russian laughably called news.

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Posted in: Avoiding a catastrophe if Mount Fuji erupts after major quake See in context

So Tokyo could become the next Pompeii? Leave it and dig it up in 2000 years time.

On a more serious note natural disasters are a fact of living on Earth. Yes it is a case of when not if but good forward planning and preparation on both the personal and institutional level can help to mitigate the effects. Of course reversing the flow of people in to the area is the obvious way of reducing the risk but politicians will never do that. Such repopulation of the neglected rural hinterland would be beneficial to the economy, reduce risk and improve the lives of the population, so that won’t happen, no corporate benefit involved or brown evvalopes in such a policy!

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Posted in: What are your fondest childhood memories of Christmas? See in context

Like most, waking up to presents at the bottom of the bed. Handing round the presents (still think it was a trick of my parent to get me practicing my reading) and opening my own. My mother and grandmother putting the Turkey on to cook (sometime around March my brother claimed and the Brussel sprouts about October).

One odd memory from when I was very young, of sitting at the end of a long dining table and watching a strange man at the other end with a luminous red nose, he was their each Christmas but I never saw him the rest of the year. Years later I discovered he was the brother of my Grandfather’s first (dead) wife. My grandmother didn’t approve of him he “drank cider” and she was very anti alcohol (her father was an alcoholic) but he was invited every Christmas until he died.

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Posted in: Tesla moves forward with plan to build an energy-storage battery factory in China See in context

Musk loves a good dictatorship. No problems with the workforce expecting decent working conditions or pay!

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Posted in: Drones help solve forest carbon capture riddle See in context

Re-forestation if appropriately applied can on a global scale have a very major impact in absorbing the carbon already in the atmosphere. While reducing our dependence on fossil fuels will prevent the problem becoming worse, what is already in the atmosphere will continue causing major problems, thus the need to implement measures to remove it. Stopping unsustainable destruction of existing forests and replacing them with native trees and biodiversity habitats is one of the known effective tools in out box. Another is stopping the destruction of Whales, it is stunning how much carbon is tied up in whale poo.

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Posted in: Do you tend to eat and drink too much this time of year? See in context

Of course. It is a feast. What else do you do! Ok so moderation on the alcohol these days no more than one bottle of Cava for breakfast and a bottle of red for the Turkey, and Whiskey, Gin and Port to round off the evening.

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Posted in: EU look for ways for Ukraine to get aid despite veto by Hungary's Orban See in context

The EU needs to punish Orban and Hungary not pay them off. Danegeld was a bad idea a thousand years ago and is no better today. They need to realise they are not going to be rewarded but lose out even more or they will see they are rewarded for such behaviour and be all the more encouraged to keep doing it.

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Posted in: Japanese university to disband scandal-hit American Football club See in context

The headline and the article are at variance, the former states university to disband while the latter affirms the directors are still deliberating so no decision yet?

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