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Finding it hard to believe how many of the people commenting here are actually against a free press. His life is in his hands and he has risked in for many years to inform us. What are you guys thinking? Do you need a free media or are you content to absob the news that mainstream outlets push down your throat? Think! Don't feel!

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Sorry, first line.

No semblance of a free society...

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Dango Bong

What planet do you live on? When people like you allow the government to decide who can go where and when, there is no semblance of a free left anywhere in that nation.Mr Yasuda was well aware of the potential risks of his work and never once asked the government to save his ass. I respect that in journalists. If you have a good memory, you will recall that the government "gave up" on him several times and never once offered to pay any renumeration to save his life, as per his request. The "miracle" of his release only became a government talking point after it was evident that he was coming home. If you believe for a minute that governments like Japan's have HIS best interest in mind, you are a just another one of the thoughtless reactionaries that the machine has created. Stop thinking, stop challenging.Good citizen? Bot?

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Australia leads the world when it comes to showing other countries how to get gun control right. After the Port Arthur massacre, they wasted no time in taking action and doing the right thing. Getting military style weapons off of city streets is a must, not just an ideal. Sure, the mafia and gangs didn't volunteer to give up their guns but it made getting them a lot harder. Numbers don't lie: 530 gun deaths in 1995 and 230 in 2014. They did something right. Not perfect but light years ahead of what the US has ever done. I commend Australia for giving it another go. I'm Canadian and I have guns for hunting. I don't need to pump 200 rounds per minute into a deer. The sheer idea of saying citizens need weapons to fight their own government when it goes rogue is ludicrous. Why not work harder to elect governments that you can trust? The bravado and machismo of the "guns-for-liberty" idea is pathetic.

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i think I have a better solution. Why don't they just slow down the trains as they go through the stations? They do it for us drivers around school zones. Is the train's timetable more important than a human's life?

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