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Posted in: A house that runs itself? Samsung believes it's about time See in context

I just hope we don't end up like the people in the pixar movie WallE.

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Posted in: Gov't lifts evacuation order for Fukushima town near nuclear plant See in context

The big question everyone wants to ask is "If I move back in, will I have a higher chance of getting cancer in the long run regardless of whatever the legal dosage it may be?" Please tell the people the answer before they move back so at least we know they're safe.

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Posted in: Israel asks U.N. to reject Palestinian attempt to raise flag See in context

Raise the flag, these people have endured long enough!

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Posted in: U.N. chief Ban defends China parade trip after Japanese concern See in context

Look beyond the politics, the western leaders including Abe are not attending because they think China is celebrating it's victory against them but in fact they are not. Imperialist Japan is a very different country from modern day Japan. I believe everyone should accept the past and move on towards a better future instead of judging other countries for holding a parade over its victory from oppression. :P

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Posted in: Sendai reactor power ramp-up halted due to pump problem See in context

The public are too frightened, it's just a minor problem that can be easily fixed. These tests are done in order to double check if it's safe to run these power plants fully. With that glitch discovered, the power plant is actually much safer than if it didn't happen since were able to replace existing components and improve performance. I say keep testing until were 100% sure its safe and then and ONLY THEN can we start operations!

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Posted in: China envoy warns Japan not to backtrack on WW2 remorse See in context

0 Good Bad ding.dino@yahoo.comJUL. 24, 2015 - 11:31AM JST ****People of SEA. Time to wake up. This is how you win in a conflict and territory. Who started all this. Let's concentrate now and the future. Not the past. If not, you will find the Chinese war ships park at your shore one day. This is what the Chinese government wants. Make you all SEA blame on Japan's past doing. Who is going to defend you??? Wake up guys!!!

Well i'm from the Philippines and I don't hate the Chinese and the Japanese.


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Posted in: LDP urges government to push for nuclear return See in context

Japan should open Nuclear Reactors that don't lie near shorelines and aren't directly on top of seismic faults. Nuclear Power is very dangerous but if we don't use it, fossil fuels would make tons of CO2 and we'd be like China, spewing toxic gas all over the place. :)

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Posted in: Sony trims full-year loss forecast See in context

that was what I was thinking!

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Posted in: Elementary school student attacked while riding bike in Saitama town See in context

Saitama Scum?! Excuse me.

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Posted in: M4.7 quake jolts Kanto region; no tsunami alert issued See in context

A magnitude 7 hit us here in the Philippines last year and I it felt like the walls were gonna give way any second. Hope the people in Kanto Region are ok.

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Posted in: Maruha apologizes after pesticide found in frozen food See in context

Could be a setup, sabotage the competition if you will. No one was reported to fall severely ill so thats a good thing. Its amazing actually, i've handled malthion before and its nasty!

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Posted in: Asian universities catch up with U.S., Britain See in context

i wonder what the rankings tell about the universities in the Philippines. Japan is sure to catch up to the US though, it's only a matter of time actually.

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Posted in: Abe to honor woman who died saving man on rail crossing See in context

does she have children?

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Posted in: Shake See in context

Is there like a White House similar building in Japan? You know, where the big boss sleeps?

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Posted in: Customers’ behavior changing sushi culture in Japan See in context

It just gets even more quick.

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Posted in: Australia to tackle Japan on whaling at U.N. world court See in context

I just hope the whaling stops. As for the whole ICJ thing, I think It'll be months before we get any progress at all.

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Posted in: Japan venture to bring electric tuk-tuks to Asia See in context

I'm here in the Philippines. I hope to see these Electric contraptions here in the country.

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Posted in: Asian giants tiptoe toward free trade deal See in context

Why do you guys act so pessimistic? I'm not sure if it is gonna happen but I hope it will. If people keep thinking its impossible then you might as well throw in the towel.

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Posted in: Dropped scissors causes chaos at Naha Airport See in context

All of that for a pair of scissors. . . . . Preposterous!

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Posted in: New Fukushima danger zone designations allow residents to visit former homes See in context

If the levels of radiation are safe for sustainable life and don't pose a threat to the residents then they deserve to stay in their homes and rebuild whats left. I hope the people of Japan can overcome this obstacle. And I hope daijoboots and the others would stop bickering. Hehehe :)

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Posted in: Birds and blossoms See in context

Its a one of a kind photo if you ask me.

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Posted in: Night blossoms See in context

Its things like these that make me want to go to Japan. Simply SPECTACULAR.

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Posted in: Visitors See in context

I wonder what world leaders do when they meet.

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Posted in: 19,920 stalking cases reported in 2011, NPA says See in context

I guess stalking is a big thing in Japan. I hope when i get there, I won't be one of the unlucky 19 thousand+ who have stalkers.

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Posted in: The graduate See in context

I wonder how the Japanese treat their royalty?

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Posted in: Abe says nuclear plants need tighter anti-terrorism measures See in context

I hope Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addresses the issue of terrorism a lot more serious.

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Posted in: 28 injured after drunk group discharges spray in train See in context

People are so dumb when they are drunk.

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Posted in: Water and disasters See in context

He got ill about a few weeks ago. I guess this means He's A O K.

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Posted in: Pace of reconstruction slow 2 years after tsunami See in context

I hope the reconstruction proceeds at a fast pace in the future for the normalization of the community.

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Posted in: Sony selling shares in social networking firm See in context

Are they going out of business?

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