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Posted in: Gov't to restart nuclear reactors once safety assured See in context

Japan's Economy will be better off with the Nuclear Power Plants because Nuclear Energy is a cheap alternative to coal and oil produced energy. The only posing problem to the operation of Nuclear Power Plants in Japan is the seismological instability of the region. Earthquakes happen too frequently and sometimes even on a daily basis. If they can develop a sophisticated system that will allow the Nuclear Power Plants to operate safely and CLEANLY despite the said instability, then I don't see much of a problem for Japan's Nuclear Power Production.

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Posted in: Man stabbed on station platform after pushing dispute See in context

What a ridiculous way of settling an argument.

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Posted in: 125,000 lethal doses of cyanide leak from factory in Iwate See in context

Horrible. . . . . Just Horrible.

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Posted in: Japan will never stop whaling: minister See in context

Lets solve problems in a sophisticated and civilized manner or we won't even be able to solve them at all.

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Posted in: Japan will never stop whaling: minister See in context

I think Japan should stop whaling but not instantly. Gradually slowing down it's market for whales until such time that no one even knew whale was edible. That would be a solution which I think is more effective than ramming and trying to sink whaler ships since sinking these ships would not only be a great loss of Japan's oceanic equipment but also unhealthy to the environment.

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Posted in: U.S. court calls Sea Shepherd modern-day pirates See in context

Who ever bumped into who should accept the consequences and stop this madness before the ships sink and the crew of these ships turn into human popsicles.

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Posted in: Diet passes Y13.1 tril stimulus budget by one vote See in context

Funny how democracy works. Passing something that will affect the lives of so many people just by a stinking single vote. Lets just see if it'll work.

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Posted in: S Korean small businesses urged to boycott Japanese goods See in context

@ A Realist Well said!

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Posted in: Thank you See in context

I just hope the guy knows what he's doing and knows the consequences if he fails to boost the economy of Japan. Politicians have the fiercest critics.

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Posted in: U.S. court calls Sea Shepherd modern-day pirates See in context

I guess things are starting to get bad for the Sea Shepherd and its crew. If Watson is now a fugitive then he'll be hard to catch since he has a ship and all. But hopefully whoever is to blame for all this ruckus should be behind bars before anyone gets seriously hurt.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers clash in Antarctic waters See in context

I don't know who to believe nowadays. But I think whaling should stop though the way we stop it shouldn't be ramming ships until they sink to the abyss. Watson's way of doing things is too rash.

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Posted in: Govt to review candidate sites for Fukushima waste disposal See in context

The price of nuclear energy is looking for a place to dump all the waste. Why not just leave the waste in the no go zone? after all, it IS called a no go zone.

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