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enmarinas comments

Posted in: Miss International See in context

slumdog, thanks for the link...

Still Yahoo doesnt cover her declaration saying she could understand all those other models that commited suicide because they couldnt take it anymore...

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Posted in: Miss International See in context

How come there is no news about the previous winner?

A japanese girl (Ikumi Yoshimatsu) that sued her model agency agent Genichi Taniguchim from K-Dash for abuse, extortion and threats, while scared to death because of the close ties between that agency and the Yakuza.

How come it doesnt show on any japanese newspaper?

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Posted in: What defines the Japanese character? See in context

Number 5 is a joke...I would call it more like a militar management style, where the only moment you can talk openly is in the nomikais when everyone is drunk.

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Posted in: Panasonic to abandon consumer smartphones See in context

Reallity is that Japan is an internally over protected market for their own companies....but nowadays you need to be a global company to be competitive and they are struggling to do so....why?

Before NTT and others would buy phones from them at unreasonable prices just to make it all "Made in Japan", so they got used to be oversized/not optimized/not efficient companies....until other global brands like Samsung or Apple entered the japanese market and made them not competitive enough to this new reallity....and instead of restructuring to become competitive, they prefer to drop businesses one after the other until there is nothing left...

Black future for japanese tech companies....seems to me that only Sony and few others are really trying...

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Posted in: Once-reluctant Japanese get behind Tokyo's Olympic bid See in context

Ambrosia, that was a great explanation but Im sorry to say that you wasted your time. I already tried many times but he keeps repeating the same again and again.

There are many reasons to support or dismiss each of the three cities as stated in this page but having the cutest banners with Nintendo alphabet dont think is one of them...

I will be happy anyway, one is the city I live in, other is the city I used to live and the third one I have many friends I can visit...so good luck to all and in one week we will have the answer!

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Posted in: Strengths and weaknesses of 2020 Olympic bid cities See in context

Toshiko you need to find new excuses...at least half of those companies are going through huge financial crisis, and the ones who are ok will sponsor anyway any of the cities...

Just for your information, these were the Worldwide Partners of London 2012 Olympic Games...(the ones who put most of the money):

Coca Cola - US

Dow - US

Acer - Taiwan

Atos - France


MacDonalds - US

Omega - Switzerland

Panasonic - Japan

P&G - US

Samsung - Korea

Visa - US

Oooops! No UK companies! why? Because there is no need, its a GLOBAL event...ah! and 1 Japan Inc. company!!

Anyway, I will be happy if Tokyo get them but there is other city that is my favourite ;)

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Posted in: Once-reluctant Japanese get behind Tokyo's Olympic bid See in context

Toshiko...once more you appear at the Olympic news with your unrealistic an not logical points... I will try to explain it to you again...The olympics is a GLOBAL event so companies like SONY will sponsor the games anywhere in the world...sponsoring wont be a problem for ANY of the 3 candidate cities...

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Posted in: American killed in Thailand bar after he wouldn't stop singing See in context

Unfortunately some americans when outside of their country behave like if they own the place.

Few days ago I attended a concert of an american band and like 30% of the audience were also americans, most of them normal people, but behind us we had a group that kept talking very loud during the whole concert about random stuff....so loud that everybody around could hear them louder than the band...of course no japanese complained although you could see in their faces how bothered they were... Finally some other foreigners, myself included, turned around looking at them and doing a "shhhhhhh" sound to see if they get it and turn down the volume of their conversations but I guess they either didnt get it or just didnt care... At some point even one of them started to say out loud "nobody tells me to shut up, nobody!"....

Hope someday someone teach them the hard way to respect others....as I said, its just a few of americans that do things like this but this is the image people have of the average american thanks to them....

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Posted in: Modeling in Japan 101: Watch out for Guy With Camera (GWC) See in context

Cynthia, I agree that every aspiring model should be careful who to shoot with, but your Red Flags directly disqualifies any aspiring photographer who only wants to get some experience or start his/her portfolio...

Only advice needed is:

1- Have a face to face meeting in a cafe to talk about expectations from both, photographer and model. 2- Bring a friend/family member to the shooting. 3- If you feel unconfortable at some point, tell the photographer. If he/she insist, just leave.

There are many "Guys with a Camera" that have good intentions so please dont rule them out like that...

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Posted in: Madrid shines in 2020 bid presentations See in context

Toshiko.... Lets answer in order...

Istanbul protest are because the government was turning its politics and laws into very strict islamic. Menaning that people could loose freedom and some of the basic human rights. Talking about human rights: Do you know that Japan is one of the top world countries that dont respect basic Human Rights? just as a curiosity, do you know that slavery is still legal in Japan?

Anyway....Turkish people are highly educated and charming people, they are just protesting for their right to be a modern country. Anyhow, we are talking about 2020 Olympics....do you think the protest will last for 7 years?

Another proof that you really dont know what are you talking about....Do you know that baseball is not an Olympic sport since 2008?????? So I guess Baseball Arenas are not needed anymore, right?

Universities??? What for??? Olympics are played in proffesional top of the line venues...not university campus!! But as you wanted to talk about universities, I did a quick research and guess what?....

Tokyo Metropolis: 35.000.000 people/ 190.000 univ students Madrid: 6.000.000 people/ 175.000 univ students

Oh my god!! Maybe there is not much difference in number of universities!!!!!! Anyway, not related to Olympics so lets move on....

Local Ad Income???? Again, you prove that you cannot see further than Japans shore....why do you need local??? This is a global event and, as such, global companies will sponsor it no matter where its held :)

About your Spain bankrupcy comment....well....as said before, Madrid has ALREADY 80% of ALL the arenas, buildings, transport, etc....which means that it is one of the few cities worldwide that can actually make a profit out of the Olympic Games...

Anything else?

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Posted in: Madrid shines in 2020 bid presentations See in context

Toshico: Do you know what are you talking about? Madrid has already 80% of the whole buildings and arenas built, which is the highest by far of all 3 candidates... Istanbul dangerous for athletes?? Why is that?? Cannot understand your affirmation....do you actually know if they have sport fields? How do you measure IOC incomes? Gun carrying citizens in Madrid or Istanbul??? Since when??? Bomb threats??? Why??? Comfortable accomodations for athletes in Japanand not the others??????????? Im still wondering what difference can be....maybe the toilets that shoot water in your anus???

Families that can sightsee safely????? I believe Spain and Turkey have many more tourist than Japan as of today and dont see them in danger...

I guess you are just one of those FEW japanese that believe Japan is the only great country to live in....which in fact is a great country to live in but Im sorry to tell you that most people just wont believe your biased comments...

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman dies after apparent bear attack in Fukushima See in context

I don't think bears actually eat people, they attack until they decide if this is what they want. Terribly sad. That poor women. Made it all the way to 82 only to be attacked by a bear.

They do sometimes attack to eat people as others said before... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fatal_bear_attacks_in_North_America

And the woman probably lived great moments in her life, your statement sounds like she had a worthless life...RIP

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