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The thing about Muslim-lead governments is that if you give them 2.54 centimeters, they try to take 1.61 kilometers.

Disarm Iran now!!!

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Burn baby, burn.

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Japan is really far away. Nobody likes flying that far.

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My point about the age omission (now corrected, thank you JT) is that the media will often mention the age of a famous woman, but not that of a male celebrity. Which is sexist.

Thanks for pointing that out, Maria. I had never ever noticed that before.

Are the omissions because men don't obsess about their stage in life the way women do?

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I think few women look good with their hair up. I'll bet Mao looks pretty good with her hair down.

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inglourious Basterds - pure crap and historically inaccurate Mamma Mia - simply annoying music and bad actors !!!!!

What about the Nazi Jew hunter? People always seem to rave about his performance. Brad Pitt seemed hammy, but maybe I'm being overcritical because of my wife's insatiable lust for him.

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Deer Hunter won 5 Oscars. Somebody should make a category of worst film to win an Oscar.

I think Kramer vs. Kramer would make that list. There was something in the water in the late 70s.

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I asked my wife if our car's insurance covered "theft". She had no idea. No idea! I thought that coverage for theft was a given, but then I asked other Japanese people and have still not gotten a "Yes" or "No" answer, just "Gee, I dunno."

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You wouldn't know it by looking at this photo, but she is ridiculously hot.

I've got a pretty good imagination, but, yeah, she needs garanimals.

I though overexposure was the biggest problem in Japan's entertainment business.

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I taught my two boys to read. They were at mid-second grade (elementary) level by the age of five. This is thanks to the Headsprout company. Now, we read leveled books from A-Z which have quizzes and discussion cards.They are far from fluent conversationally, but they have built up an impressive vocabulary and have very good comprehension. They are still only 8 and 6 years old, but I'm confident they will become good speakers because they love stories.

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I'll buy a car if one of them has a date with me.

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"Now the country is bankrupt" Hey, don't blame me, I voted for McCain

I voted for Ron Paul. He wanted to end the fed and also supported a flat tax as long as it was zero. We had our chance to reduce wasteful government spending and we blew as Ron Paul is probably too old now.

we have BERKELEY UNIVERSITY, STANDFORD, and all those crummy cold, ivy league unis back east, so who has the most brains in the world??? Yes, the USA has them in the palm of it's hands!

Most of the grad students in those schools are not American. If you look at a typical engineering department, it'll be 90% non-U.S. citizen enrolled.

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