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Posted in: Steve Jobs attacks Adobe Flash as unfit for iPhone See in context

The reason Apple won't include the Flash player is simple – allowing Flash in iPods/iPhones would allow folks to acquire content without iTunes.

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Posted in: Packing heat See in context

Disillusioned... "Guns are strictly controlled, yet any kid can go into a toy store and buy a high powered BB pistol or rifle that can fire a round with enough force to go through a door. There are no age limits for buying them or restrictions on the firepower."

I am sorry but you are mistaken on whom can purchase airsoft weapons and the power rating. Children can not purchase gas or an AEG (Air Electric Gun). No airsoft weapon may be sold that has a power rating above 0.98 joule. If in fact an individual posses an airsoft weapon with a power rating above 0.98 joule that individual is in violation of the firearms and gun control law and is subject to arrest and fines.

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Posted in: LAPD says Miura hanged himself with shirt in cell at detention house See in context

People. This man was killed and not by his own hand. This is a high profile international case and due to the nature of his case he would have been placed in solitary confinement under 24 hour watch via video. High profile o not the standard procedure in California for inmates charged in a murder case is 24 hour watch in solitary. The truly sad thing is we will never know what happened and those who killed him wanted to make sure of that fact.

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Posted in: Japan's banks have $3 bil in Lehman debt See in context

On Tuesday evening Lehman Japan filed for bankruptcy to gain protection from its creditors under the Civil Rehabilitation Law. Their are over 1300 people working at Lehman Japan, many of them contract employees, who will be out of a job. In fact all of the contracted employees were sent home Tuesday and asked not to return to work. With the economy in such a slow down, that it being 4th quarter for many institutions, and it is near the end of the calendar year it will be extremely difficult for these 1300 to find work. The impact of the Lehman failure will be felt across many fronts and we have only seen a small taste of what is to come.

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