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Posted in: Unrest sparked by far-right demos continues in Sweden See in context

IMHO, Europe just doesn't know how to do 'multiculturalism', Canada does it very well, even USA does multiculturalism better than Europe.

I am curious of the numbers of the Muslim immigrants and refugees in those countries, that could help the comparison.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says she won't seek second term See in context

Sorry my bad, I read your comment too fast, I skipped the "not"

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says she won't seek second term See in context

AddfwynToday 03:29 pm JST

... and she did not handle covid exceptionally well.

What ?! HK has the highest omicron death rate...

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Posted in: EU imposes 4th set of sanctions against Russia for war See in context


Today 08:48 am JST

TokyoLiving, the only people the sanctions are trying to influence are the oligarchs. They've had their yachts and overseas properties seized, they can no longer travel abroad, and now luxuries are becoming unavailable even within Russia. Sooner or later, they'll turn against Putin, and then he's toast.

I don't know, I am not convinced. When have economic sanctions already been effective in history? North Korea, Iran, ...?

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Posted in: Ex-prosecutor Yoon elected South Korean president See in context

I dont know, lots of Korean were saying it was choosing between plague and cholera ....

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Posted in: Lockdown fears spark panic buying in Hong Kong See in context

Pukey2Today 05:07 pm JST

Most people here at JT have no clue about HK. blahblah non sense

What are you even talking about ?! Have you even set a foot in HK for the last 5 years ?!

This is just a creation of yours, or maybe the result of the 2019 district elections skipped your mind ?!

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Posted in: Prince Andrew's settlement 'worth £12 mil' as anger mounts in UK See in context

WobotToday 09:47 am JST

Is he the only person convicted other than Epstein and Ghislane?

Yes, case closed, the pleb thirst for blood has been quenched. Nothing to see, move on.

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Posted in: Hong Kong limits private gatherings to fight COVID-19 See in context

venzeToday 12:46 pm JST

Hong Kong limits private gatherings to fight COVID19:

Did some Hong Kong news media not mock the mainland of such practice to reduce the virus spread before?

What have they got to say this time..?

Maybe you missed the news but there is no more independent Hong Kong news media...

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Posted in: Peng Shuai says allegation was 'enormous misunderstanding' See in context

It's surprising, why didn't she answer earlier then, seeing the worldwide reactions ?!

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Posted in: Argument leads to fatal shooting in checkout line of Florida grocery store See in context

Testosterone, egos, men children with guns not able to control their emotions.

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Posted in: Biden issues new warning to Russia over invading Ukraine See in context

At this point it's pretty sure Russia will be taking the Donbas, like Georgia or Crimea, it's the usual Putin's way. In Donbas they all got Russian passports, Russian "army" is there, it's a done deal, just need to make it official.

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Posted in: Korean director takes on decades of generational trauma See in context

I need to watch those.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles in 3rd launch this month See in context

oyatoiToday 01:35 pm JST

5000 years of (generally) non-Han dominance on the Korean Peninsula tells you all you need to know about who Koreans on both sides of the border consider to be enemy number one.

I am not sure to understand your point, would you mind expanding it ?

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Posted in: Prince Andrew loses military titles, patronages See in context

The dude has been thrown to the pack of wolves as a deflector, he should give names ! Not saying he's innocent, just keeping media and pleb attentions, covering others.

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Posted in: Hong Kong to create more national security crimes See in context

Pukey2Jan. 12 03:58 pm JST

And? Wouldn't you think it strange that a non-patriot would run for a political job in America? Did anyone here say anything about what Spain did to Catalan politicians? Or are HK and China the only places that should be criticized for patriotism?

What you're missing is that you don't understand their definition of "patriot", it is very different from your own. And it's done on purpose. Patriot in HK doesn't mean supporting your country, it means supporting CCP's authority without question. I would actually defend that the real patriots, the ones who love their country, to defend it, to want to administer it themselves are the anti CCP crowds. For HKers the CCP is foreign, coming in force in the country controlling their liberties.

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Posted in: Tokyo police admit to losing 38 citizens’ personal data…that was stored on floppy disks See in context

From the title I assumed it was 20 years old disks that were not transfered to a new system, but no ... it's floppies from 2019 ...

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Posted in: U.S. warships stay in Mediterranean amid Ukraine, Russia fears See in context

Desert TortoiseToday 01:02 pm JST

 or it could be that having the carrier group being a sitting duck in the Gulf 

That is the kind of comment that could only come from someone who has never cruised with a carrier strike group in that part of the world. [...] Because it's mobile it can make itself exceedingly difficult for an enemy to find and the US Navy practices these techniques intensively. We could turn off all the emitters and communicate using only flags and light signals. We could conduct flight operations like this, zip lip, no radio comms. There are a bunch of cool deception techniques they use.

Somehow I have a hard time believing that an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Mediterranean is not visible like Christmas lightnings by everyone around.

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Posted in: Biden signs $768.2 billion defense spending bill into law See in context

AlexToday 01:27 pm JST

The government is spending 628 bill, yet can't provide decent housing for veterans..

Need to channel money to Lockheed, Boeing, and friends. Housing for veterans, who's going to profit of it ? Local contractors?! It's useless !

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Posted in: ‘Spider-Man’ surpasses $1 bil globally in second weekend See in context

I really don't get this super-hero thing. You guys are not tired of watching the same thing again and again ?

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Posted in: Putin blames West for tensions; demands security guarantees See in context

IngvarToday 11:18 am JST

Putin needs to cut off gas to Europe immediately and see if that cools the fascist tendencies in Europe.

Interested to see that, knowing that gas export is maybe 35% of Russia's GDP.

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Posted in: U.S. to return $154 mil stolen by Sony employee and converted to bitcoin See in context

nishikatToday 08:11 am JST

Bitcoin is a scam. Proof is it's valued to USD and not BC itself.

That's nonsensical.

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Posted in: Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai denies making sexual assault claim See in context

In the end the propaganda one side or the other is irrelevant. I just hope the CCP will act on women harassment internally, they can do it in silence and be effective if they are committed, that's the upside of a dictatorship.

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim at critical crossroads decade into rule See in context

You think North Korea is willing to surrender its nuclear arsenal ?!

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Posted in: Theme park giving S Koreans a Japan fix despite pandemic See in context

Wow the anti Korean propaganda is at full speed here.

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Posted in: China warns Olympics diplomatic boycott nations will 'pay a price' See in context

MontyToday 07:21 am JST

What price?

The tickets. They are not offering refunds.

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Posted in: Report: Chinese hackers targeted Southeast Asian nations See in context

Oh come on, everybody is hacking everybody ...

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Posted in: Scholz vows 'new beginning' for Germany See in context

cracaphatToday 09:36 am JST

Hopefully he has the gumption like Merkel did to stand up to Putin.

Am not sure if it's sarcasm...

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Posted in: Defendant wins dispute over $50 bil in Bitcoin See in context

This dude's claim is completely ridiculous, what a clown.

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Posted in: Hong Kong warns Wall Street Journal of 'incitement' in editorial See in context

ooheysnewDec. 6 08:46 pm JST

They did not chose their masters.

I disagree - most locals couldn’t wait to be rid of the British & become part of China again.

The last mostly "free" election gave the pro democrats 70% of the seats, this is what HKers want. Beijing is not going to make the same mistake twice.

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Posted in: Russia deploys missiles near Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

gintonicToday 10:47 am JST

Japan should worry about a possible Russian invasion."

Geez..how do people come up with these fantasy theories?

How can people not recognize obvious sarcasm knowing the current Russian rhetoric with Ukraine ?!

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