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Posted in: Astronomers see possible hints of life in Venus's clouds See in context

The AvengerToday 09:23 am JST

Good news. The Venusian environment may be more hospitable than what we're experiencing on the West Coast right now.

The Japanese west coast is pretty nice though.

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Posted in: Masks compulsory in all Paris as virus cases mount See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday 10:18 am JST

Fascist laws.

I am really intrerested in knowing what drives the anti mask agenda worldwide. Are there any lobby, interests behind ?

I refuse to believe only idiocy fuels it.

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Posted in: Hooters closing first location in Japan as chain’s downsizing continues See in context

Hey just next to that ex awful hooters there is one of the best mapotofu in Tokyo, "Chen Mapo Tofu Akasaka", definitely worth a try if you're around.

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Posted in: Britain says it is working with France on blocking migrant route See in context

WolfpackToday 08:18 am JST

What happened to the enlightened Europeans support for flooding their countries with illegal aliens? All the sudden they became racists

I think you misunderstood, this is the Brits blocking the migrants coming FROM the European Union.

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Posted in: Japanese show support for Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow See in context

IloveCoffeeToday 07:34 am JST

Also, on the last Hong Kong legislative elections, the pro-Beijing parties got more than twice the vote the pro-democracy parties have. (https://imgur.com/a/fY0NNG9).

What are you even talking about? Do you know how legco is elected?!

The relevant elections are the locals during which everybody is directly elected.

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Posted in: Japanese show support for Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow See in context

The population is now calling her the real Mulan.

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Posted in: Man shot by police after threatening them with knife See in context

starpunkToday 11:14 am JST

tasers work wonders but did this idiot really think he could stab a cop and get by? And this isn't police brutality, the suspect isn't dead.

I would assume the man had some mental disorder and wasn't able to think about anything when this happened ....

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Posted in: Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai arrested under security law See in context

elephant200Today 10:58 am JST

Hong Kong "Hang Seng Index" soars after the arrest of Jimmy Lai! No worries Hong Kong, the people were doing fine!

It's been a while the HSI has lost its correlation to the "people" it's under heavy intravenous injection from HK and China.

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Posted in: Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai arrested under security law See in context

Ping AnToday 04:46 pm JST

Majority of Hong Kong support the arrest of Mr. Jimmy Lai.

That's not true, the latest election as proof, close to 90% of the seats are pro democratic.

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Posted in: Disney's 'Mulan' to skip big screen with September streaming launch See in context

If you really want to watch that, wait for it to be free.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protest leader fired from university teaching job See in context

elephant200July 29 02:53 pm JST

"Benny the Demon" (Nickname given by Hong Kong people) should apology to the public for his role of causing 6 years of social distrusts and chaotic situation! Much of his distorted ideologies and despicable actions was worth of more than 16months of imprisonment!

It really shows that you have no idea what is going on in HK.

Nobody is calling him that, he is well respected. He was a prof. of Law in HKU, been associate dean of the faculty of law.

In a statement he confirms that he has no grudge against the University as the decision has been made by "higher instances".

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' statue in South Korea stokes anger in Japan See in context

It's funny how the news are always about Korea, maybe Japan is riding on the hate too ? We never see the statues in Hong-Kong for example, which are way more visible to the population than some obscure private garden in Korea.

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Posted in: Disney postpones 'Mulan' indefinitely; delays 'Avatar' and 'Star Wars' films by a year See in context

Mulan needs to be boycotted anyway, the main actress is an avid supporter of police brutality in HK.

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Posted in: Taiwan says China sending planes near island almost daily See in context

It feels like China is trying to trigger a war wherever it can... what's going on internally?

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Posted in: Obama, Biden, Bezos, Gates, Musk Twitter accounts hacked in bitcoin scam See in context

venzeToday 12:21 pm JST

Rampant cryptocurrency scams appear convincingly genuine as if they really mean business. If not adequately and appropriately curtailed, the damage they could do to global economy would be enormous..

Oh come on, "Send me 100 I'll send you back 200", how can this be genuine ?! Who's giving free money ?

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Posted in: Florida reports largest, single-day increase in COVID-19 cases in U.S. See in context

BlacklabelToday 09:01 am JST

And the death rate from positive cases in Florida is 1.6%.

Wait for the healthcare facilities to be out of space

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Posted in: Ghislaine Maxwell seeks bail, citing coronavirus, and denies Jeffrey Epstein charges See in context

sodomy allegations,

Sodomy? How evil!

Is this illegal in the us?

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Posted in: Harvard, MIT sue to block ICE rule on international students See in context

Bob FosseToday 07:38 am JST

When foreigners attend our great colleges & want to stay in the U.S., they should

Donald J. Trump, Aug 2015

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Posted in: White woman charged after racist Central Park confrontation See in context

Why is this stuff worthy of international news?

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Posted in: Jeffrey Epstein friend Ghislaine Maxwell arrested on sex abuse charges See in context

As much as I despise Trump, one has to agree that there is much more on Clinton, Andy than Trump at this point, at least from what's available to the public.

However this isn't a competition, all the creeps who participated should be put in front of a judge, whoever they are.

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Posted in: Putin triumphant as critics slam vote extending his rule See in context

elephant200Today 10:43 am JST

The Russians know the concept of western democracy is a pure hypocrisy! They have had that hardships in 1990s! All hails to Mr.Putin!

I am confused, what's the difference between "western" democracy and "Russian" democracy ?

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Posted in: China passes controversial Hong Kong security law See in context

elephant200Today 12:52 pm JST

The HangSeng Index is soaring, at all time high 24480.26!

See, the bill has public supports! Because that is a measure punishing sabotaging and arsons! The Hong Kong public knows this is not the end of one country two system policy instead it boost social stability!

It's been a few months that the HSI has been totally disconnected from the reality of the economy. China has been buying heavily all over the board to keep it afloat.

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Posted in: Iran issues warrant for Trump, 35 others over killing of top general See in context

oharaToday 08:34 am JST

Lots of US soldiers and other lives saved by eliminating that butcher. Of course the leftys hate that.

Yep, let's just kill whoever we don't like without any form of trial, basic legal process or international decision.

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Posted in: Shortage of patients for clinical trials hampers Japan's search for COVID-19 treatments See in context

tokyo_joeToday 08:48 am JST

Pretty hard to find people with Covid when you do no testing. If they started mass testings like other countries I'm sure they'd find lots of potential vaccine guinea pigs.

I believe testing a vaccine should be about getting people who do not have the virus but are at risk, vaccinating half and compare the outcome though.

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Posted in: China's annual dog-meat fair opens; activists hope for last time See in context

Are dogs bringing more health risk than cows or chickens ?

Should we ban rabbit meat because it rarely happen in Japan, or cow meat because India doesn't like it ?

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Posted in: Kim Yo Jong: North Korean leader's increasingly powerful sister See in context

I wasn't paying much attention before, but I start to understand.

Why is the conversation about a woman wanting to blow up the world changes to her looks and some of commentators sexual fantasies ?!

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Posted in: Only 10% of firms in Japan have addressed LGBT issues: survey See in context

Bugle Boy of Company BToday 01:37 pm JST

But the requests and the rules DO change. Because not every LGBT has the same opinion. Who is their leader? Where is their edict? Where can I read their official demands? They, as a group, don't agree on what they want. So when one faction demands one thing, and then another faction demands another, at what point are we as a society satisfied?

What rules are you talking about ? Leaders, edict ? That's even more confusing.

The only rule is threat everyone equally. And I am pretty sure you don't need any leader or edict to understand that.

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Posted in: Only 10% of firms in Japan have addressed LGBT issues: survey See in context

kurisupisuToday 06:50 am JST

Why should anyone be treated differently from anybody else in the first place

Indeed, you got it right. That's why :

policies aimed at protecting the rights of sexual minorities

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Posted in: North Korea says little reason to maintain Kim-Trump ties See in context

WilliBToday 11:25 am JST

A non-news article. NK needs to stay relevant, which has become more difficult now, since the nuclear card has been taken away.

I think you're confused the nuclear card is more than ever on the table, high chance it became real during the past few years.

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Posted in: Trump pushes conspiracy theory about Buffalo protester shoved by police See in context

To the people commenting about the guy's past and motivations. I am not sure how it is relevant. If the guy gets in the way of the police illegally, just cuff and book him, why the need to break his skull ?

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