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Apparently, a lot of the people are suffering from Stockholm syndrome, in Japan. The writer was not criticizing the Japanese for being uncivilized, xenophobic brutes, in fact, he/she's being an optimist about it and treating such events as one off incidents that randomly happen while he/she is in Japan. Wth is wrong with you people, so ready to defend the Japanese people- just because you give them BJs, it doesn't mean they will treat you like friends, so instead of bashing the writer, how about lending a sympathetic ear and for those who have experienced the same thing, shame on you cowards, for not offering a empathetic perspective. Being a foreigner, not a tourist, working outside of the familiarity of home, can be severely stressful for some- I should know, I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne for 3 years, and in that time shit happens, case in point, some adolescents hurled at me rotten green apples on my way to the bus stop; thankfully, their deficient hand and eye coordination only makes their efforts laughable. Geez, aren't some people just butts- gaping butts, tired of sushi, ramen and soaplands, waiting to take in a Japanese in their asses just so they can become, for a moment slightly more Japanese- have some self esteem, you worms.

Thanks for sharing your experience writer, and yes, after 4 years, it's still a very relevant issue and it was a great read- not that I took pleasure from your misery, it was eloquently written. Anyways, I hope this hasn't happened in the 4 years after you wrote this- statistically, on average, you would have likely been battered another 8 times. In your shoes, I would have probably been too shocked to act immediately, but I would have definitely liked to punch him, then take him to the police station.

This comes late, and less profane and articulate than I would have liked, but seriously.

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