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Posted in: World shocked at enduring racism, gun violence in U.S. See in context


There is one critical thing that you and the other commenters arguing with you are forgetting. You claim that people will break into your home and you need a gun to protect yourself and your family. The ONLY reason why robberies end in death in the US in a much higher rate than in other relatively civilized countries is that criminals know you might have a gun. So, faced with the risk of their own death, they will of course shoot first. WE DO NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM ELSEWHERE. Since there are no legal guns, and they are extremely difficult to get for criminals, robbers might either tie you up, or simply leave when they realize there's someone home. Not possible if there's guns involved, they would be shot when running away.

Now, you'll say they can just use knives. Sure, a couple percent of those homicide robberies will still end the same way with knives. However, it is a fact that it is easier to pull a trigger than to stab someone, and therefore, the end result will be fewer deaths. So once again it boils down to you saying: "My rights to be a complete and utter dipshit is more important than countless innocent lives lost every single year".

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@Kabukilover - I think you've misunderstood why most old paintings portray larger women. Back then, only rich people could possibly get fat, therefore fat was seen as attractive. Poor people simply didn't have enough food and had to work the fields etc. If you were fat, then you must have been rich. Now, it's the complete opposite. Anyone can and will get fat if they don't take care of themselves, therefore being thin is attractive. Quite simple and eye opening.

It's fine to tell people whatever to make them feel better, but how about actually helping them lose weight instead? Being overweight is not a permanent disability that people need to learn to accept.

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Posted in: TEPCO won't appeal ruling on Fukushima evacuee's suicide See in context

Is it just me, or does this sound unjust to anyone else? Sure, the plant could have been maintained better but this is ultimately force majeure. Nobody is to blame and nobody should pay compensation for the effects of natural disasters. If anything, the government could be blamed for allowing nuclear powerplants in a country where these disasters are common.

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