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Eric Barasa comments

Posted in: JAL cuts profit forecast more than 40% See in context

all, their reporting period for financial year 2019 is April 2019-March 2020. the full effects of travel ban will bite in the financial year 2020 that just began this month. expect both airlines to give vastly reduced profit forecasts for FY2020.

I also expect that the LCCs and heavily debted (lots of plane leases/bloated workforces) legacy airlines will be the first to fold. Japan will likely end up with JAL/ANA as the only independent airlines standing by the time this pandemic is done. (this includes both airlines' subsidiaries and child LCCs such as Peach and Skymark). The independent LCCs will surely fold.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, a growing sense of angst over virus-hit Games See in context

True, but these are desperate times. Faced with an Olympics without spectators, no Olympics at all or an Olympics that clashes with other sports the sponsors may have no choice but to compromise. Of course, they won't be coughing up the same fees...

Desperate times means that the sponsors demand their refunds and compensations.

Moving the sports to months where it clashes with other sports (also with their own broadcasting contracts/sponsors and the actual athletes who join the olympics) will be met with stiff resistance.

Olympics without the big cashflow from USA sponsors would be a big financial loss (to the IOC, not to Japan), so the IOC will not support it lightly. Postponing a year, or cancelling all together would be a financial loss (but to Japan, not so much to IOC who simply refund and dont incurr any expenses - expenses are borne by Japan/Tokyo by the way.) SO, from IOC perspective, postpone by a year or cancel is cheaper for them! Unfortunately so.

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Posted in: Former Foreign Minister Kishida boosts Abe's chances of staying on as PM See in context

@Akie.....yes he does. the LDP has factions (groups of politicians aligned together and vote as a block). Abe is the leader of one of the four major LDP factions, the other faction leaders being Aso (Vice PM), Kishida, and Takeshita. Abe already has Aso in the bag, so he only needs one of the remaining two factions to endorse him and he is a winner. KIshida's endorsement just made him the LDP chairman elect (and by extension, PM elect!)

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Posted in: James carries Cavaliers to OT win over Warriors See in context

game 3?

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Posted in: Narita to establish 'fast lane' for passengers needing to be out of airport quickly See in context

i believe they mean to implement it like bangkok....vouchers for first class etc....

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