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use the free-phone to ask tanaka kikinzoku who they deal with near you

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the battery was made in japan, 30% of the plane is made in japan. a lot of japanese companies have a lot riding on this plane

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just a stormtrooper chick without her helmet

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yellow hornets are kiroi suzumebachi, about 3? times bigger than a honey bee. they are not the orange ohsuzumebachi, giant asian hornet, which is the worst. abu i thought were a biting horse fly and not hornets/wasps at all. i've been stung by the big orange hornets and smaller yellow hornet and both hurt like hell and caused large local swelling for several days. anaphalactic? shock, an extreme allergic reaction, from both suzumebachi, is reputed to kill around 40? people per year in japan. usually the 2nd time they are stung

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