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Eric Gray comments

Posted in: No trace of 7 Japanese divers missing off Bali See in context

Sad to read. As a diver here in Okinawa, I see a lot of "trust me" divers being led into the water in sporty conditions they have no business being in by unscrupulous and poorly trained "instructors." With the weather conditions being described by the police chief in the story above, that certainly sounds possible in this case also. Sad...

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

I think thats pretty funny and in no way offensive. Unfortunately, some people go around looking for ways to be offended...

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Posted in: There is a silent majority that understands or supports the military's role on the island, including the positive economic impact of the bases. See in context

I would agree with Dr. Eldridge. After living in Okinawa for over 14 years, I would agree that there is a silent majority here who do not wish to see the bases leave. The bases have a tremendous economic impact here and a departure of the bases would hurt the island's economy in a way that would take decades to recover from.

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