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The style of clothing is okay but the feminine hair and makeup really transitions a "man" into a "transvestite" .... How Japanese women adore men such as this is a mystery...

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Windows 8.1 will allow people to start in the desktop mode automatically. In that mode, it is restoring a button that resembles the old Start button. Although the Start button will now take people back to the new tablet-style start screen, rather than the old Start menu,

~ Well this kills me getting 8.1 already... I DON'T WANT YOUR TOUCH TABLET GUI !!! MS have you not learned ANYTHING from the consumers that rejected 8.0 ?!?!?

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The smallest dog in the pen will bark the loudest.

It amazes me that he had potential to set his country right and remove the oppression but since has decided to ramp up the antics.

Does he not realize the military power he threatens?

I think we need to remove him from power and free the Northern Korean populace from their governmental blindness.There are well over 52 major labor (slave) camps, full of thousands of starving or near death citizens, infant to elderly and even first hand reports of cannibalism just to stay alive in these camps.The country is full of intelligent artistic talented people but they foolishly believe that their dictator's lineage is their messiah. There are few remaining crop fields, even less embargo (if any at this point) of support coming in to the country that we know.

China is a major pivotal player here... Explain to me what numerous slave labor camps are beyond the Chinese / North Korean border well into China? Underground tunnels and guarded railways link the two countries together, both are populated by NK and Chinese forces. Both countries deny their "link" and keep trying to wave a jedi hand over it thinking that we did not see anything.

Will China back NK? Will China protect its border and stop any NK aggression? Will China just sit back and watch if NK starts a war and SK / USA / NATO all kick in? If we go to war with China, the entire world economy will collapse, the US will be crippled.

Back to NK -- The US and NATO military have stealth / drone technology where NK has no chance unless they pull a wild card and have military supply in hiding backed from Russia or China. There is a serious threat here then in that case. If they have no secret backing then they are basically bullying everyone to the point where they will get knocked out this time for it. Personally, I fear that they have faked their botched missile tests in the past as a ruse to cover up they do have a few weapons of mass destruction in seclusion. NK has nothing to lose at this point... ignorance and pride are left... the populace, bound, gagged and forced to follow orders.

I do not want war... I do not want war with any country. I do not want any dictators either, self proclaimed messiahs in their own mind. I do think we need to free the NK populace... show them that they all have been duped, starved and blinded by their false leaders. If it takes removing a dictator to free the people and stop this tyrant ... then so be it... it will be sad for the NKs that lose their lives protecting Kim.

History repeats itself... all dictators eventually lose.

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