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The game’s image also suffered because some of the hall owners sent their earnings back to families in what is now North Korea, turning pachinko into a source of hard currency for that isolated nation. During pachinko’s peak in the 1990s, hundreds of millions of dollars may have flowed into North Korea every year, though the industry says recent economic sanctions have largely cut off that financing.

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While antiーbullying measures in schools are a good idea in any country, Japanese society is stratified into the in group and those outside the group. Japanese adults themselves act like children bullying those who have less power than themselves. I am not sure if just telling kids not to bully each other when it is structurally condoned within business and interpersonal relationships. When managers are allowed to hit their subordinates, I can see no moral authority to tell children not to say mean things to each other. Any prohibition against bullying in school will mean nothing unless society changes first.

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Hiroshima chocolate and Nagasaki macha flavored ice cream cones for sale in Japan?

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Come on... every expat in Japan knows that the locals are not aware of their surroundings:

Stop to chat after stepping off the escalator and creating an obstacle for everyone behind them? - Check

Walk in a random fashion without looking who is going to intersect their path through a busy train station? - Check

Stop in the doorway of a building and block pedestrian traffic? - Check

The cell phones only make it easier to put the responsibility of avoiding collision on someone else that much easier.

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Japan... You are cheap.

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