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Posted in: Multiracial Miss Japan hopes to change homeland's thinking on identity See in context

This surprising article - and even more surprising comments - illuminates both evolving definitions of identity and some persistent racial concepts. I am beginning to understand why immigration remains more controlled in Japan than most other advanced democratic countries.

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Given the abysmal results of Obama's interventions in Libya and Yemen and premature withdrawal from Iraq, some scepicism towards his optimistic predictions of peace and security seems exceptionally reasonable.

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Posted in: Obama plunges into high-stakes week on Syria See in context

As an American cotizen, i would prefer my government rebuild our cities before we drop bombs on another foreign city. Building and repairing remain more humane than destroying and killing.

I have often been deeply impressed with the resilience of the Japanese people. The resurrection oh Hiroshima particularly impresses me - especially when juxtaposed with Detroit's rapid decline after the race riots in the 1860s. From my perspective, the American government must learn to focus our real needs and avoid military misadventures.

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Posted in: The top 10 words to describe Japanese people (according to foreigners) See in context

This article shows both the appeal and peril of vague and sometimes true generalizations. As somebody with limited experience of Japan, I found the article an interesting addition to my readings on teaching English in Japan. Thank you for sharing this illuminating list - and even more fascinating comment section.

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