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Eric Schneider comments

Posted in: Snowed in See in context

Hope there's nobody under there.

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Posted in: N Korea fumes at Japanese report on first lady's past See in context

Meh, it's been reported months ago as well but this time the Japanese media picked it up so NK has to pitch a hissy fit. Some things never change.

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Posted in: Fukushima question continues to dog Tokyo Olympic bid See in context

Yeah, there's a surprise. But I'm not sure that the Beijing air pollution wasn't as bad. The problem is that as gogogo said it just keeps getting worse.

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Posted in: N Korea to put detained American citizen on trial See in context

@Serrano - I agree. Unless you are there on an official diplomatic mission I wouldn't set foot in the place. I wonder if Rodman will go back now? I hope they let Bae go, but given the run up to all this I'd say it's going to be a problem. Somebody needs to teach the pudgy Un a lesson.

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Posted in: Top U.S. general tells China U.S. committed to defending Japan See in context

Yeah, I have to agree, the Chinese are giving Abe just what he needs to take the military out of the closet. And then go nuclear, perhaps. It's a rotten situation. I guess that means we'll be hearing from NK soon too.

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Posted in: Businessman suspected of slashing up to 1,000 tires in effort to meet women See in context

OK, this is just weird. You can't make this stuff up.

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Posted in: Professor says teaching and practice of dentistry in Japan needs radical reforms See in context

+1 for Badsey. In Pittsburgh they once they had a toxic fog of fluoride that etched the glass in people's windows, not to mention killing people. The is also evidence that fluoride helps aluminium cross into the brain, which could have something to do with Alzheimer's. Which is why the FDA is phasing out fluorinated no-stick cookware.

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Posted in: U.S. says it is taking necessary precautions on N Korea See in context

Reports are that NK is moving medium range missile launchers to their east coast. Now the question is, will the US allow those launchers to go on line or will they take them out first?

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Posted in: N Korea can't hit America, but South Korea and Japan in range See in context

I don't know what the Un hopes to accomplish by this nasty display of nuclear aggression. It's certainly going to have some impact with the Chinese. The last thing they need is a nuclear war on their border. But I'm really glad I'm not in SK right now. I feel sorry for all those people who have to live with this kind of ferbile threat. I hope the Un chokes on his cognac.

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Posted in: For sale See in context

jeez, this is as bad as the "Elvis on black velvet" pictures you see....no wonder he's unhappy.

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Posted in: Saitama man dies after hospitals reject him 36 times See in context

Is this issue back or has it never really gone away?

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Posted in: View from the top See in context

nice pic

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Posted in: Italians vote in polls seen key to financial crisis See in context

blocked Berlusconi’s direct view of the topless women...

Berlusconi has seen plenty of topless women. Most of them underage and paid for it, apparently. Too bad the Italians can't rent an island from the Brits for the old jerk. Where what that they stuffed Napoleon?

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Posted in: Hiroshima to finally get a Costco - too bad you have to pay Y3,000 for parking See in context

this is where the scooter comes in handy, eh?

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Posted in: 98 windows smashed, staff room flooded at Odawara school See in context

lol Kuya, I hadn't thought of that....

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Posted in: AKB fan threatens sarin gas attack over commercial See in context

What a moron. I wonder if the cops have sat him down for a little chat?

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Posted in: U.S. early-warning radar system to be installed near Kyoto See in context

Hope the SDF has a link to the data and the batteries to shoot back.

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Posted in: 98 windows smashed, staff room flooded at Odawara school See in context

Odawara school is right in town. Nice town, too. I recommend a visit to the castle and then take the train to Gora. Rather amusing rail line if there ever was one. The Odaikyu line will get you there.

As far as the school vandalism goes, this is just stupid. Probably more than one person involved. I'm sure the cops will be all over this.

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Posted in: Japanese-Canadian study pinpoints brain's addiction spots See in context

Interesting research. You have to wonder when the practical application will be available.

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Posted in: Man throws himself, ex-girlfriend into path of oncoming train See in context

Soon there will be a place you can go for assisted suicides...

The problem is jerks like this don't just want suicide. I hope the poor girl recovers. And maybe they won't give the guy his pain meds.

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Posted in: Why Japanese women go for fake crooked teeth See in context

The things people do for vanity never ceases to astonish. Take my helmet....

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Posted in: Editor gets 10 years in jail for Thai royal insult See in context

I think there's a difference between the reaction you'd get for publishing an article or picture critical of Mohammed vs. the Thai royal family. But either is a violation of free speech. In Japan the printing of a Mohammed cartoon wouldn't necessarily be enforced by the government though. Same for the US or Britain. That's a major difference.

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Posted in: Aso says elderly should be allowed to 'hurry up and die' See in context

Aso, time to fall on your sword. Or read some Dickens. What an ill informed idiot.

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Posted in: Japan talk of warning shots heats up China dispute See in context

China has no business unilaterally coming up with the "nine-dashed-line" and then trying to bully the neighboring countries into accepting it. The idea of territorial waters and how to settle disputes is well understood and has been practiced for years. But China wants to force other countries to kow tow to their will. Japan has to stand up against China or all the neighboring countries will be run over in turn. The US understands this as well and will back Japan.

China is behaving a lot like Japan did back in the beginning of the 1900s. It's amazing that they could be so stupid. What have they got to gain from this? Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. How could China's leaders be so inept?

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Posted in: A day at the beach See in context

I like the sailboat in the background.

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Posted in: 18 students safe after canoes capsize in chilly Chiba river See in context

I lost two high school friends when they went canoeing on a spring flood creek. Glad nobody died this time.

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Posted in: China warns of strong measures in Japan island spat See in context

have the chinese been taking lessons from NK?

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Posted in: S Korean MPs trigger Japan protest with island visit See in context

I wonder which country will be mature enough to just drop the issue first by stopping stirring the pot? So far everybody seems to be more into scoring political points than actually doing something constructive.

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Posted in: U.S. scientists report whale making human-like voice sounds See in context

Yeah, but it's novel nonetheless.

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Posted in: South Korean activists send leaflets to N Korea See in context

OK, now we wait to see if NK decides to pitch a fit and fire some shells back? I'm glad they launched their leaflets but then again I'm not in range....

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