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With overpopulation around the world it is necessary that a trend like this has to happen at some point. The problem is how we will overcome the difficult times ahead. The current system is not built to handle such a trend, a new system has to be thought of and how to best minimize the damage that will occur. In the long run and from the environmental perspective a decline will definitely be a benefit.

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Japantoday shouldn't write any game reviews. Telling us it has the 'worst cast ever', while most real game review websites say the exact opposite and everybody is loving the cast. The worst cast ever goes to FFXIII.

Stop being a game review site, if you don't have the skills for it. Also, spoiling certain parts. Reviews should be spoiler-free.

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the experience of the athletes had to be a priority for any planning.

Well, then send all the athletes into the nearby villages to get the true japan experience. Saving lots of money. They can be fed by some nice little oba-chans and see how awesome this country is without all the luxury.

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