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Posted in: 7 countries restrict entry from Japan to thwart new virus spread See in context

Yet Japan is still allowing flights from other Chinese cities.

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Posted in: Pelosi tears up copy of Trump's State of the Union speech See in context

The dems are so lost. What I saw was the Democrats not standing up for Americans, but stand up for illegal aliens. They don't have a patriotic bone on their bodies. Until they can find a strong charismatic candidate, they'll keep up their pitiful tactics. I was on the left and voted for Obama, but the far left has forced me and many others to walk away. I woke up.

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Posted in: Democratic presidential race off to rocky start as Iowa results delayed by 'inconsistencies' See in context

No group is more enticed by pie-in-the-sky promises of free stuff and redistribution than college students. Someone slap some sense into them! Indoctrination at schools needs to stop. Bernie is not the answer.

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Posted in: Japan to send chartered flight to Wuhan to bring back its nationals See in context

Have a Japanese friend there now. He's worried because his prescription meds will run out in 2 weeks. Not to mention he has about that much food as well. He hoping to be able to get on one the flights out. By the way, supposedly the U.S. citizens wanting to hop a flight out have to pay their way(not a discount ticket). How about the Japanese citizens? Will they have to pay? Just curious..

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Posted in: Typhoon leaves 3 dead in Tokyo area: strands 14,000 at Narita See in context

Japanese company workers have to try to be there. Its the culture of not being weak minded. You have to try. The boss will say " I made it here, why couldn't you?" or "You will never be (shachou) if you can't think and give your best no matter the situation. Or the boss will phone the employee and say "I'm here, where are you?" Until that stops, we will see those commuters all lined up and waiting.

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Posted in: Typhoon pummels Kanto region; one reported dead, 40 injured See in context

Adachi-Ku wasn’t bad, the last Tokyo typhoon seemed much stronger. About the train stations, don’t see the logic of hurry up and wait. You know it’s going to be packed so take your time and tell the boss, I got delayed because of the trains, buses, etc.

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Posted in: Stationery company releases anti-groping stamp See in context

How about a device that shoots out jellyfish tentacles with some nice box jellyfish venom. Voice activated by saying “CHIKAN” or “DONT TOUCH MY ARSE”

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Posted in: Stationery company releases anti-groping stamp See in context

I’m 6.2. My hands are too high for them to stamp. Hands on hand rings and metal that supports the rings

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Posted in: China gets World Cup boost as nine foreigners switch nationality See in context

Well if you cant copy it, steal it through espionage then just buy it. Whatever it takes.....

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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context

I have lived in Japan for more than 20 yrs. Recently returned from the U.S. to Japan after a 7 yr stay there. My friends would say "why are you always talking about how good Japan is?" "You're in the U.S. now." I would respond, "your horizons need to be broadened, the world doesn't end in NY and LA." "It would do the U.S. some good if they could emulate the Japanese." Most Americans have never been out of country and if the have only for 1-2 week vacation. Japanese society is unique and thats the charm. A more diversified Japan= loss of culture, loss of morality, etc. One small example is Kyoto. They have restricted foreigners as to what shops they can own. (diluting the culture, fake products, etc). Or the Japanese business that says "no foreigners" because its driving away Japanese customers. Ask your average French or Belgium citizen on what they truly think of a diversified culture. I say keep Japan, Japan for as long as you can. Once its gone, you won't get it back.

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Posted in: Man arrested over threat to kill woman after garbage dispute See in context

Funny ‘Gomi Baba’ trash incident. Recently had a run in with my new neighbor. I recently moved into Adachi-Ku and was taking out a large number of trash bags from my house. Building something so had on some clothes covered with paint. They were about 75 meters away when they spotted me dropping off some trash. They were unloading something from their MERCEDES. Talk about doing a double, triple take. Guess they thought I was a foreign worker trying to put garbage in their designated trash area. OH THE NERVE!! I could see the disgust in their faces even from 75 meters away. Well I dropped it off and covered it with the net and returned home. A couple hours later they show up in my driveway and verbally attack me. “ We have rules around here, and the garbage you dropped off wasn’t picked up! You need to go get it and bring it back to your house!” Granted, it was broken plaster board in 4 different bags and I didn’t know they would not take that. Fine I made a mistake, but they could of approached me with a “sumimasen, are you new here? Hajimashite, etc. and a softer explanation. A few later I ran into ‘gomi baba’, (a new name I’ve blessed her with) and she had the audacity to say that this wasn’t my place to drop off trash. I politely said my mother-in-law told me that this is in fact our designated area. She said I should check to make sure because she didn’t think so, because there was no foreign name on ‘garbage kumiai list’. Well I told me wife and she returned with me to put a Japanese face to it. “ She politely told her, we are on the list and don’t jump to conclusions” Gomi baba tried to save face by explanations of what can be thrown away and on what days by pointing at the sign while explaining. My wife said, I can read Japanese and our name is on your list of “gomi touban” yoroshiku onegaishimasu”. So good thing it didn’t turn out as a ‘trash rage’ incident and you’re reading a JT story of ‘gaijin arrested over garbage trouble’

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Posted in: S Korean man sets himself ablaze in protest against Japan See in context

It’s start at home. I had a 23 yr old co-worker tell me she hated Japanese( she is Korean and born & brought up in Hawaii). I asked her, why? She said her grandmother told her so many stories of atrocities during the war. She continues to pass the hate. This may be stereotypical, but most people say the Koreans get angry easily. (Correct me if Im wrong) Need to forgive and move on and take it easy with the anger.

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