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Checked into a B&B when I had COVID last month to prevent the other family members from catching it. Check in and pay online. Number code given to enter through door. No masks needed and stayed away from people for 12 days. I still tested positive after 7 days, even though I felt fine. So, theoretically while standing in line at the nearby convenience store, someone standing behind me may catch it. So, wearing a mask may prevent some of the particles from traveling further away from me. So you can see there may be some benefits, but I think there needs to be some serious studies done on all the variables when using mask and maybe put to bed what is real and not real.

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Why stop at restaurants?! Why not make it mandatory everywhere? Like hotels are the only vectors for spreading covid. Smgdfh...

Pre-Covid- Ive been at a B&B in Niseko Hokkaido where the Australians were extremely (genki) boisterous in the morning at the breakfast tables. I skipped breakfast one morning to get fresh tracks and be on top of mountain first. My wife scolded me be saying, “ they were talking to me and asking me all sorts of questions and I couldn’t sit in peace and quiet and eat my breakfast” Previous mornings there was an obvious difference the way Aussies like to chat up everyone and showing their positive outlook and being friendly with all others and their friends in the B&B. Japanese pretty much sit quietly and eat their meals. These days this loud talking may be frowned upon by the locals in many establishments and especially if they are not wearing masks. Especially if they are using many H words, Hi! Hello! How are you? LOL

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Links to studies- one must be aware of who funds those universities, or study locals because in many cases if you don’t follow the narrative or whatever they would like, they suddenly won’t fund new studies. This has been documented as happening before from fundings coming from NIH, etc.

Instead of forcing masks, how about removing air (exhaust fans) from certain indoor premises where larger numbers of people congregate? The government could throw in some money to help businesses install them. The idea of when you eat mask down, get up and mask up. Sit down mask dow, etc. is ridiculous The trains would be a good start. 3 strong exhaust fans on the ceilings of each carriage in addition to cracking the windows. Since the trains are packed shoulder to shoulder then by all means wear a mask. But, when they are not packed you should feel comfortable to remove your mask and not get the stink eye from anyone on the train.

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Related to my previous post, I left out

boyfriend didn’t always want to wear a mask

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I had a jr high school student tell me she is fine with masks being permanent. The mental conditioning is almost complete. It’s lunacy at its best. People walking around outside and not a soul around them and still wearing masks. Another story from wife’s friend. She recently broke up with her 4 yr boyfriend( she’s 28, extremely smart and works as a manager pulling in more than 2000万per year) Her thought process was if you can’t be responsible and think of others, sayonara. This is an entrenched mindset. She even spent 4 years in a highly ranked American high school in Houston. You would think she’d acquire some of that American selfishness….

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Do what’s right for your circumstances. Many people who were screaming “I trust the science” at the beginning of this pandemic have gotten a lot quieter. Science is always changing and evolving so if some one thinks that, maybe I’ll wait, or due to my personal medical issues, my children aren’t at high risk, etc. then by all means you have the right to make that choice and shouldn’t be chastised, threatened, etc. because of it. More and more studies are coming out and depending on who funded them, how they were applied, what info was and was not released and we are getting mixed messages. So, if a parent can think critically and use all the info out there to decide whether to jab or not to jab their child is a common sense approach. At this stage when the children aren’t at high risk, I’d say it is prudent to be cautious.

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Trust the science has become influenced by money and power. So, do what’s right for your circumstances. All the people who were screaming “I trust the science” at the beginning of this pandemic have suddenly gotten a lot quieter. Science is always changing and evolving so if some one thinks that, maybe I’ll wait, or due to my personal medical issues, my children aren’t at high risk, etc. then by all means they have a right to do so.

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Gatto- “stupid is as stupid does”

Incandescentwithrage -“ something good”

the only good is from the Chinese perspective and the cartels. And you can bet they are laughing at the utter stupidity of the U.S.

Let’s say your 16 yr old was given a pill by someone at the international school ( yes it’s happens) The girl had just come back from a trip to California. Your child had been stressed about homework and test and her friend says take this, “they help you relax”, “everyone’s using them in California “ That’s all it takes. The open border policy has open the flood gates for the stuff to come in almost completely unrestricted. The cartels and the most profitable than they have ever been, from not only fentanyl but illegals paying thousands for the trip, they don’t go through without paying. Then you have the Chinese supplying the ingredients to make the fentanyl. You think the CCP doesn’t know this is going on. What better way to destroy your enemy than from within.

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Can’t wait to see Stephen Colbert and Elmo singing and dancing to the new versions of vaccines. But seriously, we need better versions and preferably one made in Japan.

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The Novavax vaccine has been clinically tested in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the U.S. and found to be safe and highly effective with 90% efficacy against mild, moderate and severe forms of COVID-19.

well we’ve heard this before. Remember when the vaccine were first coming out. The various pharma’s were saying “our is 93%” “ours is 95% effective” I truly hope they can produce one that is that effective and and we don’t need to be boosted every so many months.

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Australia you should worry about your own draconian lockdowns and stripping people of their personal freedoms. I think for many, they have not seen or heard about the pulling out of lim, an arm or a leg on later term abortions. There is a heartbeat in there. When I heard a doctor describe in details years ago in front of congress, it was enough to make me rethink my stance. There is a video of him and how he describes putting body parts on the table, etc. This video should be part of sex education classes for both men and women. When I was younger, I was pro choice. You could say Ignorance is bliss. Morning after pills should be widely available. Might be a middle ground for the two sides that are deeply divided.

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All these “my bodies my choice” folks were nowhere to be found and were the loudest about forcing mandates left and right. You couldnt go into a restaurant, mask police, vaccine proof, no vaccine people fired, etc. even though you could still spread it after vaccine and all sorts of data to prove what they were trying to force on everyone wasn’t the answer. Id recommend watching the interview of a doctor who had previously did abortions (after a certain amount of weeks) describing pulling out limbs ripping body parts out. Maybe the two sides can hold an adult discussion on when is the latest it should be done. And if it’s too late, set a system to help these fully support them with federal money, adoptions, etc

The decision by the court sends the decisions to the states. Stop pushing a different narrative. let’s see if these radicals can act in a calm matter and not resort to violence and work in a way to go forward.

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Rats abound in my neighborhood. Better start that gain of function studies soon. Calling Fauci and his buddies. WAIT! “Gain of function, lab” can’t say that. Remember that’s what they religiously fact checked. Wink wink wink

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Not much use in coming to Japan. Just wasting time and money. His time is running out. No meaningful relationship can be built. Almost daily gaffes when speaking off the teleprompter and gets worse if they let him speak freely. When he tells a story and says ”swear to god” well then we know it’s not true. Lately claiming he use to drive big trucks…??? Senility is upon him, resistance is futile.

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*people are getting covid even with a booster, so some might think, hey this isn’t working too well.

*well you know the saying, ‘ there will never be a cure for cancer because there is way too much money involved in treatment’ ‘ a patient cured is a patient lost’

*The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has lost a court battle, to protect the documents they used to approve the company’s COVID-19 vaccine. On Sept. 16, 2021, a complaint was filed in a Texas court, by a group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT).

they wanted to hold the info for 50+ years

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after the law was passed many more ‘vaccines’ were hitting the market faster. How many times have pharmas been caught releasing drugs that they knew weren’t safe or had known about side effects but still released them anyway. They have a bad track record and look at how much money they pump into politicians pockets. It’s a dirty and corrupt to the bone.

WASHINGTON – In 1986 Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), creating a no-fault compensation program to stabilize a vaccine market adversely affected by an increase in vaccine-related lawsuits and to facilitate compensation to claimants who found pursuing legitimate vaccine-inflicted injuries too difficult and cost prohibitive.

Section (c) Direct warnings, states, “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, solely due to the manufacturer’s failure to provide direct warnings to the injured party (or the injured party’s legal representative) of the potential dangers resulting from the administration of the vaccine manufactured by the manufacturer.”

Section (e) prohibits states from establishing or enforcing a law that would bar an individual from bringing civil action against a vaccine manufacturer for damages for a vaccine-related injury or death if such civil action is not barred by the NCVIA.

The U.S. Supreme Court granted review in the case of Bruesewitz et al v. Wyeth LLC with Justice Antonin Scalia delivering the opinion of the court on Feb. 22, 2011.

The court held, “The NCVIA preempts all design-defect claims against vaccine manufacturers brought by plaintiffs seeking compensation for injury or death caused by the vaccine’s side effects.”

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A pill would be very convenient but you’d still have hesitancy. They would seem more credible if they weren’t pumping billions into media and the politicians and if they would take responsibility for harm caused to persons from the vaccine. It’s not like the major pharmaceuticals can’t afford it. Just stop pumping millions into the media and politicians and you’d be fine. These days treat a patient and you have repeat customers, cure a patient and they don’t come back. As usual follow the money and the truth comes out. Also, releasing info on trials and studies voluntarily and not being forced by the courts. Im wondering if your animal got rabies after three shots. I think you’d start asking questions. I’d bet there would be even more hesitancy because pet owners often care more for their pets than they would for humans.

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to admit

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What a joke this administration is. Calling him a war criminal, yet he’s still involved with negotiations the U.S. are having with Iran on Nuclear and energy. So a country that constantly shouts death to America are being manipulated by Putin and his staff. That’s a recipe for success. NOT! Do you think him being labeled as such, will change anything or that he will actually be prosecuted?? How did the Obama deal with Iran work out to benefit the U.S.? To label him a war criminal is toothless and a futile action. Kind of like getting the media to admin that BIDEN’s sons laptop in not Russian disinformation.

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First was a M6. and slightly rocked my house. 2 minutes later 7.4 and the whole house is slowly creaking and shaking and then more strongly and that really had the house swaying a lot. Goes to show you how much more of intensity the power goes up from from 6 to 7. I think I read somewhere that each point is 10 times stronger.. Flashbacks of 2011. As if there isn’t enough bad news these days…

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This is already going on in other countries, just to a lessor degree. The crazy thing is, most of you think it’s ok. Until it isn’t…DOH

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Enemies are more brazen when they smell weakness. Can one honestly say that this administration shows strength???

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there’s more info the media is talking about. So before you volunteer you might want to know how they got to where they are now.

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Applause!! Have you seen the reports from Poland where people are showing up in their cars and offering rides to people. Some drove from 8 hours away just to help out. Some are offering their homes, food, etc. Real people with real hearts that just can’t standby and do nothing. Yes Japan should step up and offer a large group of them refuge stays in Japan.

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Weakness isn’t a good face. Don’t think that it’s a coincidence that these rogue rulers are acting up. Many people in the U.S. are starting to wonder if they could have handled the mean tweets, incessant praising of his accomplishments, sometimes saying things he probably shouldn’t have, but overall he was right on so many issues. I’d prefer that someone else run, as long as they have common sense on what’s good for the majority of Americans who value their freedom and what the constitution stands for. The mid term elections are going to be bad for the blue.

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Pray for these brave individuals who are fighting for their homeland. Tyrants like Putin are seeing weakness and are using these times to further their long term goals. See what happens when tyrants start slowly and put in place rules and slowly clampdown on dissent. At first people accept it, then they start to question it, then they are afraid to step up or speak out, then they say “we were just following orders”. It starts small and if you let people like Trudeau and other leaders of other countries that are shutting down individuals and there freedom, they will continue to take more. It’s time for countries to stand up against these tyrants and stop stomping on their own citizens with ridiculous rules and regulations that are destroying livelihoods. Next countries should start putting into place deterrents and other measures to protect Taiwan. You know China is seeing this weakness as an opportunity to take back Taiwan.

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there are probably many factors that aren’t known yet that may or may not effect different cultures, foods eaten, etc. ” I follow the science” means I don’t know what the hell to do. The science Is ever evolving and we just found out the CDC was withholding covid vaccine studies with info that would be beneficial for persons to make their own decision. But no…we the elite know what’s good for you. Also info saying that we may not need to be boosted. I’ve got my 2 jabs but, debating boosters at this point

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I’ve always held the belief that curling isn’t athletic enough to be an Olympic sport and I would make fun of the polishing and hollering. However I’m starting to appreciate the technical aspects of it and how important a defensive move is. Lately I’ve found myself actually watching it and cheering for the Japanese women’s team. So you go girls!! Apologies for previous mind set. Maybe they could run some laps between games to add some athleticism

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While BLM and others who caused destruction and deaths had no issues with GoGund Me collecting and distributing money. Suddenly they can’t. This stinks of you know what. The most peaceful and non violent protest is endangering the the control/power obsessed politicians who have no clue what the average citizen wants or thinks. NO MANDATES. SIMPLE

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Posted in: U.S. paying athletes to 'disrupt' Winter Olympics: China state media See in context

What a joke! Trusting a report provided by The CCP is like trusting the politically influenced CDC advice, who say nothing about flooding the US with people with COVID. Wake up people!

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