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Support for the monarchy is on a decline in Sweden and I doubt it will survive for more than 50-100 years. I suspect getting rid of it is no easy process, though.

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Of course we are high and mighty. Saying we are only animals and can't be expected to act any smarter than the average lion or goldfish is wierd considering all the other demands we have on ourselves and others.

I can't see how it's rational at all. You catch a criminal, get him into a position where he is unable to do any harm to society. At that moment, what is your reason to kill him? Revenge? Justice? Eye for an eye? All of those are redundant and highly illogical. I just can't see the purpose of killing someone who poses no threat at all at the current time. I can understand a police shooting a criminal to death if he is currently armed and able to kill or severely harm others around him. However, everyone on death-row is already caught, and although many of them don't regret their crimes, no one has any reason to kill them.

If there was a way to exchange the criminal's life for it's victims' then I would be OK with that process because that would actually change something for the better. Killing yet another person leads nowhere. This is the kind of justice that belongs in a James Bond-movie. Not in real life.

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I can't believe capital punishment still exist in this world. It's just stupid, cruel and very very wrong. You get the criminals to a place where they can do no harm (jail/prison), and THEN you decide to execute them, murder them, for no reason at all except economics.

Executing caught and thereby harmless people, murderers or not, to save money is disgusting.

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