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Posted in: Quarter of LGBT people in Japan have experienced outing: survey See in context

Thats normal for gay men everywhere. I'm gay and had friends outed by a family member or social media. Japan has a lot of DL dudes.

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Posted in: Suga says plan to release Fukushima water coming soon See in context

That is good news, it will quickly dissolve and the barrier reefs need the nutrients.

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Posted in: Suga, in Indonesia, says Southeast Asia key for Japan See in context

This is great! Japan loves SE Asia and vice versa.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan not looking to form 'Asian NATO' to contain any specific country See in context

I called it! Suga is the right man for Prim Minister.

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Posted in: Bomb threats for Bitcoin bewilder local governments in Japan See in context

here come the russian hackers!

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Posted in: Suga wishes Trump early recovery from COVID-19 See in context

Suga, you are the man!

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Posted in: Japan automakers' August global output down 12% but recovery seen See in context

Its okay they will bounce back! The sun will rise again!

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Posted in: Grand Nikko Awaji to open Oct 1 See in context

Such an amazing hotel!

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Posted in: Biden releases 2019 tax returns ahead of debate with Trump See in context

Trump is going down!

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Posted in: Make yourself invaluable: Ghosn offers exec training in Lebanon See in context

So he can teach how to bribe and be corrupt?? Please.,,, I hope young Lebanese men know better but i doubt it.

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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty to fatally abusing girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter See in context

How can the population raise the birth rate when the young cant handle children?!?!

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Posted in: N Korea abductees' families urge Suga for help; North says issue resolved See in context

Suga, do the right thing!!!

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea ties need mending, Suga tells Moon in phone talks See in context

Suga is already at work. Great man indeed.

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Posted in: Japanese artist creates ramen face mask to complement fogged glasses See in context

Awesome dude!

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Posted in: Former Tokio pop group member arrested for riding motorbike while drunk See in context

I forgive him .Get him back in the group. The show must go on!

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Posted in: Charging ahead: Tesla teases big news on 'Battery Day' See in context

He is so charismatic and attractive as a grown man! yummy! I am all for the Musk ;p

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Posted in: Don't pursue strike capability or NATO-like Asia, scholars tell Suga See in context

Suga is one of a kind man. I trust him with all my being. Suga for PM!!!

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Posted in: Japan ready to become permanent U.N. Security Council member: Motegi See in context

Yay! Japan should be in all international conversations.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disneyland’s Beauty and Beast Castle, largest expansion in park’s history, to open on Sept 28 See in context

Fantastic! If i was a kid again, but being a millennial there is no need to act my age this day and age.

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Posted in: South Korean sex slave campaigner charged with embezzlement See in context

Case in point! Imagine how many other 'anti-Japan' Korean embezzlements got away with it! Nope Nope, dont give any financial aid to Korea.

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Posted in: Suga pledges to balance fighting coronavirus and promoting economic activities See in context

Suga for PM! This cant be more Perfect! I am so happy. :)

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Posted in: Trump, Biden take break from campaign to commemorate 9/11 anniversary See in context

Biden is a real man, with morals!

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Posted in: Abe says Japan must strengthen ballistic missile defense See in context

Abe is right! the next PM must keep this promise to the people.

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Posted in: Japan's tuna market, the world's largest, hit hard by pandemic See in context

I will increase my tuna diet asap! long live Tuna Fish!

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Posted in: Sushi chef using shirtless bodybuilders for delivery to buoy virus-hit business See in context

OH. im ordering asap. love a buff Japanese man! yummy. send him right over. im gay btw.

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Posted in: Suga set to join race to succeed Abe, media report See in context

Hopefully he will get the position! He has my full support!

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Posted in: TikTok CEO resigns amid U.S. pressure to sell video app See in context

Ban this app already Trump! Actually do something!

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Posted in: Tokyo area population outflow exceeds inflow for 1st time See in context

Koike is doing her best! Props to her!

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID-19 entry curbs on foreigners with resident visas: NHK See in context

im iffy on this. Except virus cases to rise!

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Posted in: Australia blocks Kirin's $430 mil sale of dairy business to Chinese company See in context

This is good. Australia is literally being targeted by China in every which way besides an actual war battle! Keep this up Australia! You have my support from the USA!

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