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Posted in: Suga, Koike agree Olympics going 'very smoothly' See in context

Suga, Koike are a great combo! This relation is very important as Koike will soon be PM. Applause to them for working so hard for the Olympics.

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Posted in: Emperor wishes Olympians best in meeting with Jill Biden, Macron See in context

I did enjoy the opening ceremony except for the westerns songs they sang! The Beatles and Susan Boyle?? Really IOC? So disappointed, I really wanted Japan to express their own unique Japanese culture :) Best luck to the Japanese teams!

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Posted in: Jill Biden to have busy 3 days in Tokyo See in context

He is so far the best President in my lifetime.

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Posted in: German soccer team cuts short Olympic warmup after alleged racist abuse See in context

Props to the Honduras team for quickly apologizing face to face. That is a very uncommon occurrence in the US.

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Posted in: French father goes on hunger strike for children 'abducted' by Japanese wife See in context

i hope someone puts food next to him, maybe others will join his strike!

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Posted in: 'World run by gangsters': Spike Lee sets political tone at Cannes See in context

Yup all those rulers of Haiti. Africa, and Jamaica also! Don't forget those corrupt politicians!

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Posted in: With fluent French, Jodie Foster at home again in Cannes See in context

girl your from LA not france but voules vous Foster, je taime!

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Posted in: Japan's population falls to 126.22 mil in 2020; drops out of top 10 in world See in context

No need for policies or media outcry, this is good Japan is really crowded. I read a research paper that if Japan had to feed and support its own people the islands naturally can support around 52 million people. 126m is just too many for those islands.

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Posted in: Latino actress Zegler cast as Snow White in Disney adaptation See in context

she looks exactly like snow white is amazing. Cant wait to see this live remake :)

and too naysayers she is basically white, remember Emma Watson played the French role of Belle? Or when Zhang Ziyi played a Geisha? Its acting and its just a role. Its art at the end of the day :)

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka won't be required to talk to press at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Good for her for already changing the system! Ill be rooting for you Osaka! We support you :)

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Posted in: Japan starts vaccinating people aged 18 or older at large-scale centers See in context

this is great news! You got this Tokyo

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Posted in: Teacher in Japan literally picks up truant kid, carries him out of house to make him go to class See in context

Now that is a good teacher. Im sure the mother called them up and begged them to get him to school. I'm seeing a trend in students today having maturity problems, compared to my generation, that would not fly.

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Posted in: Aussie Spirit See in context

Spirit? Does that include the natives too?

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Posted in: New Zealand's Ardern criticizes mosque attacks film amid backlash See in context

JT should have linked the petition on this article.

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Posted in: What event did you hate most in elementary school? Survey asks Japanese adults See in context

They hated it when they were in school but love it when their kids do it lol

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Posted in: Johnson backs Tokyo Olympics; Japan wants more G7 support See in context

Boring Johnson.

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Posted in: Japan eyes regional revitalization with transfer of 10,000 workers See in context

Japan keeps doing amazing things.! Nippon hey hey hey!

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Posted in: Woman sues Hokkaido gov't for not giving benefits to same-sex couples See in context

Get 'em girl! Props To her for being so brave and making it on JT. Best of Luck !

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Posted in: Suga aims to finish vaccinating Japan's population by November See in context

Suga, Suga, Suga! Awesome PM!

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Posted in: U.S. to donate 500 mil Pfizer vaccines to more than 90 countries See in context

Amazing. So proud of Biden. Wonderful President!

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Posted in: Toyota reaches settlement over bullied engineer's suicide See in context

Pay up! Toyota better pay at least $2million . The y abuse and use.

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Posted in: Osaka thanks fans for support after French Open departure See in context

Good for her. So inspirational and already an Icon/legend. Props to Osaka!

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Posted in: U.S. gov't finds no evidence aerial sightings were alien spacecraft: New York Times See in context

Here in the states Fox News keeps on promoting this UFO phenomenon. Just another political tool the right uses to distract and dumb down thier viewers.

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Posted in: Japan donates more than 1 million AstraZeneca doses to Taiwan See in context

Low key, I think Japan wants Taiwan as thier own prefecture. China VS Japan. I bet my money on China.

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Posted in: More than 10 million in Japan have received COVID-19 vaccinations so far See in context

okayyyy, that is only 5% of the population and they are patting their own backs LOL.

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Posted in: Water woes See in context

Seoul has the worst rated air quality in the world. They can be concerned about their toxic air they breathe rather than water being released in the Pacific Ocean. Just another desperate attack on Japan once again...

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Posted in: Japan rejects South Korean protest over Olympics map See in context

I do not see any lies. That island is Japanese. I never heard that Korea claimed that tiny island. Korea should be more concerned about N Korea and air quality in Seoul, in my opinion.

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Posted in: Summit secures $2.4 bil for COVID shots for poor countries See in context

really? the Japanese need these shots! 25% are in poverty. Sometimes the government looks over the poor to send money to other countries just to show the UN they care. booo!

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Posted in: Large percentage of Chiba city officials embrace paternity leave See in context

So they agree but yet do not change the laws? Elect efficient politicians people!

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Posted in: More than 10 million in Japan have received COVID-19 vaccinations so far See in context

I got me second shot yesterday, my arm is sore and I feel confused sometimes throughout the day so far. This will pass but I am also happy that I took my part to improve the situation in my country. Do your part. I DARE you to.

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