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Posted in: Naomi Osaka to publish picture book 'The Way Champs Play' See in context

Awesome! Will definitely get a copy. She is a legend. Keep up the good work Osaka!

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Posted in: Kishida appoints eldest son as his executive secretary See in context

Probably one of Japan's worst PM ever.

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Posted in: S Korean missile accident panics public on edge over North See in context

All that money the US gives S. Korea and it blows up? Where's the money going?

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Posted in: Chinese JETs cherish links to Japan despite soured ties See in context

Of course. Most likely when Chinese students go abroad they realize and learn greatly from those counties.

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Posted in: Japan revises law to speed identification of anonymous cyberbullies See in context


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Posted in: U.S. seeks united front in Asia despite Korea, Japan tensions See in context

Hopefully Japan and Korea will unite. Usually it won't happen until war starts. Unless that happens SK will keep this government policy of anti-Japanese education/political for another 100 years.

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Posted in: Defense minister, Okinawa governor at odds over U.S. base relocation plan See in context

Mr governor, we got bigger fish to fry. Believe that the Chinese would take Okinawa if they had the chance. Does he care about Taiwan? Just sit back and keep getting that nice fat check from the US/Japanese governments. Thank you.

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Posted in: Japanese ski resorts luring crowd-averse 'glampers' See in context

These places are really fun especially when you bring much older/female relatives. But the father and boys should experience true camping with a tent at least once or twice.

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Posted in: Plastic garbage covers Central American rivers, lakes and beaches See in context

Horrible, too bad the Guatemalan government does nothing, as usual.

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Posted in: Harris condemns Chinese actions in speech at U.S. Navy base See in context

We must protect VP Harris at all costs! She should run for presidency!

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 ballistic missiles on eve of Harris trip to Seoul See in context

Where are they getting all these missiles? Like wow!

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Posted in: Pop singer Shakira to face trial over tax fraud in Spain See in context

Shakira! We got your back, that Spanish government doesn't operate at a developed standard. They are corrupt and just want her money.

Keep it moving Spain....

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Posted in: Complete list of WWII U.S. internees of Japanese descent unveiled See in context

"It will never happen again,"?? It's still happening at the southern border and native Americans who were pushed into reservations.

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Posted in: Ceremony and controversy await Harris during visit to Asia See in context

What a wonderful VP. May God keep blessing Harris in her term. She has been doing so good so far.

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Posted in: N Korea criticizes Japan for rendering key bilateral accord 'null and void' See in context

And no one cares what NK complains about,. SK also does the same thing. Is there something in the Korean peninsula soil keeping them so angry and greedy?!?

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Posted in: Gov't ordered to pay ¥1.65 mil over death of Cameroon man in detention center See in context

A disgrace against Japan. Apparently only the west knows how to accept refugees.

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Posted in: Chinese moves on Taiwan rattle remote Japanese island See in context

Japan (Nippon), you must immediately build up your military defense force! Ignite that Japanese spirit and protect your land against the evil Chinese! Nippon for the win!

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Posted in: Iconic French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard dies at 91 See in context

My condolences. He was part of the last great French generation. I don't know what happened to French society in the last 35 years, no one stands out anymore today. Hopefully the French will make a great socially comeback but I don't see that happening any time soon.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral; Kishida will go to New York See in context

They are the true definition of class and tradition.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber scraps world tour over health issues See in context

He is a good looking man!

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Posted in: California governor signs landmark law for fast food workers See in context

Great news. And the prices don't have to be passed on to the customer. Owners and executives can take a pay cut. I remember when I world at pizza hut when I was 19yo. The franchise owner drove around in a Rolls Royce while we got paid $10 an hour. Lower the inequality. And social unrest will go away.

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Posted in: Japan's plastic waste problem spurring grocery shopping novelty See in context

This will be a great benefit to the local environment.. I doubt S. Korea will do this.

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Posted in: Japan, Taiwan to begin talks on evacuation plans if China invades See in context

This is a very real threat. I predict that if this happens the US will give free citizenship to all 25 million fleeing Taiwanese.

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Posted in: Taiwan tycoon to train 3 million 'civilian warriors' See in context

He is a hero!

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon brings strong winds to Okinawa See in context

They need to change the scales of how strong typhoons are. "very strong" is the new normal.

Change "very strong" to "strong"

Change "strong" to " normal typhoon"

With the climate changing and typhoons getting stronger the scales should be readjusted. Typhoons in the 1930s that were "very strong" are now small typhoons.

Most of the Okinawa islands wont be inhabitable by 2055.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant town lifts evacuation order after 11 years See in context

Awesome. I will definitely visit! I'm so happy.

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Posted in: Russia to hold joint war games with China in Far East, Sea of Japan See in context

Poor Japan. The youth (under 40) have nothing to do with this. Communist countries need to release tension someway, sadly it is innocent Japan. Japan must preserve as stay strong just like thier ancestors. Reject communist and western ideology forever.

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Posted in: Japan looks to simplify COVID survey, deal with it like seasonal flu See in context

Probably the best move.

PS Japanese government: build more hospitals especially with 30% people over 65yo.

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Posted in: Handsome butler shopping services being offered by Japanese boutique See in context

Great idea! Lots of working women who make good money in Tokyo. Of course women are the backbone of the Japanese economy. #Girlboss!!

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Posted in: Beyonce releases new album 'Renaissance' See in context

Awesome! Go Beyonce! Japan loves you especially women in their 30s/40s who remember her from the 00s.

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