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Posted in: Japan opposition pledges to tax the rich in election platform See in context

You do not want to do that. America, Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore will be seeing alot of new rich Japanese residents if passed.

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Posted in: 'Squid Game': South Korea's latest cultural phenomenon See in context

I did not see what all the commotion was about?! Its alright, target audience was probably under 20yo.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Mitsubishi asset sale in wartime labor case See in context

This is fun. Its kinda cute and sad.

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Posted in: Massive haul of idol singer photos wash up on Japanese coast See in context

He planted this for promotional purposes. Fake news.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested over unauthorized copying of Japanese-style artwork See in context


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Posted in: 2 men arrested over unauthorized copying of Japanese-style artwork See in context

They probably are Korean or Chinese nationals who changed their name. Cant rust frauds!

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Posted in: Half of Japan's population has received at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Awesome! Lets get this to 100% rate!

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Posted in: Japanese martial arts actor, 'Kill Bill' star Sonny Chiba dies at 82 due to COVID See in context

"rest in motion picture"

Your films will continue to live on.

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Posted in: Asylum-seeking Myanmar soccer goalie granted refugee status in Japan See in context

Thumbs up for allowing him to stay in Japan. There are much more Japanese immigrants in Myanmar then vice versa.

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Posted in: 6 dead, including suspected shooter, in British city of Plymouth See in context

"not terror related" He shot multiple people! the west needs to do some deep reflection.

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Posted in: Wages rise in U.S. as companies scramble for staff See in context

Awesome! Biden is doing great raising low income workers wages. BIDEN 2024!

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Posted in: Final curtain for musical 'West Side Story' on Broadway See in context

One of the most iconic shows to be on Broadway. Support the arts!

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Posted in: Japan's Jan-June current account surplus up 50% on surging exports See in context

The sun is rising!

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Posted in: China sentences Canadian to 11 years in case tied to Huawei See in context

Get those western spies!

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Posted in: Biden commends Suga on 'successful' Tokyo Olympics See in context

Agreed! Suga did an amazing job! Props to Suga and Koike.

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Posted in: Grammys commit to more hiring diversity for 2022 show See in context

makes sense. The music industry is so diverse, so many artists. Love this! Hopefully this will encourage more music :)

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Posted in: Who's next? Jodie Whittaker to leave 'Doctor Who' in 2022 See in context

never watched this show or understood why so many Americans like it. They probably have a romantic view of the UK LOL. Pretty lame show. Just my opinion :)

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Posted in: Prosecutors to reopen probe into ex-PM Abe's dinner spending scandal See in context

Uphold him for his crime!

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Posted in: Suga says adequate measures in place to prevent virus cases spreading from Olympic athletes See in context

He's doing such a great job so far! Suga for re election!

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Posted in: Murdered Nara nursing care worker withdrew ¥30 million before going missing See in context

As incomes in Japan stagger/decrease people get desperate for money. I hope her killer is found. But wealthy Japanese be on the lookout for scams!

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Posted in: 'I can die': Medvedev survives extreme heat at Tokyo Games See in context

such a drama queen! go back to russia then!

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Posted in: Suga, Koike agree Olympics going 'very smoothly' See in context

Suga, Koike are a great combo! This relation is very important as Koike will soon be PM. Applause to them for working so hard for the Olympics.

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Posted in: Emperor wishes Olympians best in meeting with Jill Biden, Macron See in context

I did enjoy the opening ceremony except for the westerns songs they sang! The Beatles and Susan Boyle?? Really IOC? So disappointed, I really wanted Japan to express their own unique Japanese culture :) Best luck to the Japanese teams!

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Posted in: Jill Biden to have busy 3 days in Tokyo See in context

He is so far the best President in my lifetime.

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Posted in: German soccer team cuts short Olympic warmup after alleged racist abuse See in context

Props to the Honduras team for quickly apologizing face to face. That is a very uncommon occurrence in the US.

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Posted in: French father goes on hunger strike for children 'abducted' by Japanese wife See in context

i hope someone puts food next to him, maybe others will join his strike!

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Posted in: 'World run by gangsters': Spike Lee sets political tone at Cannes See in context

Yup all those rulers of Haiti. Africa, and Jamaica also! Don't forget those corrupt politicians!

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Posted in: With fluent French, Jodie Foster at home again in Cannes See in context

girl your from LA not france but voules vous Foster, je taime!

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Posted in: Japan's population falls to 126.22 mil in 2020; drops out of top 10 in world See in context

No need for policies or media outcry, this is good Japan is really crowded. I read a research paper that if Japan had to feed and support its own people the islands naturally can support around 52 million people. 126m is just too many for those islands.

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Posted in: Latino actress Zegler cast as Snow White in Disney adaptation See in context

she looks exactly like snow white is amazing. Cant wait to see this live remake :)

and too naysayers she is basically white, remember Emma Watson played the French role of Belle? Or when Zhang Ziyi played a Geisha? Its acting and its just a role. Its art at the end of the day :)

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