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Posted in: China and Japan's long history of strained ties See in context

Still on Japan's side! You got this Japan. Sad to see JT be taken over by pro China bots these days..

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Posted in: Popular S Korean DJ shocked, scared after being groped at Japan event See in context

Lots of Korean events in Japan these past couple years. This event was promoted heavily in Korea. The audience was all Koreans. Sadly Korean women face sexual assault by Korea men all over the world.

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Posted in: Japan eyes revamping tax-free shopping rule to stem illicit resales See in context

Finally a solution to this widespread issue.!

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Posted in: Kishida rules out tax hikes to fund more childcare spending See in context

Don't raise taxes.

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Posted in: EU commissioner says Japan's gender equality decades behind Europe See in context

He is right. Before westerners came to Japan, both genders shared public bathhouses. Then euros came and scolded them. The Japanese stopped bathing together. So no, Japan will not listen to Europe again. Japan must move at its own pace. Racism is at the root of the attacks against Japan because they are not white.

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% to 87 mil in 2070 See in context

More room on the trains. Less crowds in Shibuya, and shorter lines at restaurants. Sounds awesome for future generations. Too many people are in Japan today. A bright future ahead.

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Posted in: Trevor Bauer, shunned by MLB, makes Japanese baseball debut See in context

And Japan continues to be a home for western LBH (loser back home)....

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Posted in: Pop icon Leslie Cheung's legacy endures 20 years after death See in context

Such a different Hong Kong back then. The good old days.

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Posted in: Kyoto to abolish one-day bus passes to combat tourism overcrowding See in context

Local business wont be happy. If any left are owned by Japanese these days.....

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Posted in: Japan space agency delays H2A rocket launch again See in context

Don't give up Japan! Invest more. It's only you and China that are not white that can go to spade these days. You can do it! For the people.

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Posted in: Small areas reopen near Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant; few return See in context

Awesome! The great return!

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Posted in: Putin bestows friendship award on U.S. actor Seagal See in context

The fact that the Russian government actually gives this man this much credit is hilarious. More clown show in Moscow than in Washington DC.

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Posted in: Crown prince, princess to attend coronation of King Charles III See in context

Japan + UK = Love

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Posted in: Japan to relax border control for passengers from China on March 1 See in context

Japan, be careful. Everyone wants Chinese money, but no one wants Chinese problems.

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Posted in: 69-year-old man arrested for calling police station 3,900 times in Shiga Prefecture See in context

The reason could possibly be the poor phone line connection that automatically made those calls, I hope he has a good lawyer.

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Posted in: Emperor turns 63; expresses sorrow at world suffering See in context

Happy birthday! May you keep praying over the wonderful Japanese. He is a great emperor.

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Posted in: Annual event held in Japan pushing claim over S Korea-held isles See in context

they really flew to japan to protest? they really love democracy and freedom of speech, unlike s korea.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea hold maritime drills See in context

S Korea, please listen carefully. Japan, along with the US is trying to work with you against NK, we are not your enemies for the last time. Stop getting all that plastic surgery because its getting to you. Really think about your immature actions, you are a small country that NK wants to destroy, yes life has been good economically (thx to Japan and US) but get a hold onto reality.

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Posted in: Annual event held in Japan pushing claim over S Korea-held isles See in context

ewww, just losers who have issues, poor souls carry so much hate within themselves. I hope they find peace that can treat their hate filled hearts.

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Posted in: 2 in 3 Japanese remain interested in S Korea-held Takeshima islets See in context

It is Japan's islands..

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Posted in: Three rescued from Turkey rubble as earthquake death toll passes 45,000 See in context

Japan sends prayers and money for improved infrastructure. From one earthquake prone country to another we pray too the gods that there are more survivors. We love Turkey and their wonderful peoples. Prayers for them.

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Posted in: Jane Fonda to attend Vienna Opera Ball with 90-year-old date See in context

We love you Jane Fonda! A true American icon and legend. Real Americans love you! Keep your beautiful smile babe.

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Posted in: Recount with digital map leads to doubling of listed Japanese islands See in context

Great news for Japan! The Pacific is Japan's, end of story. Lol.

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Posted in: Japan, China foreign ministers preparing for informal talks on sidelines of conference in Germany: report See in context

Us Americans will back Japan! WE support Japan!!

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Posted in: Anime 'Slam Dunk' makes successful leap onto S Korean big screens See in context

Koreans love Japanese anime! This is good for Japan's soft power. Also this is one of the best anime's from the Heisei era.

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Posted in: Son reviving legendary mountain trail to fulfill father's dying wish See in context

This must be kept! Japanese culture must be protected at all costs, even if its supported by the government .

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Posted in: Toyota's next CEO says management will lead aggressive push on EVs See in context

The Korean car companies are buying engines from the Chinese, hopefully the trustworthy Japanese companies will make reliable and efficient engines that are not borrowed from China. Japan number one!

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Posted in: Toyota's next CEO says management will lead aggressive push on EVs See in context

Toyota, we believe in you!

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Posted in: Japan to buy U.S. Tomahawk missiles in bulk in FY2023 See in context

This is great!!! The only thing is the US should give it for free to Japan. Rather than giving free weapons to Ukraine, which will be Russia soon. Give the free defense weapons to Japan which will be in a actual war that matters.

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Posted in: Chinese woman's 'purchase' of uninhabited Okinawa island causes stir See in context

There are 3 sides to this. First, she is lying, Second, Japanese sellers are eager to sell property. Thirdly, Japan must ban sales pf Japanese land over 3 acres to Chinese and Koreans.

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