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"The United States is resisting change while Europe takes the lead with biodegradable plastics made either from fossil fuels or crops such as potatoes and corn."

Not entirely true, my home, Seattle, USA, has just enacted a ban, effective July 1, on plastic straws and plastic utensils. Looks like Seattle is the only large city, though. While this ban has just started, it will be interesting to see how well it does. I also try to avoid unnecessary plastic myself at stores here in Japan by using my own eco bag, and I even bring my own tumbler when I go to Starbucks here. Unfortunately, I can't avoid it 100%.

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I thought the main issue was that they rented the games, installed them, and then allowed customers to play them.

“The three are suspected of renting video game software and allowing customers to play them in April without obtaining the permission of game makers Nintendo Co and Capcom Co, Kyoto police said.”

Did I miss something? Maybe, we don’t have enough information.

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As an American living in Nagoya, I'm enthusiastic about the remodeling as I've never been impressed with castles with elevators. Castles at Inuyama, Matsumoto, Himeji, etc., are terrific to visit. But after realizing that some people with physical disabilities will not be able to fully enjoy visiting Nagoya castle. The elevator issue is very important. What should also be considered that is that elevators allow anyone who can't walk/climb to the upper areas. Elderly people, my Japanese grandmother can barely walk and frequently uses a wheelchair, people with very young children or babies, etc.

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