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Posted in: 7-year-old girl likely killed hours before being hit by train See in context

To hell with independence. These are gradeschoolers. I will, whether they like or not, escort my child to and from school.

And first of all, what good did the independence do in their adulthood? They just became overly reliant on groups and conformity.

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Posted in: Man hit by train injures 2 commuters on platform at subway station in Tokyo See in context

Namboku line have platform barriers extended up to ceiling. It can be done. Can be built at night too.

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Posted in: Headless pigeon, duck found in Tochigi See in context

i cant believe this is even news.

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Posted in: 6 Hokkaido hotels admit mislabeling steak See in context

It happens in most restaurants. In fact what i m eating right now is labeled as nachos. What arrived at my table was chili con carne topped with 4 tortilla chips with very little cheese.

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