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Posted in: Japan executes two death row inmates See in context

@ strangerland

So this time you don’t criticize my ‘logic’ but my attitude. Well, unless you have something sf like minority report to show me my attitude is very legitimate.

You don't think forced confessions, a justice system that relies on confessions over and without evidence to support the confession, defense lawyers who think their jobs are to get the lightest possible sentence for their clients rather than getting them a not-guilty verdict, and a system that goes with the prosecutors will not lead to innocent people getting convicted? You're kidding yourself. Which is why, as I keep saying, they keep exonerating people previously convicted as guilty. You seem to skip over that little tidbit though.

Ok Mr. precision, I didn’t do accurate research to present evidence supporting my claims on japantoday. I know that the Japanese penal systems is regarded as good by comparative standards in many respects and that’s it. How about you? Do you have plenty of evidence for the above statements? How many cases in the past say 30 years of people previously convicted as guilty for committing efferate/multiple murder and than exonerated? The boxer form the 60s story is old and it's just one case, you don’t want me to use your rhetoric and tell you that you are falling for a fallacy of composition? (see wikipedia…lol).


I'm particularly interested in the connection between deterrence & expense. So do jails deter?

Well, they don’t punish (or anyway that’s not their decelerated purpose), they certainly don’t re-educate, they mostly deter. But they’re expensive. So for example I think: a bike thief caught for the 10th time would be sentenced to spend once again e.g. 7 nights in jail. That's expensive and useless – after the 5th? time the law might say ‘we will cut you one hand’.

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Posted in: Japan executes two death row inmates See in context

@ strangerland

Then the problem is with people not bitching about it with other punishments, rather than bitching about it with this punishment.

You can bitch about it as much as you want but the point is that you cant fix this problem. That's why the argument on the imperfection of judiciary systems is pointless (or stupid, as I put it in my first post) – because there's no way around it.

Non sequitur - a failure in logic. The reasoning behind 'very few' doesn't necessarily lead to your conclusion that the sentences are always correct, and the fact that they still even exonerate people as of recent directly shows your logic to be faulty.

Ehmmmm..... I dont know what to say..... the fact that the sun rose everyday until today leads you to assume that the sun will rise tomorrow? Is it a logic failure...? lol We base our judgements on comparison, statistics, and common sense. Of course there's no certainty. But there is the likelihood of something happening or not. Given the characteristics of Japan's judiciary system today, my guess is that it is very unlikely that innocent people will be sentenced. This is my opinion. Of course you might think otherwise.

@ browny1

Ehmmm...you're embarrassing yourself. My statements are pretty self-explanatory.

1) Long-term Imprisonment is expensive. Everyone knows that. And of course the 'isolated island extradition' or eye-for-an-eye would be cheaper options. So I think it's up to you to comment/criticize if you have something to say. Or should I explain the obvious?

2) I say it's preferable to die than to spend a life in jail. What do you want me to explain? My values? My comparative experiences in jail? lol

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Posted in: Japan executes two death row inmates See in context

@ Strangerland

You are saying it's misplaced, but then you follow up by saying that it does relate to capital punishment as well. Which means it's not misplaced.

This all means – and you seem not wanting to acknowledge this very simple thing I am saying – that that argument is valid for all sentences and all judiciary systems, regardless the type of punishment. However, people bitch about it (even though it's to some extent unavoidable) only when it comes to capital punishment.

Going back to the point, I am not saying judiciary systems are perfect. They cannot be. What I am saying is that, referring to capital punishment, Japan is the one place where probably it is ok for it to exists because sentences are very few and therefore very, very, very likely to be 100% right. So what I'm saying is that bringing a case from the 60s as evidence is quite misleading. Why? Because we are not in the 60s.


You said, ".In addition, and most important, jails are a bad system of deterrence for crime because they're expensive"

You said, " So I don't understand why a wrong death sentence is worse than a wrong life imprisonment. "

Yes, I did. So on what you don't agree? Instead of saying I "dig holes" just point to specific elements and criticize them. It is called the art of conversation/arguing.

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Posted in: Japan executes two death row inmates See in context

Omg guys, you are so picky! Ok then.

1) I've already said that the reason why the argument related to wrong sentences is misplaced is because it relates to all sentences, not just to capital punishment. I've also mentioned myself that it is more problematic when it comes to capital punishment because of the impossibility to reiterate. So there's no need to quote me and repeat what I've said already.

2) Strengerland, you quoted a case from the 60s. Back then they didn't have DNA testing and the police was very brutal and tried to extract confessions through torture-like practices. I don't think this is the case anymore. The number of death sentences declined steadily in the past decades and I believe it would be hard (or impossible?) to bring out some other case of misjudgment.

3) Browny1, I don't know what you refer to in particular. I raised several points.

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Posted in: Japan executes two death row inmates See in context

No, it's not stupid in that sense. It's stupid because the argument always comes out in relation to capital punishment when in fact it's unrelated to it. Meaning, a wrong sentence is wrong regardless what the punishment is. So I don't understand why a wrong death sentence is worse than a wrong life imprisonment. Because there's always the possibility for the truth to come out? Not in Japan, where it's very, very uncommon for courts to reconsider sentences. And again, in Japan if you are sentenced to death it means you did it.

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Posted in: Japanese journalists accuse gov't of pressuring media See in context

Just a thought.

Of course the kisha clubs system inhibits freedom of speech. On the other hand, the idea of keeping the news objective has its merit.

When journalists are free to (and encouraged to) interpret facts for the sake their political agenda, the press and the electorate become extremely polarized and people develop a blind faith to their political party/press while regarding the other sides as liars. As a natural consequence, this political polarization leads to lies and extreme positions on both sides.

So maybe it's good to keep the news plain and objective. The interpretation part could become the realm of political debate TV programs? Maybe...?

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Posted in: Japan executes two death row inmates See in context

Human rights do not exist out there in the hyperuranium. Nations decide what a right is. So if Japanese people decide that serial killers have no "right" to live, I don't see the problem. Besides, to me it's more humane to kill someone than keeping him into a jail forever.

In Japan, if you are caught you did it. So the popular (yet stupid) argument "what if you sentence an innocent person?" does not apply as well in Japan.

In most countries the prison systems fail to re-educate people and re-introduce them into society. So their only raison d'être is rendered void. Successful re-education depends on the type of crime, the country, the culture, the jail system, etc. But most importantly it depends on the type of crime. How can you hope to re-educate a serial killer??

In addition, and most important, jails are a bad system of deterrence for crime because they're expensive. When it comes to repellent/violent/repeated crimes, I advocate for a mitigated eye-for-an-eye or extradition to some isolated, unguarded island. Very convenient for tax payers.

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly bombings in Brussels See in context

Few ideas:

1) Stop 'refugees' flood to Europe. It's just ridiculous at this point. 2) Improve intelligence in muslim communities. 3) Expatriate those who even remotely protect hate preachers and terrorists. 4) Stop accommodate muslims with exemptions (see work and education). They must adapt, not the West.

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Posted in: Attacks on Brussels airport, metro station kill 34 See in context

Europe should stop immigration immediately and send back most of the 'refugees'. Otherwise right wing parties will prevail + people will be so pissed off that they will start persecuting muslims and use violence.

Why stupid leftists don't understand this simple thing?

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for murder of 6-year-old Kobe girl See in context

It's good for once not to see silly criticism of death penalty.

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Posted in: S Korea condemns updated Japanese textbooks See in context


Well, Let's see Korean education about Japan. This is how innocent Korean kids are brainwashed.


This is unbelievable.... Thank you for sharing and for showing us what crazy South Korea actually does to people.

You might say whatever you want but at the end of the day Japanese people are nice, peaceful people and Japan is a peaceful country. In contrast to that, China and South Korea brainwash their citizens and teach them to hate Japan. For a nation state this is a way worse villainy than than allowing some textbooks containing a partial, often debatable minimization of some historical events.

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Posted in: German submarine builder warns Australia of risk of awarding contract to Japan See in context

Every one is better be prepared for the time crazy China will make its move. China only understands deterrence and realist politics.

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Posted in: Abe says Japan cannot do without nuclear power See in context

Strangerland is right. Aly Rustom, your logic is clearly flawed.

In addition, after 3/11, safety standards and controls improved, making nuclear energy in Japan safer. On the contrary, coal will never improve.

The only argument that can be made is that as long as nuclear energy is available, green energy's implementation will be delayed. But this is true for fossils too... Let's face reality, the only way green energy will substitute other sources is making it more efficient.

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Posted in: Abe says Japan cannot do without nuclear power See in context

Nuclear power is fine as long as monitoring things are done properly. They should put in charge someone who is against it to avoid the risk of bribery and the poor implementation of safety protocols.

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Posted in: LDP to tackle 'taboo' of expanding foreign labor force See in context

I am not sure whether getting women to work would increase birth rates, even if they had fair working conditions. It is important to provide equal opportunities for women, but birth rates are a more complicated issue.

A redistribution of wealth might be a priority. For instance, cut high-rank white-collar benefits and raise new entrants salaries. At least they could solve some age inequality problems in urban areas.

A development of agriculture (when nokyo will disappear) might as well create jobs and also help with rural depopulation.

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Posted in: Japan's porn industry preys on young women, say rights advocates See in context

Again, the problem is the enforcement of the law. It doesn't matter where or when or what job, personal abuses are not to be allowed. It is a problem of law and law application.

But again, these girls are not elementary school children. They should learn to take care of themselves. And if they still want to do porn, well, that's their choice. Japan has plenty of jobs available so I don't really feel sympathetic.

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Posted in: Japan's porn industry preys on young women, say rights advocates See in context

They should simply apply the law. The problem here is not the porn industry, but the application of laws against abuse/rape.

On a side note, if these girls don't want to be exploited, they might consider avoiding a career in porn...

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Posted in: Would you like to see Donald Trump become the next U.S. president? See in context

For those wanting Trump as president.

Because he's crazy, and because there are many other crazy leaders around the world (Putin), have you considered having him as president might very easily draw the whole world into war? Would that be fun?

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Posted in: Do you think opening Japan up to immigration would raise the country's birthrate in the long term? See in context

You don't need immigration to raise fertility rates. France is a good example. People say it's because of the north african population, but in fact it's not true.

Good policies can improve fertility rates. The problem is that Japan's bureaucrats-government-business don't want/fail to put in place such policies.

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Posted in: By 2045, there will be 13% fewer workers per person in Japan. That means each worker would need to produce 13% more in terms of economic value to offset the decline and maintain current living standar See in context

This title is all wrong. Besides, the problem isn't GDP, but pension system and elderly care workforce.

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Posted in: Mobile art See in context

99% of contemporary art is just pathetic. Unoriginal, uninspiring and pretentious. Literally anyone can be an artist. You don't even need a good idea, as this thing or the kayak vagina distinctly prove. All you need is good networking or something slightly controversial (no matter if unoriginal).

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Posted in: Mobile art See in context

Very beautiful and original... lol

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Posted in: 5 cultural tips for taking photos in Japan See in context

The fixation for pictures is a curse. Yesterday I was at a party and spend more time posing than enjoying myself. Usually the fault is of a few girls forcing everyone to take endless shots.

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Posted in: Falling in love is a betrayal to the fans. If they want boyfriends, they should quit being idols. See in context

The logic is that of commodification of human beings/relations. As a matter of fact that's the world we live in and Japan's idol culture represents its extreme epitome.

Another very important point is what we think a job/role is. In the West we tend to conflate our 'true self' with our 'persona' (our role). By doing so we create individuals who, we believe, should stay true to themselves and behave the way they feel, no matter what the context is. However, in most places in the world (and Japan as well), there is a very clear distinction between your role/job and your 'real self'. And people in these cultures think the two should stay separated. In Japan this is expressed by the dichotomy honne/tatemae. In the West if a waiter/waitress is offended by a customer he/she feels personally offended, but in Japan people don't think this way.

So in this perspective, the idol girls should perform her role without complaining. We can think this is wrong, but before judging we should try to understand the roots of other culture's morality.

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of militarizing South China Sea See in context

PRC is scary..

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Posted in: China deploys missiles on disputed South China Sea island: report See in context

That's what China does. They push and push and coerce. PRC elite doesn't care about their people or the rest of the world. They are just fixated with abstract concepts such as nation, power, and glory. A good lesson for everyone. China must be stopped.

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Posted in: Abenomics on the ropes as yen soars, markets plunge See in context

Well, if that's true how come the bureaucrats and politicians who have been in charge of the Japanese economy for the last 20 years have failed so miserably? The country is circling the plughole and slips nearer to oblivion every year.

It can be for three major reasons, or a sum of them:

1) Bureaucrats and politicians had no intention to change things

2) They had intentions, but they could not do it properly because of the way politics works

3) They are incompetent

Regardless the outcome of past attempts to 'fix' the economy, I believe it is difficult to judge complex policies. This is especially true if you focus on the short-term effects of policies intended to produce results in the long-term. In addition, external elements can further complicate things. Also, there isn't a 'right' way to deal with economies. A good example is the so called 'liquidity trap'. Economists (within schools and from different schools) still debate on how it should be dealt with.

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Posted in: Abenomics on the ropes as yen soars, markets plunge See in context

I'm not a supporter of Abenomics. However, it is always surprising to see a lot of people with little or no knowledge of fiscal and monetary policy evaluating extremely complex issues on this forum. And doing it with such verve! And yes, you need technical knowledge to provide valuable opinions on complex policies.

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Posted in: Illegal mosaic-free porn business busted See in context

I think one reason why Japanese don't watch porn online is that many are afraid of perpetuating 'illegal' activities on internet. Many people I know were for instance very concerned about using torrents or streaming websites because they thought they might 'get caught'.

Another reason might be that porn fans (and apparently there are many) want to watch their up-to-date movies with their favorite actresses and not just some random, maybe old videos online. Something like porn idol logics...

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Posted in: Video explores gap between ideals and reality for working mothers in Japan See in context

The problem is always the long hours of work. 8-10h + commuting is just to much. For many, life-work balance is far from levels allowing people to actually 'live'. No surprise people don't want to (cannot) have children, especially in Japan. More jobs (still 'full time', just with a proportionally lower pay) should be offered in a 6h/day format.

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