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Eshadow comments

Posted in: How sweet See in context

I hardly doubt cake is to blame for people being too thin... You would think it would have the opposite effect.

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Posted in: Airport lines move smoothly in U.S. despite warnings See in context

TimRussert: Yea... Just like the republicans want to control people's choices on what substances they choose to put into their bodies, what they worship, and who they have sex with. Get over yourself.

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Posted in: Liberal Dutch marijuana policy takes another hit See in context

Damn conservatives. Good job killing your tourist industry if this goes through. Why can't people just be allowed to have fun? Theres no harm in it. I wish everyone would just wake up and stop being so ridiculous and pigheaded over such a harmless substance. It never ceases to piss me off.

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Posted in: GOP says main goal is to deny Obama re-election See in context

Great job GOP. Make your goal more stupid political mudslinging BS instead of trying to actually focus on working together to fix any problems.

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Posted in: Boy falls onto train tracks while looking at handheld game console See in context

ugh.. Every time I read the comments on this site I see people posting stuff like "Ban this! ban that! its dangerous!" Yea... why dont we just live in a society where we have no freedom to do anything at all because everything is too dangerous! Wait, I have a great idea! Why dont people just learn to not do stupid things and take responsibility for their own actions! It sure would be better than screwing everyone else over just cuz irresponsible people dont know how to take care of themselves and use their brains! Blaming hand held gaming is stupid. The very same thing could have happened if the kid was too busy reading a book or something. Lets ban books, too!

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Posted in: Some wives wish their husbands would hurry up and drop dead. See in context

poor guy... it's not the husband's fault that the working culture here is often times ridiculous!

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Posted in: Obama signs strongest anti-smoking bill ever See in context

He should look into doing some swedish snus instead. Much less unhealthy and has been known as a good way for people to stop smoking.

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Posted in: Man held for making over 50 threatening calls to university See in context

"in January of that year the university contacted him saying he would no longer be hired because he lacked the necessary qualifications to be a lecturer."

such as not being a nutjob

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