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I still don't know who the Imperial Household Agency is trying to fool with that "adjustment disorder" or whatever they're trying to call it.

She learnt how to speak several languages, she left home and studied in pretty demanding Universities, most likely in another language, she must have had interacted with all sorts of people during her career. It must have been a GRUESOME effort to study all of that and she did it. She endured all of it.

How on earth would a woman like that find it difficult to adjust to living in a Palace and wearing expensive clothes while smiling? It makes no sense. Can you imagine the level of psychological (and possibly physical) abuse she must have been subjected to in order to end up like she did? They destroyed her and they know it. And when her husband spoke up to defend her, as he should, Prince Fumihito, in all of his hypocrisy, says publicly that he shouldn't make a statement without the Agency's consent (even though HE is the one who never sends a speech for approval) so it's not only bigoted courtiers but members of the family itself that must have taken part in it.

I hope the new Emperor will let his daughter inherit and that Masako's blood will prevail in the Chrysanthemum Throne, bathed in the tears of her haters.

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Fumihito is a first-class hypocrite, always trying to find a way to diminish His Majesty like a petty brother with a middle-child inferiority complex so it wouldn't be surprising if his wife emulates some of that toxicity.

Having a male heir must have got to their heads, even though it's such an insignificant "accomplishment" in a modern, progressive world. I hope they change the laws so that the girl will inherit (as she should!) and leave that mess of that family out.

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