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Posted in: Djokovic's temper flares up as he leaves Tokyo empty-handed See in context

The Tokyo Olympics should have been held after the 20th September. By this time the humidity has usually passed and the climate is reasonable for sports. The August humidity is not suitable for many sports even if the conditions are the same for everyone!

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Posted in: Who's next? Jodie Whittaker to leave 'Doctor Who' in 2022 See in context

When David Tennant was Dr Who, the show averaged 8 million viewers. The current writers have gone so PC and incorporated woke virtue signaling to the extent that Jodie Whittaker is only averaging 4.7 million viewers. Dr Who can be male or female.

However, if the writing is woke,

the show will go broke,

this isn't a joke

It's important to some folk!

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Posted in: China wins women's 4x200 freestyle relay with world record See in context

Check their urine and blood samples carefully!

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Posted in: Japan ups 2030 renewables goal in draft energy policy See in context

How about reducing your dependency on foreign non-renewable energy resources? How about providing a healthier quality of air for your children and future citizens? How about reducing global warming? How about reducing rising sea levels? How about the Japanese people start voting for different politicians! Japan is a dithering old man too scared of change, still stuck with a 1970s view of the the world!

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Posted in: 'World run by gangsters': Spike Lee sets political tone at Cannes See in context

Spike Lee forget to mention that Black men in Africa sold the Black slaves to the British and Americans. Maybe he should remind everyone that Black people are more likely to be killed in America by other BLACK people! Chicago has a Black mayor who does f all about black crime. Oh, and maybe Spike will tell everyone that being a black man in America has enabled him to become a multi-millionaire!!!!!

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Posted in: Osaka says she is preparing for Olympics, and will do news conferences See in context

In other words ''The sponsors said I have to play and do news conferences or I lose my contracts and money. I've decided that money is more important than my tokenism virtue signaling. Furthermore, I miss the limelight!''

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl See in context

Maybe incidents like this would decrease if Japanese society did something about teaching young men how to

interact with young women and getting them to have the confidence to ask them out. Furthermore, teach them that it is okay to be rejected, there is no shame and to move on and ask out another lady. Moreover, in moral education lessons, teach them that it is NOT okay as an adult to touch school girls.

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Posted in: More than 10 million in Japan have received COVID-19 vaccinations so far See in context

So if I turn these percentages around to reality. 92% of the population have NOT had a vaccination and 97% have NOT been fully vaccinated!!!!!

I wonder why 92% and 97% were not used in the headline???

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Posted in: New Zealand declines to call China's Uighur treatment genocide See in context

I don't know why people are so surprised. She is a secret communist pretending to be a democratic socialist! Her policies will hopefully unravel and the electorate will see through her in the future!

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Posted in: China pushes to expand virus origin search to other countries See in context

If this was Iraq or Afghanistan the USA would've invaded and changed the government. However, China is central to making many US millionaires and Billionaires. Therefore only after China is replaced as a cheap manufacturer and exporter will any significant action or sanctions be made. If only India had people that actually made decent products!

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Posted in: Osaka governor sounds alarm as COVID-19 infections exceed Tokyo's See in context

USA has 150 million vaccinated, UK has 35 million vaccinated and the powerhouse that is Chile has 10 million vaccinated. How many vaccinations has Japan administered??? I wonder if there is a correlation between the number of vaccinations and number of corona cases confirmed???

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Posted in: Report finds COVID likely jumped to humans from bats through 'missing link' See in context

That missing link is the CHINESE scientists in the Wuhan Lab in CHINA. The CHINA virus from CHINA! Can you spot the clues to the missing link???CHINA???


Look closely ◔_◔

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Posted in: China attacks foreign clothing, shoe brands over sanctions See in context

At some point the West is going to have to confront China economically and/or militarily. Im no big fan of a certain rel i gion but these people are being sterilized and mistreated yet Biden's America does nothing of substance. Furthermore, where are S Arabia and other Mus lim countries in taking collective action against Communist China? If a bully continues to get away with things, he will continue to bully more!

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Posted in: 'Mank' leads Oscar nominations in a year of record diversity See in context

Alfie go woke go broke. Did you not get the Terminator Dark Fate message or the Ghostbusters female reboot? The best actress, actor and director should be chosen by merit not color quotas. Where are all the Indians in Hollywood? They're 1/8 of the worlds population yet I don't see black people cheering for them to take their parts!

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Posted in: Lower house OKs record ¥106.61 tril budget for FY2021 See in context

This printing and spending will not end well. expect consumption tax to rise and or significant inflation of certain goods and services! The government's priorities need to change!

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Posted in: Exodus of Republican voters tired of Trump could push party further right See in context

Trump increased his vote by by over 10 million and increased his vote with minorities. Biden increased his use of machines! Those "Republicans" that are leaving are RINOs! They have more in common with the Left than Trumpism. Long live Trump. Long live the 2nd amendment!

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Posted in: Over 75% of Japanese women say they’ve slept with a male coworker: survey See in context

Can you press my buttons for me

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Posted in: Japan’s households, firms continue to hoard cash as pandemic persists See in context

To stimulate the economy the Japanese government should have a mass vaccine week and give adults Y150, 000 in spendable vouchers (not cash) that have a use by date. This would reassure health concerns and provide economic stimulus that can't be "Hoarded" in a bank account.

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Posted in: Japan to start COVID vaccinations next week despite syringe shortage See in context

Japan is a first world country that is handling the vaccine like a third world country! Japan is like an old man dithering on what to do. Japan used to lead the world in many sectors but now it is the last duckling in the line! What does its intelligence service know that we don't? The UK has 13 million citizens vaccinated, that's nearly 20%. Get a move on. Lets have a vaccine week during golden week. 20 million vaccinated every day!

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Posted in: Worry, frustration, uncertainty as state of emergency looms for Tokyo, neighboring prefectures See in context

We have a vaccine but we won't give it to you until February or most likely March. Indecision and delays are not management, it's dithering.

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Posted in: Gov't to ask experts whether to declare state of emergency again See in context

Where's his meeting with Government health experts on how to speed up giving the vaccine to people???

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Posted in: Gang robs pachinko parlor in Oita Prefecture See in context

I don't want anyone thinking that this was an INSIDE job. Get the thought of an INSIDE job out of your head. Oh, one more thing..


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Posted in: Japan to suspend new entry of all nonresident foreign nationals from abroad See in context

The virus and its mutations are already here. This policy will only work if the government simultaneously role out a vaccine program at warp speed. furthermore, don't forget to quarantine those Japanese business men returning with lucrative deals for Suga's mates!

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Posted in: F1 star Hamilton vows to fight to improve human rights See in context

Is he fighting for human rights in the UK, where citizens should have the right to good schools, hospitals and social houses? Much of it paid from taxing millionaires, or is he planning to stay in the tax haven of Monaco? Asking for a friend.

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Posted in: Asian shares slip on report of more U.S. sanctions on China See in context

Hey vanityofvanities perhaps you should do some research before commentating. The USA bought 451 billion worth of Chinese exports last year and China bought 106 billion of US exports. Therefore, it is the USA that has the financial power. Fact, not fake news!

Check the 2019 table:

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Posted in: More than 90 million vote early as Trump, Biden make late campaign push See in context

People are voting early to rid states of Democrats so that they can have lower taxes and cities that are free from BLM and LIBERAL RIOTERS!

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Posted in: Damage from Trump's trade wars won't heal quickly: analysts See in context

Serrano. You are 100% correct but the JT readers are left leaning live in denial. China is an undemocratic threat and the USA needs to massively diversify its imports and the rest of the world needs to reduce their interdependence with China. Hardly anyone is turning up at Biden's rallies. No one believes the Main Stream Medias polls. Trump will win!

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Posted in: Japan, Britain sign free trade deal for post-Brexit era See in context

Fantastic news. Brexit Britain will make great trade deals without the EU interfering and increase our economy and interdependence with the rest of the world. The EU only makes up 25% of World trade whilst Japan is part of the other 75%. May the trade of goods, services and culture flow freely to improve both our countries.

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Posted in: Bubble Kings: Lakers run past Heat for 17th NBA championship See in context

I stated 50%. My mistake, TV figures shows the NBA has lost 70% of its audience compared to last year. Now the players can have a 70% wage cut or Keep Politics Out Of Sport. Go Woke, Go Broke!

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Posted in: Bubble Kings: Lakers run past Heat for 17th NBA championship See in context

Well done for losing 50% of your American audience. No one cares. KPOOS, Keep Politics Out Of Sport! No one wants to hear Marxist propaganda!

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