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It's sad that the Germans are taken seriously nowadays as the country that supposedly understood its wrongdoings and apologised etc etc. Though it must be said that Germany hasn't payed the loans that it forcebly took nor reperations to countries like Greece. Also, and even more importantly: People are obviously blind to the reality of the Germanisation of Europe by instrumentalising the EU (!), and the causing of extreme suffering to Southern Europe. The "p.i.i.g.s." propaganda is very strong, but it's inevitable that History will judge Germany again as the aggressor in a economic imperialism kind of way this time again.

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I wouldn't mind hearing bs that Japan has gone "rogue", it would be fun for me to see my friends who're "individuals with rights" (not citizens) who hate politics and know next to nothing about history try to defend that narrative.

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Bravo Tokyo, Japan!

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"Doitashimashite" good friends!

The Olympic games will be great in Japan.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

I wonder if the people saying "What's the point?" - "It's history now" etc bs are then going on to vote "no", lol. ...and how many of them are Americans.

Maybe there should be a pol about the 1,000 plane raid that took place AFTER the surrender of Japan and before the announcement of the surrender officialy!

People like to kid themselves into believing in the old fairytale of good allies and bad axis powers. Sad stuff from people who don't know very much about history other than what they're told/taught by their local governments.

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Ah, your way of thinking is way too small time to understand the bigger picture.

...if you look back enough into the past the whole universe is Chinese. :)

Here's the evidence...

Who saw the big dipper first? Findings in a grave somewhere in China can prove that the Chinese saw it first.

*to be continued in an intergalactic war 100,000 years from today.

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