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Posted in: Court orders Tokyo Medical University to pay damages over rigged exams See in context

I agree that university entrance should be judged on academic excellence alone, and not on age, sex, ethnicitiy, social class, type of high school (public or private), or 'endowments'. This applies equally to positive and negative discrimination.

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Posted in: Report: Prince Charles' charity got donation from bin Ladens See in context

Charities need to be more transparent about what they are using the money for

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Posted in: Warm water spray seat shipments reach 100M units in Japan See in context

Once you start using one, it's difficult to go back to the old way.

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Posted in: Tomorrow's 'Top Gun' might have drone wingman, use AI See in context

I thought the movie was great

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Posted in: Japanese, Irish leaders agree Russia must face 'severe consequences' See in context

Ireland is a wonderful country

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Posted in: Sunak widens lead in race to become British PM after party vote See in context

They should choose someone who can unite the party

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Posted in: Ukraine war shows West's dominance ending as China rises, Blair says See in context

I guess both Tony Blair and John Major like making running commentaries on world events

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Posted in: Japan bids farewell to Abe at funeral in Tokyo See in context

RIP and prayers to his family

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 79 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 535 See in context

The number of covid cases, hospitalization, and deaths are much smaller today than on the same day last year, and have been for some time. There are two possible explanations: 1. The Jgov oyaji are lying more this year than last year (sarcasm). 2. Case numbers and hospitalizations have indeed decreased. Also, note that the average life expectancy in Japan actually increased in 2021, despite the pandemic.

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