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Eugene Quintus Whipplewart comments

Posted in: Hina dolls See in context

Here's one of the reasons, of 2,345,646, that I miss Japan...

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Posted in: Serena to 'keep soldiering on' in search of 24th Slam See in context

Go home, Ms. Williams, and look after your daughter. Be satisfied with twenty-three.

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Posted in: Osaka wins Australian Open title; rises to No. 1 in world rankings See in context

Omedetto, for Ms. Osaka's second straight tournament win! Keep rolling, Naomi-san!

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Posted in: Kanebo ambassador See in context

Pretty Lady

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Posted in: Former Japanese porn star Sola Aoi announces pregnancy; hits back at trolls See in context

"Your 'prayers' are with her, but your sympathies are not."

What, so should I bow and kiss her feet, because she's some AV "Star" who married and has a child on the way? I can't criticize someone who's sold herself to the highest (and, oft, lowest) bidder, who wants to be taken legitimately and wants a "normal" lifestyle, when she's put her child and that of her husband's at risk through the very means she used to gain fame? I should sympathize with that? Please, BigYen, feel free to explain why...

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Posted in: Do you enjoy spending Christmas in Japan? See in context

"...public displays in the US are supplemented by everyone decorating their own houses, which are sometimes the main attraction, while almost nobody here does so..."

Check out certain areas of Chiba City. There's a large neighborhood there that goes all-out (and it isn't an ex-pat neighborhood, either)...

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Posted in: Do you enjoy spending Christmas in Japan? See in context

I lived for twelve years in Japan, and spent several Christmases there in-country. Yes, it is a regular work day for the Japanese and anyone else living there. No, it isn't a cultural or religious holiday in Japan. Yes, it is commercialized and used as a shopping day (where does this NOT Happen?), as well as a time for bakeries and patisseries to sell and produce Christmas Cakes, cookies, and pastries. Yes, it is seen as more of a holiday or time for children than adults. No, there isn't has heavy a significance on Christmas as there is in a large part of the rest of the world. So what...?

In my experience, Japan does Christmas VERY well! They celebrate Christmas, decorate to the extreme (and NOBODY does Christmas Lights better than Japan: NOBODY!), offer up deals and goods and food and fun that is comparable to the same that exists in the USA and elsewhere. Christmas isn't a day off from work in Japan, but that, truly, is celebrating the very essence of Christmas: it wasn't a day off for anyone in the world when the Birth of Jesus the Messiah took place.

For my part, and from the many Christmases in Japan that I experienced 1998-2010, I give Japan a 10/10 for their celebration of the Holiday. They do Christmas well over in Japan, and it is something good to be experienced there...

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Posted in: Former Japanese porn star Sola Aoi announces pregnancy; hits back at trolls See in context

This woman, who, for years, sold herself out to the highest bidder and bowed and worshiped at the god of sex, eroticism, and pleasure, now wants the rest of society to accept her as normal and her past acceptable? Sora does realize that there are still examples of her "art" and her "work" out there for the viewing public to see, does she not, and that it will likely remain out there for as long as civilization has and utilizes advanced technology? She also realizes that the HIV virus can lay dormant and innocuous and undetected for decades, right?

My fear is that the consequences of her past "practices" and her professional "activities" over the last sixteen years will be visited upon her child. My prayers are for and with her and her husband and her unborn child...

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

Honestly, they should have made Japan and Senegal go at it again (it isn't like they didn't have time to do so). At any rate, South Korea leaves as a winning team, doing everyone else a favor and K-Oing the #1 ranked team in the world out of the tourney. South Korea leaves the FIFA World Cup a winner. Japan will just leave after their next game...

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Posted in: Senegal struggled to deal with technical Japan, says Ndiaye See in context

Great Game on both sides!

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Posted in: Walk or die: Algeria abandons 13,000 migrants in the Sahara See in context

And people accuse the USA of being heartless towards criminal invaders and undocumented people...

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Posted in: Support for Abe rises, boosting chance at historic tenure See in context

Mr. Abe is doing MUCH better than his first time around as PM, when I lived in Japan, when he was in office for, like, six months...

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Posted in: Virginia restaurant refuses to serve White House press secretary Sarah Sanders See in context

Two things: First, the Press Secretary could have handled the matter a bit differently. Jase Robertson (one of the sons of Phil Robertson of the DUCK DYNASTY fame, and part-owner of DUCK COMMANDER OUTDOOR FITTERS, on tee-vee) was accused of being homeless and was refused service either by an airline company or a high-end retail store (I can't remember exactly which), and he just laughed it off and went to their competitor: no publicity; no Twitter Tweet; no Facebook filler; no whining or complaining to the media machinery; he simply went to the competition and did business with them, laughing all the way.

Secondly, there used to be a day and an age where politics ended at 5pm. Even hardcore liberal House Speaker Tip O'Neill and Very Conservative President Ronald Reagan - probably the two greatest adversaries of each other politically - could, at the end of the workday, go and share a meal, or laugh about life over lunch, leaving politics in the House and Executive Buildings, respectively. There used to be informed opinion and sourced facts on both sides, which usually produced civil and respectful discourse. All of that is largely gone these days, and that's a real shame.

I agree with those who've said that this episode simply further brings down US Prestige, and that there are better things over which to argue and about which to be all public. Being asked by a narrow minded owner to leave a restaurant is about #1,245,787 in importance...

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Posted in: Protest held in Okinawa against landfill for U.S. base transfer See in context

I wonder how many of these people actually do something other than protest? Do they go and petition their local governments to listen to their grievances? do they stand outside of train stations, bus stations, and other mass commuter means and collect names? Do they actually talk to people, telling them why they think that the bases in Okinawa are bad, using sources and facts and data from research and analysis? Do they talk with the business owners who benefit from the bases, trying to persuade them to see how bad the bases really are, and that their businesses would thrive just as well, or even better, if the bases were to be relocated? Do they seek to engage in civil discourse, with a free exchange of ideas, and both listening as well as speaking?

Or do they just protest at the drop of a hat, trying their best to get before a camera or a journalist and scram and shout and chant at the top of their lungs?

I think I know the answer to these questions already, especially having lived in Japan for quite some time in the past...

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Posted in: Bend it like Beckham See in context

I Loved watching him play. To me, he was like what Cristiano Ronaldo is today, with less flamboyance. At any rate, best of wishes to him and his wife Victoria, and their children....

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Posted in: Fan fun See in context

Good game between Japan and Senegal. Looking forward to the final group stage matches...

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Posted in: Southwest Japan braces for typhoon See in context

Typhoons are no joke! Be safe!

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Posted in: Books teaching elementary school students about LGBTQ issues grab spotlight See in context

How about we eradicate the idea of bullying period before we get into specifics? Japan has enough difficulties with trying to end bullying in general, let alone dealing with specific reasons for bullying.

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Posted in: Japan protests armed N. Korean boat in Tokyo economic zone See in context

So, when "unidentified" boats point guns at any Japanese Government Vessel, the logical thing to do is call in one of the JSDF Destroyers to come in and point its guns back, or bring in a chopper or plane and start dropping flares. If the "unidentified" boat decides to shoot back, sink it. Whomever the boat belongs to will lodge a complain or protest and, at such an incident, remind the owner of the now-sunken vessel to keep their ships out of Japanese territorial waters. End of story.

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Posted in: Fire ants found at Osaka port; queen ant confirmed for 1st time See in context

I hope that hey DON'T spread to Hokkaido. That is literally fertile ground for them, though it may be a bit cold. I hope, in fact, that fire ants don't spread anywhere else in Japan, though the presence of a queen ad a smallish nest is cause for concern. Fire ants are a menace...

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Posted in: Former TV announcer Mao Kobayashi dies of cancer at 34 See in context

Prayers for her family. Cancer simply bites...

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Posted in: Tight fit See in context

Fortunately, the trains I rode to work when I lived in Japan weren't always that full.

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Posted in: The Brady bunch See in context

Good to see he is getting younger generations involved...

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Posted in: Mori says Tokyo faces transport crisis following Tsukiji decision See in context

Fmr. PM Mori looks good for being in his 80s, is it?

Too bad his words are just as bad as they've ever been...

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