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"The intelligence community would never have let (Obama) stick his neck out on this unless they had a high degree of confidence about this". Whom are they trying to fool? Not me. Not you, I hope. This "intelligence community" is outright dumb.They still believe in Saddam`s mass destruction weapons, they financed and armed the Isis against Bashar Al Assad, they created the chaos in Lybia. How can anyone besides the U.S. president trust those bozos?...

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I live in Recife, where this all took place, let me tell you that the admiration the Japanese fans got here is huge, spilling over all social networks. Not all Brazilians are pigs who leave their trash carelessly. I, for one, never leave the dirt behind me, and others like me do exist and do regret the uneducated fellows. Kudos for the Japanese fans, they set a nice example for us and the world.

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Here in Recife, where I live, and where Japan plays today with Ivory Coast, the game Japan 3 vs. Italy 4 made history. The Stadium was at its fullest, and all the fans were rooting for Japan. It must be noted that the Japanese descendants in Brazil live mainly in São Paulo. In Recife, 3000 Km north, they are very few indeed. Today, all tickets are already sold (I could not get mine). My Family has no blood ties with Japan, but both my sons practise Judo and are fans of Hayao Miyazaki, Pokémon and such. If the game is not against Brazil, our round eyes will surely look forward to see Japanese victories!

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