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EurajReturns comments

Posted in: A word of warming See in context

These children are foolish; because they're not protesting in their own country? Because they don't have signs in the native language? Because they aren't using any new arguments or rhetoric? No; it's because they're deliberately wasting their time when it should be clear no one will listen to them until the worst happens.

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Posted in: Japan's soccer team under curfew in South Africa See in context

According to the MRC, a quarter of South African men have admitted to having raped someone, and half of those men, multiple people. It's pretty dangerous indeed, and we don't want players getting hurt there.

Maybe the publicity and commercial activity can help things a little.

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Posted in: U.S. image abroad surges under Obama, poll shows See in context

The Pew report found that in 21 of the countries surveyed, an average of 71% of respondents had at least some confidence in the U.S. president’s handling of world affairs. In 2008, when Bush was in the White House, the figure in those same countries was only 17%.

Good... Good...

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Posted in: U.S. Embassy issues new warning over drink-spiking in Roppongi See in context

They should feel lucky they only getting money stolen, in the west most people getting their drinks spiked are females that are then raped

Think the Japanese Embassy should warn Japanese not to visit bar or clubs in the USA because of drink-spiking and the 99% chance you will be raped if you are a female who has had her drink-spiked!

That's ridiculous. The only way they would be lucky is if they could go the bar, have a drink, and then head back to their quarters in one piece. There's a little problem in Roppongi. No reason to try to point a finger and deflect it.

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Posted in: Gundam promotes Tokyo 2016’s Olympic bid See in context

Great. Now, Kitajima can disintegrate Michael Phelps before he beats him in the breaststroke.

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Posted in: Calif man accused of biting out son's eye See in context

The guy was on PCP. The PCP is what's wicked. Never done it myself but I saw a young guy on PCP drive a forklift off the dock.

All the more reason why this man is wicked since anyone who could obtain a destructive drug like this knows what it does. He needs to be put away for a long time. The only person whom I have sympathy for is the kid.

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Posted in: Video game sales for April decline 17% in U.S. See in context

How could Sony not have expected a net loss with a leading unit as expensive as the PS3?

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Posted in: Pelosi says CIA misled her on waterboarding See in context

I wonder how many pairs of shoes she's swallowed with how many times she's put her foot in her mouth.

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Posted in: Which summer blockbuster are you looking forward to seeing most of all? See in context

The poll is about summer blockbusters. The list of films are the most anticipated - by many measures - blockbuster films. I'm not saying I'd want to see them all - or even any of them (OK, Star Trek) - but it really seems odd to take the time to post a comment about how much contempt you have for the films, the poll, the system, the blah blah blah.

Seriously guys, get over yourselves.

The entire point of this board is for people to post their trivial opinion and feel good about themselves.

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Posted in: Obama expresses regret for Afghan civilian deaths See in context

Of course he is arrogant, Bgood. All people who believe they can change things around are arrogant.

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Posted in: Cheney backs Limbaugh over Powell See in context

Out of office, and still leading the Republican Party in the wrong direction.

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Posted in: U.S. fires top general in Afghanistan as war worsens See in context

Not inherited, he accepted the job. Now shut up with that. No one twisted his arm. He could just end this whole thing if he wanted to.

Don't be a dingbat. The sentence has the same meaning regardless of which word you use, and now that Obama has "accepted" control of this campaign, he'll get the new tools he wants. Yes, he could end this if he wanted, but will he? Probably not, because that would be foolish at this point in time.

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Posted in: Russia warns Japan against 'inflated hopes' in islands dispute See in context

Better to dissapoint before the Prime Minister's visit after all.

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Posted in: Pakistan orders military to eliminate 'terrorists' See in context

Every now and then the clunkies in the United States government are right about something. Too bad for Pakistan that it was this.

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Posted in: Rising tensions threaten Pakistan-Taliban peace See in context

I feel bad. I felt a small sense of satisfaction when reading that the "peace" could be threatened.

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Posted in: WHO says swine flu pandemic is imminent See in context

It's the end of the world.

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Posted in: Puerto Rico trounces U.S. 11-1 in WBC See in context

oh well lets not forget he Japan vs Korea lesson. It call all turn around within a week.

Lo and behold the bobba was right. It was self evident though. Korea, Japan, Mexico all were doing this. Unfortunately for P.R., the opponents rebound happened to occur when defeat wasn't acceptable. The U.S. advances and the Puerto Ricans go home.

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Posted in: U.S. announces 12,000 troops to leave Iraq; suicide bomber kills 30 in Baghdad See in context

Yet, adaydream, what is the reason that President Obama is haivng it so good with Iraq? Could it be because of the troop surge strategy that worked two years ago when implemented by President Bush? President O's draw-down announcement then this suicide attack coming immediately after is really no surprise...

I'm sure this guy decided that he wouldn't blow himself up until the next President announced his plan. : /

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Posted in: US ready to trade egos for winning attitude at WBC See in context

USA Basketball redeemed. I hope these guys can too.

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Posted in: Olympic swimmer Phelps acknowledges photo using pot pipe See in context

"Let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone at the stoner."

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Posted in: Daschle apologizes for not paying taxes; fights to save nomination See in context

Who cares? Daschle withdrew his name now.

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Posted in: Chinese translation cuts out parts of Obama speech See in context

It's kind of hard to imagine... That a country doing nonsense like this hosted those wonderful, Olympic games a little while ago.

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Posted in: Bush, in farewell address, says he acted in nation's best interest See in context

I can hardly agree with that statement, but I guess time will tell.

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Posted in: Obamas cap inauguration with 10 balls See in context

History is still being made, America is turning from "the" nation, to just another nation because of bottom to top fiscal mismanagement. One would have thought it would have been good for America, if the incoming president would have shown his fellow Americans a concept that escaped the previous president; sound fiscal management. Lavish parting is one of the first things people should cut out of thier budgets, when on the road to debt recovery.

Oh please. Tell that to the millions of people who travelled to Washington because they "wanted" something like this. Presidents act on what the people want, or are you a Bush supporter who gives the new ex a thumbs up for his abyssmal approval ratings from going against the will of the people. Like I said, this was one of, if not, the greatest accomplishment of any American of African descent in our history. If you didn't expect this, you're out of touch with reality.

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Posted in: Cruise says he 'always wanted to kill Hitler' See in context

"I've always wanted to kill Hitler"... someone needs to inform Mr Cruise that he is already dead.

Cluelessness. He's saying he's always wished he could stop the atrocities that happened back then, and judging by the wording in this article and others, it's something he frequently thought about. I doubt it's something any of you consider even on a weekly basis.

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Posted in: What do you think President Barack Obama's first priority should be? See in context

And yet it's still the #1 economy in the world by far.

Yes, the objective is to stop it from going there after these last eight years of bad economic policies.

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Posted in: Science closing in on cloak of invisibility See in context

Certainly sounds more efficient than the little image relay system.


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Posted in: Obama's inauguration video draws record crowds online See in context

Just used the TV. How obsolete am I?

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Posted in: Obamas cap inauguration with 10 balls See in context

You guys need to get real. History was just made. There was obviously going to be a big celebration. I don't really care about all the balls he got into.

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Posted in: How would you evaluate George W Bush's presidency? See in context

Voted "below average." He's bashed more than he deserves and a lot of the things that happened were out of his control, but I definitely wouldn't call it a successful presidency.

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