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Posted in: US to deploy 12 stealth fighters to Okinawa See in context


What good are stealth fighters if you tell everyone they're coming?

It's like the J-police announcing they're going to raid a company in advance.

.... Not really. It's more like the Japanese Police Force saying they have new "raid technology" or what not before it's used. Your parallel would make it seem like the U.S. is already attacking people in the region with the jets. : /

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Posted in: Angry Ford dealer in South Carolina blasts Japanese imports in ads See in context

He sold some cars, so I doubt he'll be feeling guilty. These guys need to realize the downturn isn't doing good things for Japan either though, and I hope this isn't a signal of the return of the 1980s-style bashing of Japan.

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Posted in: The Day the Earth Stood Still See in context

This movie will be watched by me.

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Posted in: Across Mideast, Arabs hail shoe-hurling journalist See in context

People really need to think about whether or not American blood should be shed to bring democracy to people who obviously aren't interested in it. Bush's "evil" policies have assured that this person can do something like this and not have his head roll, but no one acknowledges that. These days, I'm less and less looking down on people who say to me things like, "it's not our responsibility to stop those morons from killing themselves and sending their societies backward."

In the long run, I think the Iraqis will be better off, but will it be worth the blood shed in the process of bringing a better state? I don't think so anymore. Even if Obama isn't hated as much, I doubt he's going to be able to do much towards healing the destructive images the West and Middle East have of each other.

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Posted in: Obama chooses education secretary See in context

Smith said:

True, but remember the other day your examples of 'ONE' usually mean quite a few; like the ONE guy you said didn't like bush because he threw his shoes, and ended up being millions around the world who didn't like him and heroized the shoe-tosser! But that's beside the point.

Not beside the point at all. One bad school in the United States does indeed, reflect many, many others around the country. I've seen my fair share of awfullness myself, so it does not need to be proven to me. Nevertheless, seeing "ONE" good school that draws the envy and attendance of foreingers from around the world reflect several others like it around the country. I'd expect the educational system of the strongest nation in the world to rank higher than 18th, but I have to acknowledge that here, I'm seeing your persnickety reprobations being farther off the mark than usual. The U.S. isn't the best, but it certainly doesn't deserve for you to try to drag it to the bottom.

I'm hopeful that Obama's Administration will help stop the slippage as well.

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Posted in: Bush defends his record of using military might See in context

There hasn't been a terrorist attack carried out on American soil since 9/11. That's the only positive thing I can see being warped into his history in the future that I can think of at the moment.

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Posted in: Obama faces heady challenges, and they're growing See in context


I just hope that the economic crisis isn't used as an excuse to limit civil liberties the way GWB used the 9/11 crisis to do so.

I was thinking policies like that could be for protection. What was I thinking? You have my word that I will automatically criticize Obama if he does anything pre-emptive against terrorism or any other disaster.

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Posted in: Bush dodges shoe protest during visit to Iraq See in context


Somebody already mentioned the gravity of shoes in Arab culture. Watch the shit hit the fan over this if he isn't released...

Iraqis were whacking the fallen statue of Saddam Hussein with shoes too. Congratulations to the members of JT for blowing this, in my opinion, laughable moment out of proportion. This doesn't bring to our attention anything about the mindset of Iraqis that we didn't already know.

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Posted in: Rumsfeld nemesis Shinseki named Veterans Affairs secretary See in context

He had a little tension with Rumsfeld. That'll make him come off as a good pick by defalt.

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Posted in: Report finds prejudice rising against U.S. Muslims See in context


Here's an idea. Instead of telling the world that it's not, why not SHOW us and control the very, at least according to YOU, minority of fanatics that want to kill everyone with different beliefs?

How do you expect them to do that? More violence?

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Posted in: Is reading manga really so bad? See in context


Is that a joke? Plenty of people see it as child's material and I can promise that an admitted managa reader wouldn't become prez.

What country are you talking about? Can't be the U.S...

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Posted in: Al-Qaida warns 'house negro' Obama See in context

One day people will realize that just getting rid of Bush won't make Al Quada go away. They have been wanting to kill Americans and innocent people all over the world, and yes, even during the Clinton administration. For those who are young, look it up. If Obama gets out of Iraq, stays out of Afghanistan, pulls the bases out of Saudi Arabia, and stops supporting Israel, then militant Islamic thugs will no doubt love him - for a while.

Those of you who think that replacing Bush with Obama will make terrorists leave the US alone are incredibly naive.

Here is a prophecy for you. It won't be long and they will be burning effigies of Obama. When that day comes, you might realize that the reason terrorists hate the US is not just because of Bush. The world loves Obama now. Let's wait and see if they still do 12 months from now.

Who is it that you're lecturing here, yasukuni? No one in their right mind thinks Al "Quada" will be magically defeated just by Obama being elected, and all this slanderous garbage Zawahiri is spewing shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Obama has a lot to do with the big mess President Bush created by targeting Iraq while in the middle of the hunt for Usama bin Laden. I'd say that at least, is common knowledge. Anyhow, if you've been paying attention to what Obama has been saying, he doesn't plan to "stay out" of Afghanistan. He considered the country what should have been the main target since the War on T. began. If Al Q. is interested in extending the torture of the people in the Middle East for their nonsense, then history may repeat itself, but I'm a little more confident than you that Obama won't "take his eye off the ball."

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Posted in: Big 3 U.S. carmakers beg for $25 billion or millions of layoffs will follow See in context

I don't know what they were thinking, spending twenty-thousand dollars to fly to Washington, and then having the nerve to ask for money.

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Posted in: 7 sports make case for 2016 Olympic place See in context

baseball - no running = not a sport

softball - see baseball

golf - see baseball

karate - maybe

roller sports - What, like making bread If they're timed events, like speed skating, then okay. If they're exhibition events, like figure skating, then no.

rugby and squash - maybe; more athleticism needed than in baseball, but it's still not an athletic action, like a high jump, spring or javelin throw.

I think the Olympics would lose more than half of its sports with that kind of judging...

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Posted in: Japan defeats U.S. in rugby See in context

Rugby is only played in a few countries. i bet that no one in japan even knew about this game.

Probably, virtually no one in America knows about it either.

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Posted in: Obama picking Washington insiders for cabinet despite promising change See in context

Pretty funny article. I bet if everyone Obama picked were unfamiliar faces, these cats would be whining about him giving uncapable, inexperienced people too much power. As long as his choices don't ride on the policies of the last administration, change is nigh.

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Posted in: Obama's election spurs hundreds of race threats, crimes See in context

Take a look at the newest racial threats against Obama.


I'm sure these racist, Southern whites will be amused that their thoughts are in line with that of one of the highest ranked terrorists in Al Q.

I distinctly heard him identify himself as 'a mutt'.

Then you should take another look at his talks regarding the issue.

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Posted in: Criticism mounts among gays over California ban See in context

Target the Mormon church because you know they aren't going to sink to your level and respond to you. I'd like to see people like Whoopi Goldberg protesting the Black churches that overwhelming supported the California decision. Of course she won't...

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Posted in: Obama's election spurs hundreds of race threats, crimes See in context

Am I the only person who sees that Obama is mixed race? Why does everyone refer to him as black or african-american? Doesn't his white heritage count?

You should ask Obama that, since he's identified himself as an "African American."

Open-minded Americans, White and Black, need to unite against these bigots. The victory of Obama in the election is already reviving America's reputation around the world as a nation that keeps its fundamental promises and we can't let people like these morons praying for assassinations to ruin it.

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Posted in: Who do you hope will be the next U.S. president? See in context

As if the slant of this website needed to be proved.

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Posted in: Russians say 'nyet' to McCain fundraising appeal See in context


Then you shouldn't.

You obviously don't see the point of responding to the people who show how silly your kind of thinking is either. It's no better than me coming in and thanking the Russians for not siding with the Klansmen and other right-wing extremists calling for Obama's head that are supporting McCain.

Anyhow... I'm sure the McCain campaign will be surprised to hear this. Or, not really.

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Posted in: Canada had role in torture of its nationals, probe reveals See in context

No, seriously. I thought Canadians were too much better than us to be involved with something like this.

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Posted in: Green apple Fanta See in context

The Green Apple is probably good, but I wish Fanta would make root beer. Can't get root beer hardly anywhere. I don't know who told Japanese people that root beer tastes like medicine, but it's not true!

I love root beer, but that's just not likely... For any Japan soda branch, I think.

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Posted in: 'Joe the Plumber' says he has no plumbing license See in context

Way to go, "Sam the Non-Plumber."

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Posted in: U.S. authorities shut down worldwide spam operation See in context

Thus, spam in my inbox dropped by one percent.

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Posted in: Aso says U.S. bank bailout 'insufficient' and causing renewed stock market plunge See in context

I agree, they are suppose to be money experts but they obviously aren't.

Well, gogo. Being the money experts "they" are, I'm sure they've figured out that there's no way to stop the ups and downs in the market. Taro Aso has all the right to complain since this is the world's problem now, but I hope he's planning on being more active with all the money Japan is sitting on if he's going to speak out like this.

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Posted in: Robot suit for rent in Japan to help people walk See in context

Seriously? They are calling the company Cyberdyne, as in the evil fictional robotics company in the Terminator movies.

As if the Japanese would care if the caused the end of humanity, right?

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Posted in: Which side is doing the most mud-slinging in the U.S. presidential campaign? See in context

You're a pseudo-mudslinger if you think one party is any worse than the other now.

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Posted in: Stalking the predators See in context

So, this guy who was taking pictures of kids brought his scrapbook with him so he could work on it during 'down time'. Sounds pretty far-fetched - but let's run with it.

So, he's pasting images into his scrapbook - presumably with two hands - then BPA immediately kicks this guy's camera out of his hand. So, does this paedophile have 3 hands? One camera hand and 2 scrapbook hands?

Sorry, this screams 'made-up story'.

Perhaps the scrapbook was on the camera. That's what I assumed.

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Posted in: Don’t drink the water See in context

So is it toxic? Or is it safe to drink the bath water. Eds - This title is misleading.

Of course it's toxic. That's why the title says "don't drink."

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