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Posted in: WWE signs Japanese wrestler Yamamoto See in context

The bad side is, he will almost certainly be saddled with some lame stereotypical Japanese man gimmick like every other Japanese wrestler the WWE has ever employed. I shudder to think how this talented performer is going to be wasted like all the others.

Or else just be used as cannon fodder to hype one of the more popular wrestlers.

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Posted in: Japan a wonderland of the bizarre See in context

The story of Jesus is almost universally known, but, according to the small town of Shingo, there was a sequel. Based on a letter found in the ’30s, a local legend states that it wasn’t Jesus who was crucified but his brother, while Jesus escaped through Siberia to Japan, where he married, had several children, and died at the ripe old age of 106. A grave supposed to contain his remains is now the focus of an annual “Christ Festival.”

I've never heard of that....

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Posted in: Hundreds injured as 15,000 S Koreans protest U.S. beef after Rice visits Seoul See in context

In the wake of public outrage over plans to resume shipments of American beef, the South Korean Cabinet offered to resign and the president reshuffled top advisers.

Man... For some reason, I'm just not able to see this issue as importanty as the South Koreans and etcetera are.

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Posted in: N Korea trying to divide Tokyo and Washington, says Komura See in context

Trust who, then?

Trust North Korea, and then act confused when they don't meet the mandate again.

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Posted in: Women boxers See in context

Agree with TheGeneral. They are obviously good with their fists but no good with an iron.

Yeah, and that a woman is not, I'm sure is heart-wrenching for you.

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Posted in: First Advantage plans 'space wedding' service See in context

Hopefully in the future you won't have to be uber rich to have something like this.

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Posted in: In 10 years, robots may be able to help out around the house. But I don’t necessarily know that robots should do everything. See in context

It teaches time management and organizational skills that are easily put to use in other areas of life.

And of course, keeps maids, butlers and all the other service workers in their jobs.

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Posted in: Bush says Democrats keep blocking his energy plans See in context

Yeah, the Democrats are to blame for the high gas prices. On the other hand, your brilliant oil plan could help the American people out as soon as it's passed, right? Fat chance...

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Posted in: Obama, amid criticism from McCain, says he will visit Iraq See in context

Radical right-wing assertions will be damaged if Al Qaeda members don't party in the streets for him.

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Posted in: Iraqi violence down See in context

Signs are emerging that Iraq has reached a turning point. Violence is down, armed extremists are in disarray, government confidence is rising and sectarian communities are gearing up for a battle at the polls rather than slaughter in the streets.

Right before Americans got carried away and Iraq blew up again. I'm not in favor of cutting and running, but I hardly think our time their is almost over.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda See in context

she's thrown out more opening pitches than the last 4 US Presidents combined...wonder why ?

My first guess is, because they sucked. I laughed when I saw Bush go up.

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Posted in: Cow See in context

You know he has mad cow.

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Posted in: Should John McCain's age (he'll be 72 on election day) be a factor in the U.S. presidential election campaign? See in context

Until he shows it's a problem, it shouldn't be assumed that it's going to be a problem. That could be called discrimination in a sense. And like Sebarashii said, there have been older people to go into office before, and for more than four years.

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Posted in: Why is Japan considered Western and China not? There is no map of the West. See in context

Yes, Alphaape.

That's what I was going to say...

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Posted in: Dreams take flight with paper planes See in context

Hang on, I'm not having this. There's no air in space, is there? So how's a paper plane supposed to fly,given they work on air pressure? And also, why do you have to spend so much time folding them carefully to get the weight and balance right if they can fly when they're weightless?

I think this article might just be a baggabollocks.

It'll re-enter if it falls below escape velocity, just like everything else does.

This would be an interesting expirement, even though I doubt the little bugger would make it back home.

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Posted in: Movie titles in Japan: Jack, we understand your frustration See in context

I wodner what they'll do with IronMan considering the history of the name "Tetsujin."

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Posted in: What will the next wars be fought over? See in context

Maybe it's already started. I know it's going to involve Israel.

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Posted in: Obama tries to distance himself from pastor See in context

Reverend Wright and Bill Clinton: Both candidates enjoy their own self-destructive support.

Name one Democrat plan for victory in Iraq.

Both Obama and Clinton have the same plan for Iraq:

Pull Out - ??? - Profit

Yes, there are holes at the moment, but whoever wins won't have any trouble pulling ideas out of the thin of the air, perhaps without really knowing what they're talking about, the same way McCain did with his economy talk.

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Posted in: Do you support or oppose protesters who try to disrupt the Olympic torch relay? See in context

I see a very large difference between boycotting the Olympics and trying to disrupt them. To me, it's like being at a super-market and having to listen to a married couple argue down the aisle. The household is important for every family, and I'm the type who always likes to help, but I don't want to hear about that stuff then. Likewise, I don't want to have my torch run interupted because of something involving another country. If I did, I wouldn't go to see the show.

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