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I found that in the Netherlands dual citizenship are only allowed to people from Middle-East, Refugees and those married to Dutch Citizen. Others must renounce own passport. Worse, their Gov. take away automatically Dutch citizenship from Native born Dutch in Netherlands who didn't live in the country for 10 years. I guess they have another citizenship while living abroad because one cannot leave someone stateless

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Bach wants push people for unsafe vaccination in order to take part in Olympic even though it wouldn't be compulsory in their home country.

PRs and Spouses of Japanese get ready to be allowed to re-entry with certificate of vaccination instead of PCR? Bach has triggered the idea. Japanese nationals won't need of course because it's not going to be compulsory. Residents won't need either as long as you stay in here.


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Vaccine won't do miracle. It might be the opposite. This is why first who gets are oldies and with pre-existing condition so we will see what's the reaction. When they get more sick or die the world will realize that wakushin is not the miracle. Don't forget about no consequences to the makers. Why in Russia infection rise while they claim that their SputnikV vaccine is 92% effective? Cannot you see how they push for vaccination while there is potential medicine?

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No worries. EU will blink. They are the one who push to talk,talk, talk. They are the one who fear no deal.

Do you remember about no more extension for UK? It has been going for almost 5 years and what? They got extension. Same here, on Dec. 31st there will be some sort of deal. Watch out

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March-Oct spent in Europe. Never wore mask anywhere. Prior fly to Japan it was time for required PCR test. Result: Negative. Flew to Tokyo, another test at the airport. Result: Negative. Feel perfect so far. I put mask only inside of public transport and in the shops, eventually when is too crowded on the street. On the backstreets with almost zero people I enjoy the "fresh" air

GoToTravel saved me some money these days. Plan to do more. If you have a choice not to be stuck in the office on weekday then go for it. Shinkansen is empty and typical tourist places as well. In the empty train people wore masks too, so did I. Nobody talk, sneeze or cough, so the risk is minimum.

Men's toilet in the station someone mentioned here. Oh men! I wash always my hands quite long. During that time all 6 guys who took a pee left without touching the water. Or...maybe they have probably washed earlier while standing still. This is why I carry alcohol gel with me to clean hands after riding in JR or subway. All those guys with clean hands hang on there too, right

Bear in mind that is getting colder and people get sick. However these days there is only one sickness on the world called Corona. Even if you break something, X-Ray will be called corona too. Cheers. Enjoy life.

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the best part is that even though you as PR come back with Japanese citizen from the same place where you stayed together for more than 14 "magic number" days, only foreigner must take a test. Why this double standard? Why not to test PRs and Spouses of Japanese on arrival along with Japanese Citizens?

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Don't forget, the rest of us plebs have to ask the clinics to print their results not on any old form, but on the form from the Japanese embassy or immigration. A foreign hospital or clinic's own certificate isn't good enough.

very true. it's not a joke but reality. I read post about it on website.

Japan now "fight" to be Business Hub in Asia after H.K. Very interesting. Once businesses establish here and then comes to something like covid19 again, then a few bosses or employees won't be allowed in while on business trip abroad. For example Singaporean Gov. during their lockdown wrote on their website that Citizens and Residents are welcome to return home. I point on those words again RETURN HOME. It gives very clear message to business world where the next hub is, not to mention language barrier that almost don't exist.

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EU wants a deal "but not at any price

Right, but keep begging on their knees to keep negotiating. Just let it go! Let's see what happens on Jan. 1st then.

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15% of those tested. This is high percentage.

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How many times EU said that they were ready for no deal and now they are pleasing UK to continue until end. Didn't negotiations end officially in the mid-October? EU, let it go. Stop chasing. See what happens in Jan. 1st , who will have more cards on the side and then start over.

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Blablabla...there will be some sort of deal. Johnson's plan will work. Trust me. EU is shaking their pants and already push Barnier to keep going. Markel cannot disappoint car industries in Germany and Macron big man who has been saying about no more talk with UK since year 3 I guess will curl like a baby when Markel slap him to shout up. It's all about business.

Bedides, worrying about Irish border shouldn't be EU concern. If UK put hard one there then they will have to deal with consequences.

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Nothing will change for foreign residents. This is toward business and Japanese citizens who were always free to move as they pleased.

As a foreigner you still need to go through hassle to send email to get reentry permit ( even if you have multiply one in your passport) with pledge that you are going to do PCR before come back. As we know this is not required for Japanese Citizens at all. I cannot confirm if the test is only required if you spend 14 days abroad or any time.

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I'm not against PCR testing before departure, but some people can't afford it

Cost in US$ range from about $180 to as high as $290 (calculated form Euro and GBP). At some point it was good that my spouse didn't need to take test. It saved us some money which we could use to rent a car from Narita. The rent was still cheaper than PCR itself. On the other hand, it is total discrimination when Citizen and Foreign spouse traveling from the same country and only one is scrutinized as potential virus spreader and threat to National Security ( based on Article).

...So, that means people on business, Japanese nationals and foreign residents with permits are exempt from quarantining. Who's left? The random tourist?...

Ordinary Japanese and Foreign Residents who are not business people are also left. Tourists are not allowed yet, except those who transfer to another int. flights.

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Because covid knows the difference and only infects tourists?

and all non-business foreign residents

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I meant car makers

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EU is weak and will bow. German car makes would suffer too much. Money baby. I'd say UK JUST GO! but they can't. EU keep them 4 years to make sure to have a deal.

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So are returnees still banned from using public transport from the airport? I don't mind quarantining at home, but I really don't want to spend money on a two-week stay in a hotel. Not all of us can rent a car or get someone to pick us up. It is still not so easy to get a quick and affordable test within 72 hours prior to departing for Japan either.

Yes, I re-entered recently and I paid for hotel. I also rented a car to reduce the cost to ¥12,000 from ¥30,000 in case you hire a company.

They don't really track you. You must scan QR code and use with LINE. The purpose is to send them every single day answers ( only in Japanese ) to questions such as:

do you have a fever today?

do you feel well?

Thats it . However, we stick to the rules.


PCR within 72h is possible in some countries, but one risk losing money on ticket when result comes positive. Airlines will reschedule your flight but not give you back thousands of $ or €. It cost of course because one take voluntary not because of symptoms which then is free . Anyway, unlike my Japanese wife, I'm was double tested which makes no sense when you travel together from the same country.

Plane was with 98% Japanese citizens who as we know not need any test prior to flight. To finally leave Narita it took about 2.5h

I'm against double standard when comes to PCR before come here. Everyone or nobody! Are we the foreigners only who bring viruses? Well according to half year old J news on YT all the propaganda shows 15 foreigners arrived infected and only 2 Japanese.

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EU is shaking pants now. Let UK go free as they wish! Hmmm...EU will bow because they scared, first of all Aunt Merkel and her car industry. Give UK basket with cherries and watch others to follow. Free trade and no more free movement. Many countries dream about it.

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@SZPflyer let me give you an idea about all arrangement which is not hassle free.

First, 4h drive both way to get Confirmation Letter from the Embassy (probably it has been abolished now)

Times when one would just buy a ticket and fly is over. If one don't have a place in Tokyo like us, there is additional cost. Me and my J wife did a lot of research and made many phone calls to Japan.

Here we are:

We have booked a car from rental company (lucky my JDL is still valid) JPY10,000 (with drop off place in Tokyo). If you hire a driver it will cost you JPY25,000-30,000 which is crazy !

If you have someone to pick you up, it's acceptable.

I had to find hotel that accept returnees for self isolation (we are not from Tokyo). Cost JPY100,000 for 14 days. It can be cancelled without penalty if PCR test at Narita comes positive.

Bear in mind that if you do have own place, you can stay at your own home. You just need to get there at some point.

72h prior to flight my PCR test 150euro (result (certificate) sent by email the same day in the evening).

It is interesting that Japanese nationals even though we live, travel and stay together don't need any test. It's ridiculous and make no sense. The good thing about it is that we can spend 150euro for something more enjoyable in Japan. (no isakayas or events)

On Japanese Embassies websites they point in RED that J Nationals don't need any PCR proof. I don't know, but the reason might be that Japanese have rights to return to own country and if the test is positive they risk to be stuck abroad like us. So even infected they can fly as they please. When comes to us, we can be stuck wherever we want, nobody cares if you have family in Japan or not, just stay away from the country which "control" virus very well. (2000-5000 tests daily in 14mln Tokyo versus 40,000/day European country with the same number of residents).

Airlines have own questionnaire that must be filled in and handed before boarding the plane.

So as a re-entrants one have to show before boarding:

Confirmation Letter (might be unnecessary anymore) and PCR result certificate

Airline Questionnaire (this is all what Japanese will have to do before boarding. Easy to tick all boxes with "No" answer. Means healthy) And now we will all have another questionnaire in the plane. (I assume Japanese Nationals are high risk). The good news is that due to restrictions on tourists planes are empty these days.


At Narita another test and then eventually allowed in, but...don't forget photo and being fingerprinted too. They continue doing it because they don't care who touched before you. You might be potential criminal after all. Have a gel and clean device before you put your fingers on it? :)

Good luck

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Number of daily tests comparing with result are alarming.

In European news many media report as follows (see the daily numbers which are real, though this is an example of reporting):

Today tests: 30,000 (country with 35,000,000 people)

New Cases: 600

Hospitalized 8


Died: 1

Total in the country so far: 50,000 (just example)

Died: 2000

Recovered: 48,000


Another country reports weekly. (20,000,000 residents) Again these are just example, not real report

Week between Aug 17-22.08 - 4000 infected. This is 40 more than last week.

Tested 150,000, which is less then last week (145,000)

Age: 15-25 (30 people) 25-35 (10) etc

Hospital: 10 This is less than last week

ICU: 4

Died: 2

Clusters: 258 in the country so far

The figures above may not be real due to weekend and not delivered test results yet.


The above are only examples. However, tests numbers are real.

Also they give more details such as how old were those people who died and which region they lived in.

The country with weekly report run TVCM to advertise toll free number for everyone to call if someone have just a minor symptoms. Currently the apointment can be also made online or through COVID app.

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I got 1 thumb down because of? writing truth or add link to vaccination big pharma real news? At least this is not some YT video theory?

What if you're somewhere testing isn't available?

I just looked and in the U.K. if you are asymptomatic, had not contact with an infected person, need permission to travel and want a result within 72 hours you have to go to a private clinic, all appear to be in London, and cough up anything between 150 and 200 quid.

You lucky to go to private clinic.

In some countries there is not even such option, which means get stuck forever and let your Japanese family hang on as long as they can. I thought only in WWII they separated women, men, children...

Many countries began testing arrivals, rather then those who leave.

By the way, in Japan one cannot get tested without symptoms either, but they expect foreigners to do so. The best part is that if one can't get PCR then one should go to third country to do.

From of of Japanese Embassy website

If a PCR test for asymptomatic person is not available in the country/region of your residence, please be noted that the applicant is required to stop at a third country where it is available before leaving for Japan.

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Don't you see is the same as before? Why this excitement? Nothing's new! Most of countries won't test you without symptoms unless you were in contact with someone who was infected. Well...unless one lies for the sake of to go to Japan. Ask PM if he allows people to take a test just like that without throwing JPY35,000 for test + between JPY5000-JPY8000 to give you confirmation document? It doesn't work this way in other countries and even though, who would want to fill out documents in Japanese in which the station must write address, date, name, who, what etc. Who has time for it? They want you in and out to minimise risk, not play with paperwork.

I don't want to go about that Japanese can do this and that. However in this case why don't they require from Japanese Citizens returning home the same? Treat everyone equal.

It looks like many leaders want human guinea pigs for early and untested vaccination. It's not only about Japan but see what pharmaceutical lobbies ask for.

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MOFA started to give landing permissions who has valid visa/re-entry permit from 5th Aug 2020.

They made it even more difficult and more hassle. Why would one need another re-entry to approve the one that is the passport already. Furthermore, some countries won't test anyone without symptoms. Japan is one of them, but hey, let's make this difficult requirement from foreign residents stuck abroad, so they give up to return. Our citizens don't spread viruses so they can just fly as they please even though they might be clusters.

In addition to the above, if you cannot get tested without symptoms, then you obligated to travel to another country who test whoever shows up at the the doors as they had no other problems. It is time consuming, cost money and risky too.

When comes to law suit mentioned by someone above. Check this out

New York Times Article

One of comments in NYT.

I'm also in this situation. My wife, a Japanese national, and I, a Japanese permanent resident, were living in Japan from last Dec until June this year, when we went back to the US to sell our house and take care of my late father's estate. When we returned to Japan in July, I was turned away and forced back on the same plane we had arrived in. My wife and our children stayed in Japan. COVID-19 nasal swabs for PCR tests were taken at the airport. My wife's test results came back negative. Since we had been together all day every day until then, I can't imagine that I was not negative, too, but since I was turned away, they didn't even process my swab. I was perfectly willing to go into quarantine until the test results came back, but no.

So, now I'm in the US, homeless, alone, 72 years old. I never thought the Japanese authorities would act so heartlessly and break up our family. The concept of saving face is very important in Japanese culture, and this kind of thing certainly makes Japan look cruel and inhumane in the eyes of the world, but the government obviously doesn't care a whit about that anymore.

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I have just received confirmation from one of the Western European country where they do 120,000 tests a week. I asked if one can get tested without any symptoms just to confirm as requirement to travel to Japan. The answer was: "No, we do not test people without any symptoms". I said, but this is requirement by Japanese Government. The answer was: "We don't do it here, sorry"

So, here we go guys. As someone mentioned above here, J-Gov. made more difficult to re-enter than it was so far. They don't want residents to come back home after all. However, those people must keep paying their dues for whatever is left behind. Work will likely be gone, Family not seeing each other except online video. Amazing policy.

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Sarcasm and Discrimination that no other countries imposed to legal residents.( at least G7 and whole EU) 

I'm not against test, but then make a requirement from everyone that is about to fly to Japan regardless of their passport incl. Japanese Citizens.

Why PR with re-entry permit must ask again Embassies to allow them to come back home? I guess no trust in issued test result by foreign authorities. So need hanko from Embassies. 

From another media quote:

However, the revision does not cover those who left Japan after the imposition of the entry restrictions or are now planning to leave the country temporarily"

So, re-entrants enter a light sentence "prison" which they may want to leave again temporary for business or family matters, but then will be banned to come back. Ridiculous! 

It's obvious that Citizens will always be allowed to return home. However, why Japanese are free from test requirements. What make them different? They may be potential spreaders of virus too, as it happens now inside Japan. 

Quote from another media:

...the government’s goal is to re-admit foreign residents to Japan safely".

Really? So nice. Then, what happens when infected Japanese (cluster) is on the plane because they are free to go out/in as they wish. Who will be to blame for infection of others? Foreigners again?

If they want bring everyone safely then require test result from everyone regardless of their citizenship and not discriminate people. 

And all these is based on. 

“Article 5 (1) A foreign national who falls under any of the following items is denied permission to land in Japan

“Paragraphs (i) to (xiii) (abbrev.)

“(xiv) Beyond those persons listed in items (i) through (xiii), a person whom the Minister of Justice has reasonable grounds to believe is likely to commit an act which could be detrimental to the interests or public security of Japan."

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"this cherry-picking approach is a no-go for the EU ... the EU will not agree to a deal at any cost".

Excuse me but how many times EU said “will not”? They will never agree on extension, they will not bow, they will not...whatever. EU seems want to have a deal whatever it takes.because there are fishes on British waters. There will be a deal at the end. otherwise German car manufacturers and other businesses in Eu will suffer. Aunt Merkel won’t let it happen.

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In most of the developed world they conduct online lessons,especially in times like 'high-tech' Japan they still use the blackboard and chalk.Another wall comes crashing down.

and send final tests by fax :-)

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Zoom shares your data with Facebook. It's enough to have their app on smartphone without even using it.

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Are those people still fingerprinted one after another? Anyone from immigration disinfect after each person ? Or maybe is time to stop doing it at least for residents.

What would happen if I sprayed on it before use? Would I be in trouble ?

By the way, they asked for self isolation. Does this mean they are free to travel in public transport and then enter hotels or airbnb and then stay there?

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Lies not only in Japan. Japan closed borders for S.Korea but maybe it should be the other way around.

You should all watch this

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