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Posted in: Harris trip to Poland takes a turn over jets for Ukraine See in context

Polish Government is sick. As they had a lot of money. Give away jets for free and get involved passively into this war. Then buy another old ones from US. I think US knows well how to make a business and screw "old allies". The blame is here to naive Poland. They get too much into not their business such as going to Ukraine during the protests years ago to add more fire to it.

Oh, we went through the same in 70s and 80s. Now we come here to help you dear Ukrainians. We know what does this mean. Even if you murdered 1000s of Poles, we are here for you. Now we are communistic Gov. again. No respect of law and everyone around us is our enemy. Germans are enemy because they will grab our land, Russia is enemy because they attacked us during WWII and EU is enemy. because they take our freedom, though money from EU are welcome. US was for a bit was enemy too, because they gave up to install rocket system during Bush era.

War is bad and Putin is sick too but Poland shouldn't get involved As someone wrote above Biden will say: it was Poland not us US again use Poland to do dirty work and Poland is naive enough to follow and spend tax money for old jets But, wait! Oh America will protect them. War is business. Look how weapon is selling well to Ukraine by many countries. I guess many old Kawashikov left in stock to give away too. Watch out because this may turn against everyone

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Posted in: Fauci says U.S. should consider vaccine mandate for domestic air travel See in context

Fauci, Fauci...WHO is this man? Time to retire.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 38 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 322 See in context

I wonder why is Japan yet on European Union list as "high risk country".

You should be all glad to be in Japan. Life is so normal here. Look at EU where totalitarian regime is growing. EU use digi passes to control population not the virus. Whether vaccinated or not, both group can spread and get it. More and more countries require pcr tests for those groups regardless of status

Link to one of the news so you will see i'm not theorist

I respect people decisions. I don't let those who try to divide us to do so. European Union leaders, Presidents and Premiers of individual countries discriminate and promote division between people for the sake of virus. How can leader call someone who is just asking questions and do own research to call anti-vaxer or right wing etc. Some of you do the same here. Stop it!

I used to think before the same way (is and they ) but not anymore. Those who supposed to care repeat the same words all over again. "anti-vaxers, pandemic of unvaccinated, right-wingers. How dare they? These are not leaders. It means there something wrong in all these events that are happening

No leaders should call to divide society. EU breaking their own laws by doing so. The worse is that many people fall into it including families who become enemy for each other. R-E-S-P-E-C-T Respect !

I read a lot too and have my ownopinion which is what it is However, I don't push someone or tell what's best for them or because of them something happens to others. It's not my decision, not my life.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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Posted in: COVID vaccine to be mandatory for California students See in context

Is it necessary ?

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Posted in: Olympic volunteer referred to prosecutors over hit-and-run See in context

I wonder if Russian team reacted at all or just sat there and chill to get to venue. I would scream to stop the car and call Police.

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Posted in: Japan to see price hikes in food, tobacco products from October See in context


Not going to happen. However in Europe tax (VAT) is high but food tax varies by countries. It is around between 5-9%. In Japan is one tax which if it continues to rise then food might be really expensive.

I spoke with taxmen here about business and asked about it too. I was told it's むずかしい&めんどくさい to set up to tire system.

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Posted in: Fighting wave of misinfo, YouTube bans false vaccine claims See in context

@Burning Bush

Most of your posts are good. However you get bashed for your own honest opinion against JT masses.

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Posted in: Olympic-related COVID cases now 127 See in context

Since the beginning of the Olympic none of Japanese was tested positive. Ah, those foreigners again.

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Posted in: EU vaccine curbs may delay Japan's inoculation drive See in context

Good for Japan. Wait and observe.

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Posted in: Osaka accidentally mails out funeral service ads to people infected with coronavirus See in context

Sad. Does this mean that all the information about tested people are passed to 3rd parties? How it comes they know to whom to send it?

I repeat again as jn other posts. Infected does not mean sick.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 393 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,792 See in context

Expect numbers falling further. If they want to make Italy here by putting everyone with positive test into hospital then who wants to risk? Positive doesn't mean sickness (yet)

From Mainichi News

A revision to the infectious disease law would introduce fines of up to 500,000 yen ($4,770) for COVID-19 patients resisting hospitalization and 300,000 yen for those who fail to participate in epidemiological surveys by health authorities.

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Posted in: UK death toll is 'horrendous', minister says, as grim milestone of 100,000 looms See in context

What? You have vaccine which suppose to do miracles not only in UK but in the world. Everyone will be free again. Hahaha Vaccine won't help but produce silent spreaders and one must take every 3 months . If still alive

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Posted in: UK stars from Ed Sheeran to Elton John raise alarm over post-Brexit music tours See in context

You are 3rd country now! Stop cherry picking again. Are musicians some kind of different people? Should Canadians, Australians or Japanese musicians get free ride too? These days go online and play. No need permits

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Posted in: WhatsApp stresses privacy as users flock to rivals See in context

I use 2 alternatives instead of WA which is not installed on my phone.

Signal is good though still based in US and need your phone number. However is free and this is what people wants. I use it but to make people switch it or even keep along their "irreplaceable" Whatsapp doesn't work. Excuse: My all friends and business are using it. Well...good luck.

Threema - Swiss based and cost only $2.99 one time purchase ( less than latte you buy everyday ). However for many it's a looot of money for the app. ( excuse again ). Threema runs on own servers and you don't need phone number or email to use it. It's based on ID and QR code. UI is much better then Signal or WA.

You may check this comparison:

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 1,591 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,001 See in context

I just wish the hospitals here in Japan were as rational as you and prepared an adequate response on time for the winter.

You wish

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 1,591 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,001 See in context

 Sometimes the whole thing feels like a surreal global drama with bit parts, actors and actresses all playing their roles.

Exactly. This is this not sometimes :) I watched vaccine advert on one of the European TV. They encourage people to take it as very safe and show happy faces going out of hospital and then meeting friends without masks.

The same show when it was played those who were leaving hospital after they survived this unknown orchestrated illness.

This is good news but far future as vaccine must make return on investments first

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Posted in: Larry King, hospitalized with COVID, moved out of ICU See in context

As I wrote earlier these days everything. is called "corona". Broken arm is broken corona, small cut is small corona.

Hospitals make big bucks for treating this mysterious virus. Even more when they use tube.

He is fine because this wasn't corona but minor flu. ( Oh, flu probably doesn't exist anymore...)

I'm really happy for him. He was likely checked, got antibiotics and was free to go back home. However, because of media he needed to spend 2 days in hospital.

I wished millions of other people whom we don't know, but just hear numbers end up like him.

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Posted in: Veteran talk show host Larry King hospitalized with COVID-19: report See in context

These days everything covid. There is no other sickness. This is business. In US hospital say Covid they get $10,000 when connected to tube another $50,000

I know the same happens in some European country.

Besides, good reason to push cooked within 6 months and untested vaccine.

I hope Larry will fight even with his many pre-existing conditions. Maybe give the same cocktail as Trump got.

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Posted in: EU vows 'final push' in UK trade talks but fish rift threatens deal See in context

I'm was voted down when I wrote a few rimes here that EU is desperate to get a deal. They cannot stop to talk.

They tested UK border closure now in the name of new virus. Isn't strange timing? They show what is going to be like when there is no deal.

Next they EU Commission called to reopen borders again. z lesson learned. Now let's get this f&@&g fish deal or drag the negotiations for another 5 years because we in EU need your fishes.

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Posted in: Suga denies need for state of emergency as cumulative infections top 200,000 See in context

Hmm, so Japanese passport holders can travel freely from hotspots like England with no requirement to self-isolate upon return to Japan? Seems a bit dodgy.

Japanese are required to self isolate as everyone who arrives in Japan regardless of nationality. The things that no one in Japan really enforce it. It's up to those people wether they want to stay home or just go to do shopping. All you have to do is answer 2 questions everyday via LINE

do you feel good today?

do you have fever?

That's it. No tracing about you walking around the city.

Diplomats are free to travel. Without PCR I guess

Yes and No.

Yes they don't have to do test before coming to Japan as long term foreign residents.

No, they are not free of test at arrival. They are tested as everyone else. The difference is that they don't have to wait for the result at the airport but proceed to immigration and go home. They receive result by phone 3 days later. They cannot use public transport and must quarantine as everyone else. This is information from my direct source.

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Posted in: Australia watchdog sues Facebook over 'misleading' VPN app See in context

FB has own VPN? Naive people believed that FREE is safe to use it and first of all from privacy respecting FB

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Posted in: New Zealand aims to open travel bubble with Australia by April See in context

... they are currently covid free and have been for most of the last 6 months, and with only 5 million people to vaccinate,,,,

why would they need to be injected with unknown? they handled very good and I think they can maintain it this way. Their leaders got experience.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 621 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,041 See in context

Lovers of vactination here is good article for you

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Posted in: No deal on Brexit trade very very likely, British PM Johnson says See in context

Dec. 31st, 2020 at 23:59 ECT or GMT(?) you will see a deal. EU cannot stop negotiations. Now plan is on Sunday as last day. Who believe in it? EU will keep pushing for something so the German cars and French wine and keep going to UK

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Posted in: Asian governments could require travelers to be vaccinated against COVID-19: AirAsia CEO See in context

It is against the law in Japan to mandate everyone get vaccinated.

Most of law incl. constitution don't apply to foreign residents.

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Posted in: Japan to set up health monitoring center for inbound tourists in March See in context

and returning Japanese from overseas are need to do the same?

they are Japanese...I think not need add it more here.

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Posted in: Japan to set up health monitoring center for inbound tourists in March See in context

I living in Japan don’t even know how to beg for a PCR test.


They get a PCR test upon arrival

and must go through hassle and pay before come to Japan too.

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Posted in: EU stops short of advising against holiday travel over virus See in context

“Every 17 seconds a person loses their life due to COVID-19 in Europe,” EU health commissioner Stella Kyriakides said. 

Exactly, because many people who are waiting for other treatments or surgeries are turned away due to bed shortages that have been assigned to covid only patients.

So yes, people die due to covid only available beds.

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Posted in: Japan to allow 'large-scale' overseas visitor numbers for 2020 Olympics: report See in context

As many countries use technology and security these days to deliver PCR test result by email in English, it won't pass in Japan. YOU MUST SHOW THEIR SPECIFIC FORMAT with SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS how the test is to be conducted. Now imagine all those people crashing MOFA website to download doc. and please their test centers to do manual work.

From MOFA website:

This format (Word) filled and signed by a medical institution is considered to be valid. So, in principle, please use this format

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Posted in: UK authorizes Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for emergency use; 1st in the world See in context

Good news for big pharma and for all of us. Miracle won't happen as you think. Watch out for side effects. Thank you those who will sacrifice their lives first before the rest of the world.

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