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Posted in: 1,100 migrants in limbo as Italy shuts ports to rescue ships See in context

These are not NGO but smugglers or cooperate with them. Time that someone stop it. The good news is that EU cannot force Italy to stop. Latest news. Or maybe they don't want to stop them. Auntie Merkel is gone so those German ships cannot bring them there.

Bad condition on the ship? Well...they know how far they can go with it. No more excuses.

The only sorry I feel for innocent people who were lied about hope of new life in Europe. NGOs should be banned on Mediterranean sea

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Posted in: Apple debuts iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max See in context

I had iPhone 4S and upgraded to 7 following by the next upgrade to 13Pro. So probably next will be 18 Pro. What's different between 13 and 14 ? Emergency and Satellite services that will be available only in US?

Apple got my money just a week ago for Macbook Pro M1 14"

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Posted in: Train driver’s locked tablet with forgotten password leads to big delay on Fukushima line See in context

1Password is your friend but to login you need password as well. Two solution would be Face ID or Fingerprint unlock registered. Unless is Android, then is different story.

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Posted in: Injured motorcyclist returned to accident scene after hospital refuses to take him due to positive COVID test See in context

Japanese Medical System "Black Comedy". How comes they rank Japan sometimes on top list when comes to healthcare.

Country where drivers are selfish and don't do "Lifeline" when ambulance approach from behind. In some European countries this is punishable. However, most of drivers are aware that life can be saved.

In this country Ambulance staff must please for the way but mostly they stop on red light as everyone else. Then we have news: Mamonaku, shiboshita. あたりまえ。

Those who call for sue hospital can forget it. Bow and a few camera flashes will do the job and then back to business as usual.

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Posted in: India's COVID vaccinations hit 2 billion; new cases at four-month high See in context

If you look closely and put all the pieces of world events you will see what's going on. Pandemic, suddenly quick push for Climate Change, War in Ukraine ( for the reason. no other wars got so much attention as this one. Yemen and children over there. US attacking other countries). Suddenly food factories fire in US, Cut farmers in Netherlands that is world second good exporter, digital wallets, digital id's. Overal speed up digitalization and spread the fear so people will fall for this in the name of "democracy and peace". And so on. Wake up!

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Posted in: Japan walks tightrope between no COVID restrictions, hospital strain See in context

People are so scared by media whom they see like a "God". There no such daily reporting anymore in Europe. They stopped and everyone live their unmasked life. I have a friend who got a fever and said that she is going to go for PCR test. Why more stress.

My wife had fever and I said no tests and she agreed. 3 days later she was fine.

Be well everyone and enjoy your another day. Unmasked outside :)

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Posted in: Maximum caution needed as COVID cases surge: Kishida See in context

By the way, Greece goes into good direction. They understand that one cannot live the same way as the last 2 and half years

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Posted in: Japan delays domestic travel plan after COVID cases surge See in context

...Masking only makes you “feel” like you are doing something.

Bravo! And those masks hanging on the chin are very useful. LOL

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Posted in: Japan reports 97,788 coronavirus cases See in context

People aren't wearing masks as they should. They think they are exempt.

as me for the last 2 and half years. At least outside.

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Posted in: Japan warns of swiftly rising COVID cases; Tokyo raises alert to highest level See in context

It's so funny to read all over again about washing your hands. So, what were you doing so far? Ah, pre and just touch the water with that one finger or maybe two. Back home and just sat to the table and grabbed food? Stop this wash hands nonsense. This is normal routine at least for me. Distance in Tokyo shops? LOL. Streets, definitely possible.

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Posted in: Japan reports 50,107 new coronavirus cases See in context

Seigi Europe is not reporting either. Japan only play fear game by daily reports. On the other hand there is TV M running to advice to remove masks outside.

I follow the advice. I still don't wear mask outside, never done in last 2 years while traveling. It's interesting when other foreigners join the race and look at me like from another world while they cover they faces with masks as thin as paper. No wonder more heatstrokes are reported. Enjoy your own fresh air

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Posted in: Ukraine pleads for more weapons as defiant Russia warns West See in context

Weapon business is doing well. Zelensky comedian is new world leader now, who order other leaders to send more weapon so the war can prolong. I feel sorry for ordinary people who suffer the most from this war game politics.

Now US can also sell more gas in higher prices that it wouldn't be possible without the war. All world crisis is not 100% because of this war or Russia. It's a planned agenda.

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe dies after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

...But they just looked around as did Abe. The poor man was a sitting duck field the 2nd blast

I was thinking the same. Some says that there was no time SS could do something. IMO they failed ugly. After the first shot they should immediately take the Abe off the stage down and protect. However, they turned back and watched for the person who shot. Fail!!!

The man could have been saved.

However, after watching scenes and read "heart stopped" I knew 100% he won't make it. I'm sorry, it's sad but when heart fail and is not moving soon (10min max?) then is over.

Nobody deserve to die this way.

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Posted in: Record 15,000 people taken to hospital in June due to heat See in context

Take maks off people and allow the air flow and not own sh....

TVCM have finally arrived to ask the same.

One cannot avoid heatstroke 100% without face cover but can reduce it. So, take it off. Use common sense.

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Posted in: With hospitalizations up, France weighs return to masks See in context

COVID-19: Performance study of microplastic inhalation risk posed by wearing masks

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Posted in: COVID cases up by more than 30% in Britain last week See in context

Never wore mask outside in 2 years and in last 6 months in Europe neither I won't risk my health in +40C in Japan as many others do while no one is around them. This is why so many heatstrokes lately including poor children whose parents put mask on as little as 2 yo. Good luck to them.

I put mask inside due to respect and not to bring bad image to gaijins. Outside even Governance advice not to wear.

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Posted in: Japanese society begins to grapple with microaggressions See in context

...empty seat next to a foreign-looking person remaining vacant even on a crowded train.

It never bothers me. Actually I like to have more space instead of someone sleeping on my shoulder. Of course, I make sure to leave some space and not to sit with legs wide open :)

On then other hand I say to myself: well if a dude doesn't want to sit next to me but prefer to be squeezed while standing then be it. Good for me

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Posted in: Harris trip to Poland takes a turn over jets for Ukraine See in context

Polish Government is sick. As they had a lot of money. Give away jets for free and get involved passively into this war. Then buy another old ones from US. I think US knows well how to make a business and screw "old allies". The blame is here to naive Poland. They get too much into not their business such as going to Ukraine during the protests years ago to add more fire to it.

Oh, we went through the same in 70s and 80s. Now we come here to help you dear Ukrainians. We know what does this mean. Even if you murdered 1000s of Poles, we are here for you. Now we are communistic Gov. again. No respect of law and everyone around us is our enemy. Germans are enemy because they will grab our land, Russia is enemy because they attacked us during WWII and EU is enemy. because they take our freedom, though money from EU are welcome. US was for a bit was enemy too, because they gave up to install rocket system during Bush era.

War is bad and Putin is sick too but Poland shouldn't get involved As someone wrote above Biden will say: it was Poland not us US again use Poland to do dirty work and Poland is naive enough to follow and spend tax money for old jets But, wait! Oh America will protect them. War is business. Look how weapon is selling well to Ukraine by many countries. I guess many old Kawashikov left in stock to give away too. Watch out because this may turn against everyone

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Posted in: Fauci says U.S. should consider vaccine mandate for domestic air travel See in context

Fauci, Fauci...WHO is this man? Time to retire.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 38 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 322 See in context

I wonder why is Japan yet on European Union list as "high risk country".

You should be all glad to be in Japan. Life is so normal here. Look at EU where totalitarian regime is growing. EU use digi passes to control population not the virus. Whether vaccinated or not, both group can spread and get it. More and more countries require pcr tests for those groups regardless of status

Link to one of the news so you will see i'm not theorist

I respect people decisions. I don't let those who try to divide us to do so. European Union leaders, Presidents and Premiers of individual countries discriminate and promote division between people for the sake of virus. How can leader call someone who is just asking questions and do own research to call anti-vaxer or right wing etc. Some of you do the same here. Stop it!

I used to think before the same way (is and they ) but not anymore. Those who supposed to care repeat the same words all over again. "anti-vaxers, pandemic of unvaccinated, right-wingers. How dare they? These are not leaders. It means there something wrong in all these events that are happening

No leaders should call to divide society. EU breaking their own laws by doing so. The worse is that many people fall into it including families who become enemy for each other. R-E-S-P-E-C-T Respect !

I read a lot too and have my ownopinion which is what it is However, I don't push someone or tell what's best for them or because of them something happens to others. It's not my decision, not my life.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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Posted in: COVID vaccine to be mandatory for California students See in context

Is it necessary ?

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Posted in: Olympic volunteer referred to prosecutors over hit-and-run See in context

I wonder if Russian team reacted at all or just sat there and chill to get to venue. I would scream to stop the car and call Police.

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Posted in: Japan to see price hikes in food, tobacco products from October See in context


Not going to happen. However in Europe tax (VAT) is high but food tax varies by countries. It is around between 5-9%. In Japan is one tax which if it continues to rise then food might be really expensive.

I spoke with taxmen here about business and asked about it too. I was told it's むずかしい&めんどくさい to set up to tire system.

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Posted in: Fighting wave of misinfo, YouTube bans false vaccine claims See in context

@Burning Bush

Most of your posts are good. However you get bashed for your own honest opinion against JT masses.

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Posted in: Olympic-related COVID cases now 127 See in context

Since the beginning of the Olympic none of Japanese was tested positive. Ah, those foreigners again.

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Posted in: EU vaccine curbs may delay Japan's inoculation drive See in context

Good for Japan. Wait and observe.

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Posted in: Osaka accidentally mails out funeral service ads to people infected with coronavirus See in context

Sad. Does this mean that all the information about tested people are passed to 3rd parties? How it comes they know to whom to send it?

I repeat again as jn other posts. Infected does not mean sick.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 393 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,792 See in context

Expect numbers falling further. If they want to make Italy here by putting everyone with positive test into hospital then who wants to risk? Positive doesn't mean sickness (yet)

From Mainichi News

A revision to the infectious disease law would introduce fines of up to 500,000 yen ($4,770) for COVID-19 patients resisting hospitalization and 300,000 yen for those who fail to participate in epidemiological surveys by health authorities.

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Posted in: UK death toll is 'horrendous', minister says, as grim milestone of 100,000 looms See in context

What? You have vaccine which suppose to do miracles not only in UK but in the world. Everyone will be free again. Hahaha Vaccine won't help but produce silent spreaders and one must take every 3 months . If still alive

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Posted in: UK stars from Ed Sheeran to Elton John raise alarm over post-Brexit music tours See in context

You are 3rd country now! Stop cherry picking again. Are musicians some kind of different people? Should Canadians, Australians or Japanese musicians get free ride too? These days go online and play. No need permits

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