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That is a different story,England proved many many times to play amazing football in it's history,i still remember the world cup in Italy back in 1990 with Gazza,and besides the last editions England has a high quality of football level through his premier league,way before many kids started to celebrate Chelsea,there was Liverpool that won everything back in the 70'-80,i still remember when they won the champion cup Vs Rome,so with all the due respect you can't compare England with Japan,i am myself German,but i do respect the English traditions in Football. As i mentioned before Football is made by traditions,so i can understand that people back in England,Germany,Italy,Brazil,Argentina,Spain,France always expect the best from their teams,on the other hand Japan didn't achieve anything to gain such a rank,but from the Japanese media it seems that they should have win this tournament.

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Japanese footballers sucks,and they deserve to go home,end of the story,SAYONARA Japan.

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As a European i have been watching football for over 30 years,and i never saw such a hype expectations for a minor football national team as Japan,the whole press,the media and even the institutions of this country brained washed the people making them believe that they could reach even the semi-finals,these people started to play Football in a professional way only from 1992,and they have no traditions about it,have you guys checked the Colombian or Ivory Coast footballers? they have some great talents,and they play in top notch teams like Roma and Valencia,Japan is a mediocre team,with his best player in Kagawa,Honda as well which is recognized as a new "pele" in Japan is nothing more than a second class player,he did well in Russia,but in Russia! not in a real competitive championship,fact proves that if you follow the Italian serie A,and Honda joined AC Milan back in jannuary he performed very poorly,play against Italian well experienced defender is a different cup of tea than the light J-league counterparts and even the Russians defenders. so why all this high expectation for a team that could have reach nothing more than maybe a eight final. so i think this is a good lesson for the japanese ultra nationalist media,football is made by traditions,and this is what matter.

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The media was to much over confident in this team,as a veteran of football myself i always thought that Japan would not perform a great world cup,let's face it,they have just 3-4 great players,the rest is really nothing,a manager that played a very poor football when he was training for Milan/Inter and Lazio,besides his years in Udinese,but we're talking about 20 years ago.

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