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Posted in: The Hafu Project: Exploring the question of what it means to be Japanese See in context

Actually the I think this has become the problem the issues here is not the term of use on "hafu" but the treatment of them and what is means to be or what is the definition of "Japanese"

Ask xenophobic and sick towards Chinese and Koreans Ishihara, Mayor of Tokyo.

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Posted in: Kan's wife criticizes him in new book See in context

the true 40 years love comes up. Did she married because it was time and family had pushed her to do it?

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Posted in: Japan slow to embrace medical tourism See in context

I read somewhere about it last year. The point they want to have medical tourists is GoJ program to reach their 10,000,000 tourists target. As we know it is not going to happen (fingerprinting, photographing even residents, unwelcome foreigners and list goes on) they decided to go ahead with medical tourism after all. I had twice mistake with diagnose. In Emergency rooms here in hospitals are students not real doctors,and you still have to wait 4h regardless of your condition. A student told me "I had sick like old men and usually ppl dies and you dont have water in your body, all is under your lungs" Well, I thought, she might be sick. No water in my body = Im already dead. I took into account that this is only 大学病院 where things happens. She wasnt able to explain what is it and why I have 39,9C fever, just big surprise on her site. She also asked me politely: "You dont want to stay in hospital, right?" I think she probably knows what we foreigners think about it. I said, youre right, Im not going to be killed here. As usual I was asked to come back to "real" internal medicine doctor after the weekend. I did it and all Mr. "God" did was, look at his computer and saying that "You are fine now, right, take some medicine". My X-ray was in front of him but he even didn`t take a look. It looked like she trusted that girl so much. Waiting time 3h, Visit 3min. 2 weeks after this I flew to Europe and took full health check up. No problems were found at all. My doctor told me that I should come back to japan and tell that student that she has water in her brain.I was also explained what was it and why my blood test was as it was. Here we are. I and my Japanese wife never go to J doctors, unless recommended by foreign clinic. Only in such case we had good experience.

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Posted in: 8 ambassadors urge Japan to solve global child custody disputes See in context

Country which allows and protect child abductions by ONLY JAPANESE do not deserve help. There is always WE Japanese are so pure and need your help, but not giving back the same.

Tokyo has argued that signing the convention may not protect Japanese women and their children from abusive foreign husbands...

Always the same old stories. Foreigners are always abusive and mom kidnapper must be protected in Japan. かわいいそうね。。。

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Posted in: Beware Japan’s new political beast See in context

I will congratulate him when he takes away useless fingerprinting and photographing of all "legal" foreign residents on each return to Japan. He is probably more foreigner friendly, right? Prove it!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for fatally stabbing 82-year-old father in Chiba See in context

No Police and GoJ have reason to fingerprint and photograph son.

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Posted in: JR installs anti-suicide lighting on platforms See in context

Amsterdam "Red" Lights at Tokyo Stations. Yeah, baby! relax ! Don`t do it :))Stay Calm and you will be fine.

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Posted in: Elderly couple dead after argument in Tokyo apartment See in context

How do you know the dying mans finals words were in English?

you mail it now :)))

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Posted in: New graduates show lack of zeal for jobs and job-hunting See in context

what are we working for now? why has japan gained all the material trappings of modernity but still requires its people to be slaves to the social models of the past?

Very good friend of mine, Japanese lady worked very hard everyday for her company many years. She "gave" her life to them, she studied hard to get promoted, but never did. I remember her boyfriend was saying when I asked them to go out, that she is sooooo busy with work and study. She was returning home everyday at about 10-11p.m. Now she is out of job and became "temp". I asked her what`s happened, you studied and worked so hard. Her answer was: "Well, it happens and this is a company which never know what they want".

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Posted in: Tokyo man on nationwide wanted list for murdering wife and son See in context

Fingerprint and photograph all J Citizens and such guys can be found more quickly I believe. 99.9% crimes are done by J bustards like him.

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Posted in: AKB48's Umeda named Tokyo Tower image girl See in context

I wrote in one of thread a while ago. Japan is like a communistic (it is) land. Almost the same as N.K. but with less parade. They always have these 12 y.o. (Upsss...she is 20) kids as ambassadors of something. Ambassador of oldies, now towers, next unfriendly for moms and granny buses, trains and so on. So, my question is: what is her role? hanging at the tower?

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Posted in: Man beats pedestrian to death in Kanagawa; says it didn't matter who See in context

Ito’s friends tried to stop him but he shook them off and continued assaulting the victim

WOW! was he so little chicken, fast and furious or big and strong enough that friends couldn`t stop him or friends were little chickens who were scared of own friend? They all should be responsible for death of that person.

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Posted in: Man arrested for wiping saliva on woman sleeping on train See in context

and as usual, nobody else was in the train, just happened that train security saw him. Again, he had admitted as many here. Good for Police, case is closed, no further investigation needed. Confessed=guilty

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Posted in: Horie says legal system unfairly crucifies rich and famous See in context

“Many people have accused me of being someone who worships money,” he said. “I’m not at all interested in saving money. I’m only interested in using money to invest in my dreams.”

very good said, but my advice is: do it elsewhere not in Japan, your native country which will come for you again when you get succeed.

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Posted in: Horie says legal system unfairly crucifies rich and famous See in context

first of all justice system here sucks, giving all power to prosecutors who can do whatever they like. This is why we have 99.9% conviction rates, even higher court overrule a case. Horie-san you were different and didnt follow the rules, but you have forgotten that you were in society which hates rich and famous first of making their own way. Im with you

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Posted in: Hatoyama claims donated money shows 'mother's love' for him See in context

Hatoyama clown san, spend for us foreigners new testing at the border, I`m sure you will have better excuse towards your citizens who do 99% crimes in your country and are free to run away abroad.

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Posted in: N Korea warns Japan that intervening in rocket launch will be act of war See in context

Japan jumps high because they know behind stands big brother USA

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Posted in: Why I’m bullish on Japan See in context

and in this democratic country you cannot even send SMS overseas, all under control. At least I can receive from overseas but only on 3G mobile. Being in Europe last year I realized that Japan is years back with their mobile industry with their "stone" phones which used to be nice, handy and small, but now Europe have much nicer phones with many features as here.

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Posted in: Finance minister says Japan needs aggressive public spending See in context

right! don`t need to care about own people, more important is our image abroad !

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Posted in: Sarin attack anniversary observed at Tokyo subway station See in context

and now we pay the price being photographed and fingerprinted as potential copycats. If it happens again, it will be 100% done by Japanese.

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Posted in: Hawker's family to visit Japan on 2nd anniversary of her murder See in context

If Japanese were fingerprinted at the int`l airports it would be more chance to get him, but sorry, they are not criminals like us, so it cannot be done, otherwise LDP would lose votes towards next family member in diet

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Posted in: U.S. Embassy warns Americans to avoid Roppongi bars due to drink-spiking increase See in context

Don`t take mixed drinks then, only buy in the bottle. By the way, if this news is official what J police is going to do about it?

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Posted in: Three in Japan chosen as semifinalists for Hamilton Island caretaker job See in context

should get this job without considering others, the only peaceful and kindly society, have "V" sign on every photo, work hard doing nothing during 8h in the office, have the longest holiday in May, love foreigners who speak good about us, we do care what people think about our country, discipline our kids very well, take care of our families, never commit crimes, behave very good in public.....

Moderator: There is no need to turn this thread into a Japan-bashing rant.

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Posted in: NTT Com to offer wireless LAN service on bullet trains See in context

I pay for 1Gbps and the Best Effort I can get is 50Mbps

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Posted in: Tokyo in 2050: Futuristic super-hub or graying has-been? See in context

i don't want japan to follow US or any European country, sure Japan has adopted ideas from them but the Japanese are amazingly brilliant at making things their own.

This is why Japan is behind in many fields. My in-law seeing video from my trip around Europe said that Japan is ぐちゃぐちゃ...lack of architectural planning. You know what I mean?

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Posted in: Yakuza eligible for gov't Y12,000 handout See in context

When the question was posed as to whether the approximately 80,000 members of the nation’s 22 designated criminal syndicates

Guys, now you see who runs this country. GoJ knows how many of them exist, who they are but still do nothing about it. Why? Simple, because give away 12,000 is nothing comparing with what they will gain in return. What foreigner give them in return? Well...taxes and image of how international Japan is.

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Posted in: 'Homeless' hone their rough-living skills See in context

t is a shameful symptom of a serciously screwed up society that has put the welfare of companies ahead of the welfare of people. And it is a shame that we allow anyone to end up on the streets in a country with so much wealth and resource to assure the well being of everyone.

this country have money for helping outside Japan to show up, to have good opinion outside. JAPAN is so wonderful country by helping many Asian countries around (Cambodia #1?) But, Hey! do not even dare to come to our country because our leaders were clear about one thing "We are homogeneous society, so stay away".

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Posted in: Bringing Japan to the world See in context

and I always have to explain to my friends no to watch this because 90% is made up.

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Posted in: EU backs Gitmo prison closure but wary of accepting inmates See in context

Bush messed up and now they looking for stupid to take prisoners. You mess up US you take care

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Posted in: Japanese workers face horror of mass firing era See in context

“In that instant, my mind went blank,” says an employee in his 40s. “What’s happening? What do I do now?”

Tome to open your mind and think for yourself. Life time heaven is over for japan

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