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Posted in: Israel moves closer to Gaza invasion See in context

then people complain that Jews are hated by others. Theyve stolen piece of ground from Palestinian, otherwise Israel wouldnt even exist

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy loses part of finger in game machine in Nara See in context

while he was playing with the brother.

???? 2 years old was playing a game? WoW!

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Posted in: Union workers protest massive wave of job cuts See in context

“Shame on the Japanese companies that dump their workers like objects.”

So on the whole world. Japan WAKE UP!!! Life employment is gone forever and now it`s dream. Welcome to real world

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Posted in: Many citizens confused by upcoming lay jury system See in context

I watched program about it and one of Japanese lawyers said that it will bring even more conviction rates. This system wont work, because I dont believe that random chosen citizen can make own decision, while more powerful judges are on case and want someone to convict in order to get bonus. Remember that people are trained to listen and do things here, not to think for themselves.

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino appointed ‘Overseas Safety Ambassador’ See in context

“If I can help keep people safe overseas, that’s great. I’ll do my best.”

Right, put Police uniform and do the job. She didnt want to be rude, thats why in her sentence is "..people..." but true meaning is Nihonjin.

...and she’s been overseas many times

WOW!!! That`s amazing. So many others.

When will they stop to play kids in this country and think more serious. Better keep japan save, because it`s getting more and more worse.

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Posted in: Child dies in hospital after being struck by car in Tokyo See in context

LFRAgain "100%" agree with you. My in-law was waiting on red light when suddenly old man hit her from left side. Police told her that she has 10% fault. Reason...well, she was waiting for green light in not right time and moment. If she werent there old man wouldn@t hit her. JAPAN, without law. I drive everyday too and see whats going on. Everyone is like "holy cow" here, because they know if you hit them it will always be your fault because you are "a car".

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Posted in: N Korea vows to exclude Japan from nuclear talks See in context

I'm really sick of this, North Korea, grow the heck up and Japan is threatening the entire world over 12 people.

100% agree. Besides, Japan should first clean up their background with abductions of mixed couples children to Japan.

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Posted in: Two members of train groping gang grabbed on Saikyo line in Saitama See in context

I cannot believe an adult would say this. IT IS NEVER OK TO GROPE SOMEONE ON A TRAIN...Japan needs to do some educational commercials to address suicide, depression, human sexuality and human relations...

I believe he was asked to say. I agree, it`s not OK to grab someone, but it is shame in this country to talk about such things, first of all at school. Just がまんしてください must be taken, but it will explode, sooner or later.

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Posted in: Two members of train groping gang grabbed on Saikyo line in Saitama See in context

One admits one denier. Lock them both up quick and chase the other two

Don`t worry, they will do. After all this is japan 99.8% guilty

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Posted in: Modern working conditions a throwback to '20s, '30s See in context

Japanese people are exploited as they never stand up for themselves. If bosses can treat their workers as slaves, they will and they do. It means more money for them. Let's see strong unions who are not up the bosses' a**. Let's see demonstrations, let's see riots and unrest. It's the only way.

They are unaware of it. They are hypnotized and programmed from birth to work like slaves. By the way, fear of losing job and end up on the street makes things worse. Many J people live life on loans like house, cars, LV etc. To pay this you need sacrifice or your loved one will leave you.

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Posted in: Miss World Japan goes for the crown See in context

Miss World Japan...?

Can someone correct me? Shouldn`t be Miss Japan? It makes no sense for me what they write.

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Posted in: Many firms reluctant to hike prices See in context

And ANA and JAL keep up the so called government allowed fuel surcharges which are kinda ridiculous, considering the price of oil for a while now. Just keep gouging the public!

Dont worry, you can now buy tickets in Europe. Read below link and dont care about J Tourist and Airlines anymore. Pay what you see online, not get ripped off and pay the same price regardless of place you buy from.

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Posted in: What do you think about the false accusation of groping against men on trains? See in context

Police do their job always perfect, I mean believe woman even though she didnt see who really grab her. Feel sorry for us men that can spend 2-3 years behind bars for nothing. ("Oliver Twist" law in Japan). They should take fingerprints from grabbed womans skirt...Ouch...forgot, J people are angels and are not fingerprinted, so I was next to her too...Poor me

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Posted in: Japan's burgeoning class: Working poor See in context

This is why this country is great for business owners. If I want to have some help I just can hire students for a few hours, give them 850yen/h and say Thank You. This is great country for easy exploiting people without any consequences which would be imposed to companies in Europe. As someone mentioned here, there are no labor union to protect temp workers. GoJ make law (polices) good for those who "contribute" to them. Business as usual here. As a good example I added link to new legislation from EU. Japan should learn something.

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Posted in: Softbank to cut minimum monthly fee on iPhone to Y2,990 See in context

That's great, but I wonder if the reduced rate also includes unlimited usage.

Please read again. This is why they lowered prices.

"...starting as low as 2,990 yen a month, less than half the cost at its introduction here last month. The fee offered then was 7,280 yen for unlimited use."

This is why I didnt pick up iPhone, because of MUST pay unlimited internet use, but Son opened his eyes now for people like myself who doesnt need unlimited access. It still expensive though. I pay for 2 mobiles 4,000yen a month including callings. Most of my friends use Softbank this is why I pay so cheap. Besides, iPhone is not so comfortable to use. You need use two hands to write. I will stick with my phone and PPC iPAQ 210 with Wi-Fi

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Posted in: Tokyo won't be able to cope with Katrina-like flooding See in context

WOW!!! Long article. I was lazy to read but at least can comment title. Japanese cannot decide quick, they need meeting after meeting and after that another meeting about previous meeting, then they may finally get somewhere.

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Posted in: Japan cautious in iPhone's bid for world dominance See in context

| While the iPhone has Bluetooth wireless links, it has no infrared connection.

This is where Japanese are far behind the rest of the world. When I transfer pictures taken with my mobile to my iPAQ210 Enterprise, most of Japanese are sooo surprised how I do this that makes me surprised they don`t have idea what I do and have no idea they phones have BT too. The best is to stick to old style.

I mean, DAMN, infrared? I don't think I've ever seen ANYONE use infrared.

They do use my friend. They don`t know other ways. See above what I wrote :)

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Posted in: Italians amazed at fallout in Japan over graffiti See in context

communistic regime in Japan keep children away from doing such things, but I think this is very good at this point. On the other hand these young people along with "childish" teacher showed no respect for other culture and their real "wa" blew up. What do they think? "WE" Japanese are allowed to do what we want to?

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Posted in: Japan ranked 5th most peaceful country in world See in context

and last in Human Rights violation

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Posted in: Jero's first album ranked 5th on Oricon chart See in context

Milk it while you can coffee!

Agree, Japan is a land "come and go like a wind". Tomorrow he will be on top 1 from behind as many other groups here. Good Luck Jero!

Because Japanese people like to believe that their culture is above every other country in the world, and when gaijin devote themselves to Japanese cultural activities it proves their theory correct in their minds.

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Posted in: English graffiti 'Hack' grounds bullet train See in context

Funny!!! Lets stop most of trains in Europe which have a lot of such stuff on them. Make people walk :) Japan is funny country,just graffiti and it means TERROR!!! YEAH!!!! Scary, right!! Propaganda everywhere before G8 Summit. They will blame foreigners because Japanese dont speak ingriszu, right?

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Posted in: Victim of Akihabara stabbing spree infected with hepatitis B See in context

Hope it's only Hepatitis B not HIV which is worse. Regarding foreigner (if he is one) good he try to help, this is what we should do in some cases. Hope he will end up without any sickness. Hope Japanese Gov won't spread their propaganda saying that "B" came from Mr.foreigner because this is us who bring everything to Japan. Save Us innocent people from Japanese mentaly sick who don't need to be fingerprinted unless committed crime.

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Posted in: Police find human bone in sewage drain in Tokyo after murderer's confession See in context

people this is very cruel crime, but take into account word in headline "Confessed". Well, maybe beaten to confess because Police screwed up and couldn`t find any evidence so they were waiting as usual when someone to turn to them itself.

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Posted in: U.S. hospital provided liver transplants to 4 Japanese gang figures, including gang boss See in context

"U.S. transplant rules do not prohibit hospitals from performing transplants on foreign patients or those with criminal histories."

Of course not, you pay amount they ask for and you get it.

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Posted in: Flasher pushes woman onto railway tracks in Tokyo See in context

i would have grabbed his little aishe and ripped the little thing off. I dont care what the consequences.

Good advice, do not help anybody. Consequences? You will end up in jail for touching Japanese regardless what he has just done.(99.9% conviction rate)

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Posted in: Unsuspecting passenger returns cannabis after sniffer dog test botched at Narita See in context

It was today on JTV. They put to foreign visitors pack course. Officer will keep his job as usual, because this is Japan. If that person would be cached,would that "officer" say something? I doubt. Lucky day for foreigner and unlucky for J news. Yes, fingerprinting it must, We got next drug smuggler! Guilty through announcement in the press without official confirmation, then jail because this is what press and people wants. No investigation needed. Doctors (student of medicine) train surgery on real people too, what next Japan? You develop many "intelligent" robots who can take care of oldies, show the way, take care of kids... Its more and more scare to leave in this country. You get in jail for drugs you didn`t bring, for grabbing a girl in the train you never done either, for being foreigner etc.

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Posted in: Seibu Railway employee held for molesting woman on Seibu line See in context

RIP any chikan who tries it on my wife!

If you try you will be the one who will go to jail as foreigner-protector of own wife. I`m sorry, but there are stories where foreigner punched a guy who slapped his wife and he (foreigner) ended up apologizing and was ordered to pay 150,000 yen to Yak

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Posted in: Wave of retirements impairs police investigative ability See in context

And with the new technology available, from the article anyway, it appears that the police force haven't keep up with this either.

They keep up with HighTech, they found "Winny" software to share.

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Posted in: Wave of retirements impairs police investigative ability See in context

Why are police having trouble solving these cases? “There has been a wave of retirement of skilled and experienced police officers from the baby boom generation, which is causing serious problems,”

Common! so there is no one to work? Yeah, if foreigner would kill Japanese they move they asses like ants but in own people cases they do nothing. If you work for Police, work and not seat in Koban. Today I saw 2 Policmen stopped on bicycle 3 Japanese young girls. No idea what they`ve done, I only saw Police writing down something, so it is not only us foreigners they hunt, but this is the only thing they know. Get your a:: and get job done!

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Posted in: 2-yr-old boy who survived 9th floor fall in March dies after choking himself with backpack strap See in context

Poor kid, he came to this world to die soon. There is something very strange though. Luckily after fall from 9th floor he survived, but now he is gone. Hmmm....was really time for him to leave this world or someone helped him? I think we will never find out.

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