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Ev3r3sT comments

Posted in: Japan 'stole' our islands, Chinese foreign minister tells U.N. See in context

Sad to see now absurdity prevails in japna.

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Posted in: JAL shares plunge 8.73% on China worries See in context

No japanese commenting on this news?!

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Posted in: China's aircraft carrier a show of force as Japan tension festers See in context

Dear author: before quoting somebody's words, pls make sure you quote them right! Otherwise, you are just demeaning yourself!

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Posted in: Message for Japan See in context

I'm sure if this were happened during japan's rule of Taiwan, this little girl would have been beheaded immediately. Maybe raped before beheaded.

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Posted in: Noda says protests will hurt China's economy See in context

Let's cut off the economic ties completely and we will figure out who will be crying like babies.

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Posted in: China sends 2 patrol boats to disputed islands after Japan buys them See in context

The japanese have crossed the line to much! Do you guys really have the gut to face the grave consequences?

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Posted in: Rally-go-round See in context

These guys act like clowns, true clowns!

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Posted in: Japan to deport 14 detained Chinese activists See in context

I think the Japanese ppl should do some soul-searching so that they could find their inner devils.

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