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Posted in: What's your stance on countries using nuclear power for their energy needs? Are there realistic alternatives and if so, what is the most efficient way to phase out nuclear power? Or is it here to stay See in context

Politically speaking, there is no way that the Japanese citizens will allow any additional nuke plant to be built in their territory. That is done deal.

The question is; how we get rid of all the existing nukes while replacing them with alternative source of energy. It has to be done strategically with clear short-, medium-, and long-term objectives, and managed in a way that decentrailization and specialization (e.g. more in-house generation, etc) are encouraged. At the same time, further efficiency should be achieved on the industrial sector (e.g. more energy saving consumer electronics, etc) to reduce the overall electricity needs.

In terms of alternative energey sources, we should go with; Short-term strategy: coal, petroleum, and natural gas, Midium-term strategy: geothermal, wind, and solar, and Long-term strategy: methane hydrate, aurantiochytrium, and other possibilities.

Japan currently relies 20% to 30% of its electricity on nuclear power generation; however, technically, we can abandon and replace all of them with backup thermal power plants that are already in the possession of the electric power companies. The will to do it is the only requirement.

Nonetheless, it is risky to rely too much on the conventional energy sources, as the cost will likely go up dramatically in the future (Not because of the global warming BS...). Therefore, we must start developing new ways to obtain thermal sources. Solar generation can fill up a significant portion of the household electricity needs. Geothermal and wind powers can feed energy to many of local districts; given that the National Park Law needs to be immediately amended to make that happen.

Meanwhile, further development should be proceeded with a long-term strategy to seek for more efficient and stable energy sources to replace fossile fuels that are required to run big cities and industries.

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Posted in: The government is considering the introduction of a new tax to finance the huge costs of reconstruction in the Tohoku region following last month's earthquake and tsunami. What are your thoughts on su See in context

This is such a shameless proposal, which does no good for people of Japan, or for those suffering from the disaster. Raising tax would only shrink the Japanese economy, the reduction of which might even reduce the gross tax revenue despite the stupid new tax added. The government should just issue bonds and at the same time liquidate some of its assets to come up with the relief fund. The diet can legally order the Bank of Japan to buy up the relief bonds. There is a good reason for it...

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