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EvilBuddha comments

Posted in: De Niro slams Trump at press event outside courthouse See in context

That was Al Pachino. You think all mafia movie actors are the same?

Robert De Niro played Vito Corleone in Godfather part 2.

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Posted in: The slasher in middle age: 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' hits 50 See in context

I used to think that Leatherface and Ed Gein were the reasons why Texas has open carry.

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Posted in: Pets give companionship, cuddles and joy – and also unavoidable stresses See in context

I am currently owned by my Coton (ball of cotton) who wants a backrub all the time and is always ready to go for walks. It's a bit stressful because her energy levels are higher than mine, but she rewards me by licking me all over the face.

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Posted in: At least 27 killed in fire at amusement park in western India See in context

Gujjus will still vote for BJP though.

This is the Gujarat model that Modi keeps on harping about.

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Posted in: India's massive election faces heatwave challenge in penultimate phase See in context

Modi called on people, especially women and youth, to "vote in large numbers" in a message on social media platform X on Saturday morning. "Democracy thrives when its people are engaged and active in the electoral process."

Modi is feeling the heat already. Looks like the poor turnout means his aim of winning 400 seats is evaporating into thin air.

Religion has occupied centre stage in campaigning, with Modi accusing opposition leaders of being pro-Muslim

So he is reverting to the tried and tested strategy of scaring his support base into voting for him. But demagoguery can only take you so far.

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Posted in: After Singapore Airlines turbulence accident, flight crews urge buckling up See in context

Turbulence encounters will become more frequent in coming years because of one particular reason.


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Posted in: Trump campaign calls Cannes film 'The Apprentice' blatantly false; vows legal action See in context

Hollywood has long batted blatantly for Democrats during election season so no surprise here. Zero Dark Thirty was released in time to cash in on Bin Laden's killing just before 2012 elections.

The other side can also release a movie targeting Biden. In fact, Rainman can be re-released with Biden's character playing Raymond Babbitt, but Raymond had an excellent memory and recall. And he was an excellent driver.

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Posted in: One dead, 30 reported injured as Singapore Airlines flight hit by turbulence See in context

While flying from Singapore to Delhi more than a decade ago, my flight encountered some pretty rough turbulence over the Bay of Bengal and we experienced a sudden drop in altitude. Coincidentally it was late May and I was flying SQ.

That stretch is notorious for Cb clouds during monsoon season, and this is not the first time that such an incident has been recorded.


Sad that a flyer passed away though.

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Posted in: Man charged with punching actor Steve Buscemi is held on $50,000 bond See in context

He should have told his assailant what Carl Showalter told the janitor in Fargo - the last person who did that to me is now dead, and I don't mean dead of old age.

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Posted in: Buddha's birthday: When is it and how is it celebrated in different countries? See in context

According to Buddhist lore, when she conceived, the queen dreamed that an auspicious white elephant entered her womb. A number of texts recount the child’s miraculous birth, detailing how the baby was received by the gods Indra and Brahma, and took seven steps soon after he was born. He is then believed to have received a cleansing bath from the gods, or dragon kings, depending on the country or culture where the legend originated.

This is typical of the many magical legends and fables that emerged after Buddhism spread throughout Asia. The fact is that Buddhism explicitly denies the existence of gods and any such magical beings.

The Buddha's true teaching is simple to understand but hard to follow, because it begins with internal transformation instead of focus on any external mythical being.

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Posted in: Indian election enters fourth phase as rhetoric over religion, inequality sharpens See in context

The lower turnout has raised doubts over whether BJP and its allies can win the landslide predicted by opinion polls.

BJP will not even be able to get the 37 percentage vote that they got in 2019. There goes their agenda of amending the constitution.

They will win but with lesser number of seats because the opposition is much more united this time. Too bad the opposition lacks credibility, otherwise those who are not voting this time around might actually have voted for them.

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Posted in: Commercial jet maker Airbus is staying humble even as Boeing flounders See in context

India can also make jets to satisfy domestic demand and possibly regional demand as well (lots of flights to South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East).

Domestic Indian airlines are buying Boeing and Airbus in record numbers in anticipation of the growth in domestic market.

There is a lightweight jet under design in India but it's delayed due to funding issues.


In the meantime, the government is asking Boeing and Airbus to set up plants in India to manufacture commercial aircraft.

All this points to the fact that India does not have the capability to design and manufacture an aircraft on its own.

There is not much of substance in your argument just like the rest of your posts.

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Posted in: Australia raises minimum savings for student visa; warns on fake recruitment See in context

But record migration, mostly driven by international students, has put the government under pressure with rental prices soaring across the country.

'International students' whose main aim is to work in convenience stores, gas stations and as delivery boys.

And if possible, work illegally for more than 20 hours per week to recoup their tuition fees.

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Posted in: Commercial jet maker Airbus is staying humble even as Boeing flounders See in context

This is why there is a need for Russia, China and India to fill the gap.

India does not even make its own commercial aircrafts.

It's not as simple as designing and manufacturing a car.

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Posted in: Japan, Philippines agree to work for early conclusion of defense pact See in context

India has sold and delivered its BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles to Philippines.

So the next time China's coast guard vessels try to blast water cannons at Philippines ships the Filipinos should consider using them. It will be a test to see if China wants to escalate the situation to the next level and draw in the US and Japan, plus it will give a lot of satisfaction to 1.5 billion people.

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Posted in: Japan, India reject Biden's comments describing them as xenophobic countries See in context

It's not difficult to move to Japan and assimilate into the society. I am happy with my decision to have done so. I have experienced few problems over three decades.

Obviously your experience might not be the same as the experience of say, an African, who might want to move to Japan.

The point here is not to generalize an entire population based on a few anecdotal experiences. As a poster rightly pointed out above, these are old societies with various undercurrents and each have their own specific social situation and politics. You can’t brush all of them as xenophobic just to score a few political points.

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Posted in: Japan, India reject Biden's comments describing them as xenophobic countries See in context

To justify his failed asylum/immigration policies Joe Biden see fit to turn on his allies/friends India/japan and smear them as xenophobic


It's the same game that liberals and progressives have played with those who simply oppose their countries being flooded with illegal economic migrants. Call them racists to shut them up. When most folks are not against legal controlled immigration, they are just against the current state of affairs where anyone without any history of political and religious persecution can simply walk in and claim asylum.

Every country has a right to protect its borders and let in only the people they want. It's not xenophobia, it's common sense.

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Posted in: Japan, India reject Biden's comments describing them as xenophobic countries See in context

When India was the richest country in the world, it welcomed the Portuguese, then the Dutch, the Danish, the French and the British with open arms.

The Portuguese, the French and the British decided to stay a few centuries even when they were politely asked to leave. Finally they had to be kicked out, but not by force but simply because the hosts refused to cooperate with the guests any more.

Well, with at least the French and the British this was the case. The Portuguese were politely asked multiple times to follow the lead of their European brethren but they had become too attached to their possessions. So they had to be kicked out by force, but India apologized profusely to them and in return the Portuguese gave those Indians who used to be their subjects and their descendants a right to come any time and return the favour.

So can you really blame Indians for being somewhat xenophobic?

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Posted in: From spring offensive to charm offensive: Taliban working to woo tourists to Afghanistan See in context

The whole west was trying to bring them civilization but they just wouldn't have it.

And why do you think they or anyone else for that matter would want to imbibe Western ideals?

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Posted in: From spring offensive to charm offensive: Taliban working to woo tourists to Afghanistan See in context

Yeah folks from the West commenting here can stick to their traditional vacations in Thailand beaches or European lake towns. I have done all that and it no longer holds any charm for me.

Probably they have never heard of and will never experience the famed Afghan hospitality, Melmestya. It does not extend to invaders and earlier you were invaders who had to be defeated and kicked out.

Pashtun code of honour, the Pashtunwali requires an honorable Pashtun to give shelter and protection even to his enemies if they request. Ever heard the term Nanawatai? A guest with honorable intentions will be protected by his hosts at all costs.

I would probably be safer traveling through Afghanistan than I would traveling through parts of my own country. Pity those who make up their minds about Afghanistan based on what their media feeds them and will never experience this side of the Afghans.

Churchill once wrote about the Pashtuns and their code of honour -

I have been told that if a white man could grasp it fully, and were to understand their mental impulses—if he knew, when it was their honour to stand by him, and when it was their honour to betray him; when they were bound to protect and when to kill him—he might, by judging his times and opportunities, pass safely from one end of the mountains to the other.

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Posted in: From spring offensive to charm offensive: Taliban working to woo tourists to Afghanistan See in context

I have always wanted to visit Afghanistan since my childhood.

I am now middle aged and after traveling to almost 25 countries as a tourist in my younger days, including places like Iran, I still have not been able to strike off my bucket list the rugged land that I dreamt of visiting.

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Posted in: 3 arrested in Canada over killing of Sikh activist See in context

The three arrested in Edmonton are Indian nationals Karan Brar age 22, Kamalpreet Singh age 22 and Karampreet Singh age 28.

Now are these really 'Indian agents' as Canada had alleged or more likely, gang members who were paid off to get rid of Nijjar. In the second case, linking the money trail back to Indian government officials is what will give credibility to Canada's allegations.

In the meantime, Modi government has already milked the fallout from the Nijjar and Gurpatwant Singh Pannu assassination plots for their domestic purpose. It's election season and Rajnath Singh says, we will enter your home nations and take care of you. Though he meant it in the context of India's assassinations in Pakistan.


Pakistan, Canada, US, Australia and now Modi can proudly boast to his supporters that RAW has become a cowboy agency like CIA and Mossad.

And the same justification that those other nations give for their um, transnational activities applies - if we don't take care of the chaos over there we will have to fight it over here.

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Posted in: Japan Akita dog society issues digital pedigrees to combat forgery See in context

In my country an Akita puppy can cost between the equivalent of three hundred thousand to six hundred thousand JPY.

It's good that this is being introduced so that the next time someone wants to buy an Akita puppy they will know if it's a pure bred from Japan or just a puppy bred by local breeders (in that case chances are it will be a mixed breed) which is being passed off as pure bred.

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Posted in: ANA and Air India to launch codeshare partnership See in context

Imagine booking a comparatively expensive flight on ANA, with its exemplary service and excellent safety record, only to be herded onto a dirty old Air India airplane, with its poor service and notorious time-keeping.

Air India was privatized a couple of years ago, and it is undergoing merger with another airline in which Singapore Airlines has a 49% stake. Post merger, SIA will have 25% stake in Air India.

Also I am assuming that the maximum flyers on this route will be Indian nationals who are already aware of the kind of service that the (old state-owned) Air India used to give, so any improvement from those depths will be welcome.

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Posted in: There’s still plenty of room for expansion in the pet treat market. See in context

Whatever 'high quality' and of course, expensive, dog food I buy for my 'daughter' she will still prefer to have whatever I am having.

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Posted in: Buddhist nun speaks out over Tendai priest sexual abuse allegations — Part 3 See in context

There are 2 things to understand about Buddhism.

First thing, Buddhism teaches that life appears from a state of latency when the 5 components namely form, perception, conception, volition and consciousness come together. That is why Buddhism denies the existence of god, deities and spirits because these beings are supposed to have consciousness without form.

Secondly, Buddhism teaches about the strict law of cause and effect. In fact, Tientai on whose teachings the Tendai sect is based upon understood that the Buddha revealed the doctrine of simultaneity of cause and effect which no one except the Buddha could understand.

If anyone says that he or she did something because it was the wish of the Buddha, he is not practicing Buddhism but an inferior teaching. Because the Buddha is within and not without. And if anyone intentionally harms someone else he or she is not behaving in accordance with the law of cause and effect, because they fail to understand that they have created their own karma which will come back to bite them when the time is right.

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Posted in: Buddhist nun speaks out over Tendai priest sexual abuse allegations — Part 1 See in context

We are in the weeds here but Nichiren-shu is from the Nembutsu lineage

LOL, read some of the writings of Nichiren where he criticized Nembutsu as leading its practitioners to the hell of incessant suffering.

Nichiren Buddhism was born from the Tendai sect.

That is correct, but Nichiren also criticised the Tendai or Tientai school for abandoning its Lotus Sutra-exclusiveness and incorporating esoteric doctrines and rituals.

In Nichiren's thinking, slandering the Buddhist law because of lack of awareness of True Buddhism and correct Buddhist doctrines is still forgivable. But slandering the law even while knowing the supremacy of the Lotus Sutra is worse.

That's why Soka Gakkai used to criticize Nichiren Shoshu the most I suppose. And vice versa.

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Posted in: Buddhist nun speaks out over Tendai priest sexual abuse allegations — Part 1 See in context

Buddhism was transformed as it meshed with Chinese culture.

Only Mahayana Buddhism spread in China.

Buddhism was not transformed because it's based on the teachings of the Buddha, which are eternal and immutable. However, incorrect and shallow interpretations of Buddhist teachings were made which were appropriate for certain times and certain cultures.

Most of the teachers and translators who visited Chinese were from Central Asian kingdoms, definitely not Indian.

Yes, because Buddhism spread from India to China and not the other way round. Chinese scholars like Fa Hien, Hieun Tsang visited India, learned Sanskrit and translated the Buddhist texts to Chinese and from China, Buddhism traveled to Central Asia and Japan. Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen, was supposed to be an Indian.

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Posted in: Buddhist nun speaks out over Tendai priest sexual abuse allegations — Part 1 See in context

Name me a traditional Buddhist sect that does not have roots in China.

You do know that Buddhism was founded in India right?

Theravada Buddhism practiced in Sri Lanka and South East Asia has nothing to do with China. Nichiren Buddhism was founded in Japan.

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Posted in: 5 Japanese workers narrowly escape suicide bombing in Pakistan See in context

Hope they make bullet proof and bomb proof cars over there.

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