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Posted in: Biden plans to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept 11 See in context

When the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan they decided to give General Zia Ul Haq of Pakistan a goodbye kiss for undermining their Afghan invasion and war effort by allying with Americans and supplying military and logistics to mujahideens. It is widely believed that Zia's plane crash was masterminded by KGB. I wonder if the US has similar plans since it is clear that their staunch 'ally' Pakistan has long undermined their effort to bring stability and peace to Afghanistan.

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Posted in: One dead, one wounded at Tennessee school shooting See in context

Banning guns is the easy way out. If anyone thinks that gun legislation will work in a country with more guns than people then they are kidding themselves.

Look at my country which has some of the strictest gun laws and yet has the second highest number of guns in the hands of civilians after the US in absolute terms. The catch is that more than 90% of these are illegally manufactured and procured and are in the hands of criminals and folks who don't care a hoot about laws.

It is only law abiding citizens who will suffer because of increased gun regulation.

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Posted in: Chinese tech company develops robo-dogs See in context

"I think the Chinese are trying to create an edible version though."

This comment will be gone by morning. I made a similar comment earlier today and it was gone within minutes.

Lesson learnt - If you want to make cheeky comments do that when the mods are asleep.

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Posted in: Award-dominating 'Nomadland' wins top Hollywood director prize See in context

She is a talented director. I liked her earlier movie 'The Rider' and watched 'Nomadland' mainly because I have been a fan of Frances McDormand ever since I saw 'Fargo'.

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Posted in: Chinese vaccines 'don’t have very high protection rates,' says official See in context

"But Butantan stressed that the vaccine is 78% effective in preventing mild cases that needed treatment and 100% effective in staving off moderate to serious cases.


I am OK if it prevents moderate to serious cases."

I have always wondered why people of Chinese descent who may have never been to China often defend the motherland of their ancestors while enjoying the freedom that democratic countries provide.

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Posted in: Chinese tech company develops robo-dogs See in context

"Dog ownership was banned under the leadership of communist China's founder Mao Zedong -- but has since boomed dramatically."

One learns something new every day.

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Posted in: Reports: Myanmar forces kill 82 in single day in city See in context

Myanmar is a ripe case for UN intervention. If there is any more proof that the UN is a toothless dysfunctional organization beholden to the superpowers this is it.

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Posted in: New strategy: Politicians in crisis refuse calls to resign See in context

The authors of this piece seem unfamiliar with the way things have always worked in some of the third world countries. They should qualify this article with the note that they are Americans and are writing from an American perspective. Because we have 'third worlders' have always seen such politicians. Trump is a saint in comparison.

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Posted in: 3 children found fatally stabbed in Los Angeles apartment See in context

RIP to the victims.

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Posted in: Mumbai in lockdown as Indian vaccines run short See in context

"So was it the lockdown, or a lack thereof. You seem to be arguing both sides."

Lockdown was too little, too late and arbitrarily imposed without taking into account local conditions. No use of a lockdown in slums where folks have no option but to live cheek by jowl.

And when lockdown was lifted the Modi administration gave lip service to social distancing while holding political rallies and religious gatherings to fire up their support base. In any case Modi will pass the buck of COVID failures to the local state governments, all these vaccine shortage issues are happening only in states where BJP is not in power.

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Posted in: Mumbai in lockdown as Indian vaccines run short See in context

Mumbai is a slum with a population 4 times that of NZ, so anyone who says that the pandemic can be tackled merely by imposing lockdowns needs a reality check.

"Having let its guard down with mass religious festivals, political rallies"

Yet another feather in the cap of Modi since winning elections is more important to him than anything else. The dumb-bhakts will still vote for him though.

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Posted in: DMX, rap's dark, tortured star, dies at 50 See in context

RIP. Still a better end for him as compared to that of my favorite rapper 2Pac.

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Posted in: Suga planning visits to India, Philippines to counter China's growing clout See in context

"I think Mr. Modi has already succeeded in subverting most civil rights protections in India and the courts have become the BJPs rubber stamp."

The US Supreme Court has become conservative in recent years. No one would suggest that the courts are now Republican rubber stamps. Yes, the court rulings in India in recent years have been a disappointment in that they have not really challenged some of the excessive legislation's passed by BJP, but India’s courts enjoy a rare institutional safeguard - the courts themselves exercise almost complete control over the formal processes by which judges are appointed to the higher bench.

Moreover, this is a passing phase. There is no one on the other side of the political spectrum who has the credibility and popularity to challenge Modi as of now.

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Posted in: Suga planning visits to India, Philippines to counter China's growing clout See in context

"Bringing them money will only help, if you can bring them more money than the Chinese can."

Chinese investment in India is minuscule in comparison to Japanese investment.

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Posted in: Suga planning visits to India, Philippines to counter China's growing clout See in context

"The sad thing about the Quad is that India is very nearly as bad as China regarding the treatment of their ethnic and religious minorities. The Hindu fundamentalists who are the back bone of the BJP are as bigoted and violent as any Arab terrorist group. Mr. Modi has shown no reservations about suppressing minority groups within India. The BJP is almost as disgusting at the CCP."

The difference is that India's constitutional safeguards and democratic traditions prevent any one person from turning into a full fledged despot no matter how committed his support base is or how much he tries to undermine the institutional checks on his power. Even Indira Gandhi was chucked out of power when she tried to undermine India's democracy. And yes, Hindu fundamentalists are bigoted but their enmity is with the religious minorities within the country whom they regard as 'converts', not with external ideologies. I have personally seen their hypocrisy since they rant against the Muslims and Christians in India but are the first ones to migrate happily to Christian majority western nations or the oil rich Gulf countries if the opportunity arises.

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Posted in: In gun debate, both sides have evidence to back them up See in context

"There are still fewer gun deaths in India than the States, as far as I know. Am I wrong on that?"

Only if you go by the official figures. Most of the crime related figures in India (especially the rural parts) are fudged so no using comparing the 2 countries.

Most gun deaths in the US are suicides so leave that out.

Moreover, the blanket figures of gun deaths does not cover the rest of the crimes (like robbery, rapes, election related crimes and usurping of property) where guns are involved.

On the whole, an average American is safer than an average Indian, because US citizens can legally buy guns for defending themselves and their families.

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Posted in: India's daily virus cases soar past 100,000 for first time See in context

So much for the world's strictest lockdown.

"Modi's government has also allowed a huge month long Hindu festival to go ahead on the banks of the Ganges River in northern Uttarakhand state."

This is ironic considering that the bigoted Modi administration initially tried to blame the spread of COVID in India on Tablighi Jamaat


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Posted in: In gun debate, both sides have evidence to back them up See in context

"Which country is that? I only ask because Japan has "some of the strictest gun laws" and there is no "proliferation of illegal guns and a flourishing illegal gun manufacturing industry"

Obviously I am not talking about Japan.

"Please back up your assertions with some data, otherwise they’re just empty statements."

Oh I have data to back up my statements all right. My country has the second highest number of guns in the hands of civilians after the US in absolute terms, inspite of having some of the strictest gun laws. More than 90% of these guns are illegally manufactured and procured. Some parts of my country where gun culture thrives would resemble the Wild West where guns are used to settle disputes, usurp land, project power and win elections by indulging in 'booth capturing'.

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Posted in: In gun debate, both sides have evidence to back them up See in context

A very balanced article.

My country has some of the strictest gun laws (on paper) so that it is almost impossible for an average person to own a firearm. This has only led to a proliferation of illegal guns and a flourishing illegal gun manufacturing industry. Strict gun laws don't always work, and the places where they have worked have other factors like low population and efficient police and justice system to back up the gun legislation.

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Posted in: China pushes to expand virus origin search to other countries See in context

Some things are not meant to be eaten. Their disgusting food habits have caused 5 pandemics at least in the past century -

H7N9 Avian Influenza, SARS, H5N1 Bird Flu, HK Flu and Asian Flu H2N2

so any such attempts at deflecting blame are laughable.

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Posted in: 4 dead, including child, in Orange, California office building shooting See in context

If guns are taken away from the hands of law abiding citizens in the US then it will turn into a third world hellhole just like my country where only criminals and well connected folks who can bend the laws own guns, leaving the rest of the people to depend on corrupt useless cops to save their lives should such a situation arise. People such as myself who are staunch advocates of gun rights look up to the US because we know how precious the second amendment is to the gun loving patriots in the US, and we hope that our common citizens will one day become enlightened enough to demand the same rights from our corrupt and unscrupulous lawmakers.

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Posted in: WHO and China: a healthy relationship? See in context

"Human Rights Watch director Ken Roth said the WHO was guilty of "institutional complicity" when it gave credence to some of Beijing's early claims about the outbreak."

Some idiots will say that the author of this piece or the guy quoted above are right wing extremists, because only right wing extremists are critical of WHO.

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Posted in: Report finds COVID likely jumped to humans from bats through 'missing link' See in context

All right then. If there is no conclusive evidence of the virus being engineered in a lab, then it is certain that their disgusting food habits are to blame. Or maybe their propensity to annihilate entire species for their traditional medicine.

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Posted in: 1 in 3 COVID survivors suffer long-term health issues: review See in context

Can't wait to get vaccinated on reading all this. Had a perfectly healthy colleague who suddenly passed away due to a heart attack last year and it was suspected that he had COVID but was never detected because there were no symptoms.

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Posted in: Review: In 'Tina,' the final word from a legendary survivor See in context

Not everyone can stand tall after going through a turbulent personal life and health issues like stomach cancer, stroke and kidney transplant. Kudos to her fighting spirit, and no doubt that her practice of Buddhism contributed in making her strong mentally and emotionally to face all that she did.

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Posted in: Biden taps Harris to lead response to border challenges See in context

I have often seen in the big firms that I have worked for that the CEO will assign the hardest projects to an ambitious one-down who thinks he is next in line for the big seat. If the project succeeds, the CEO will take the credit and if it does not then the one-down is shown his place in the world. Seems that Biden is not as dumb as some think he is.

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Posted in: Justice lawyer says it was OK to border screen Huawei exec See in context

"The arrest infuriated Beijing, which sees her case as a political move designed to prevent China’s rise."

Countries and companies taking actions to secure their systems against Chinese hackers would also be a political move designed to prevent China's rise as per the CCP logic.

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Posted in: No turning back: Facebook reckons with a post-2020 world See in context

"It's becoming increasingly clear that for Facebook, there is no returning to its habits of the past."

"Take his approach to Trump, who until January enjoyed special treatment on Facebook and other social media platforms, despite spreading misinformation, promulgating hate and — what finally got him banned — inciting violence."

Facebook only took action against Trump when he lost the election.

It is obvious that FB will curry favor with whoever is in power, they do the same in my country by grovelling before the government and acceding to government requests to take down profiles which raise uncomfortable issue while doing absolutely nothing against profiles spreading hate against minorities sanctioned by the idiot in power.

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Posted in: China's embassy in Philippines takes swipe at Japan over South China Sea See in context

"Within our region tensions are rising because some external countries are bent on playing fusty geopolitical games," the Chinese embassy said on Twitter.

"It is a pity that some Asian country, which has disputes in the East China Sea and is driven by the selfish aim to check China's revitalization, willingly stoops as a strategic vassal of the U.S.," it said."

It is a pity that some Asian country, which thinks that annexing territory which is not theirs based on some fictional historical record will lead to rejuvenation of their nation, bans Twitter in their homeland but uses Twitter to lecture others abroad.

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Posted in: UK plan for tougher asylum-seeker rules draws criticism See in context

"The British government said Wednesday it will toughen immigration rules to make it harder for people who arrive by unauthorized routes such as small boats and truck stowaways to be given asylum."

Sure. The British government will only give asylum to fugitive billionaires from countries like India who land up in their private jets and buy homes in Mayfair or Kensington.

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