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"build a film studio on Australia's east coast"

My favorite Australian movies are those with a dystopian vision like The Rover and Mad Max. Or those set in small town Australia like Mystery Road and Goldstone. Also liked that old movie Wake in Fright.

None of those required a beach location or a studio set. What is the need when a great movie set like the Outback is already available.

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"Buddhist goddess Kannon"

Its actually Bodhisattva Kannon.

Buddhism is an atheists religion which does not believe in the existence of gods, ghosts and spirits. There is terminology of gods, goddesses and devils in the Buddhist canon but it only refers to the positive or negative functions within our own lives.

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Posted in: How virus detectives trace the origins of an outbreak – and why it's so tricky See in context

Nicholas Wade, an ex-NYT writer, is quite sure that SARS-COV-2 leaked accidentally from a lab.


The problem with him is that he has already been denounced by the scientific community for an earlier book. However, if one focuses on the message, not the messenger, one would find some points worth a second look in his assertion.

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Posted in: From triumph of 1964 Olympics to COVID: Japan then and now See in context

The one thing this article didn't cover is the shinkansen which was introduced to the world in 1964. Now so many countries have high speed trains but its shinkansen which set the standard of speed, safety and punctuality.

My grandfather often talked about the ubiquitous Japanese tourist of the 1970s, who didn't speak much English but was still ready to explore the world with a camera around his neck. The first Asian nation to beat poverty after rising from the ashes of the war, Japan will always have a special place in our hearts.

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Modi's 'vaccine diplomacy' failed.

Claimed credit for exporting 66 million doses, even though only about 10 million were donations. 20 million were meant for COVAX and the rest were commercial exports.

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Posted in: Tokyo Coding Club launches summer 6 days 5 nights STEM programs at Hakuba, Myoko, central Tokyo for ages 7-18 See in context

This is good. Catch them young.

I started coding only at the age of 15. Those were the days when Java was ruling the world in the early days of the internet but my school curriculum only taught C, so I had to learn Java on my own from online resources.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't finds no evidence aerial sightings were alien spacecraft: New York Times See in context

"aliens are sophisticated enough to travel the vast distances required to to reach earth, but not sophisticated enough to communicate with us or evade our detection technology."

Alien colonists are much more sophisticated than that. They do not want to communicate with us, at least not all of us. They want to colonize the earth and annihilate all of us. Among humans, they only communicate with the Syndicate, because the Syndicate has been collaborating with the aliens in creating alien-human hybrids who will serve as a 'slave race' once colonization is complete. Whenever alien spacecrafts were detected, it was because our technology caught up with their stealth spacecrafts, like it happened in Roswell, New Mexico. But the Syndicate suppressed those findings to avoid warning humanity about the impending doom so that the plan of alien colonization could be completed.

And lastly, the aliens (it would be a misnomer to call them aliens) were the original inhabitants of the earth during the Ice Age. But as the planet started becoming warmer, they left the earth to find a new home for themselves. Now they want to come back to their original home but global warming has delayed their plans. However, they have evolved biologically to tolerate higher temperatures now so it is just a matter of time.

To understand all this you would need to watch all 9 original seasons of the X-Files and the 1998 movie. But I suppose it would be too hard to follow for some folks who think that others are morons and who claim to be more intelligent than they actually are.

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"This frantic charade to keep "China" out of the story is so ridiculous"

Yeah but the need to be politically correct takes precedence over the need to remind everyone where the virus came from.

so what did "Delta" used to be called? is this the one previously known as Indian?

Because the article also references "Kappa" and India. so "Delta" is....?

Kappa is B.1.617.1. Delta is B.1.617.2. Both originated in India.

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Posted in: Australia finds highly infectious Delta variant in Melbourne virus outbreak See in context

Indians are happy that WHO has come up with alternate names for the variants. Not sure about the Greeks though.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't finds no evidence aerial sightings were alien spacecraft: New York Times See in context

"X-Files is fiction. It isn't real, and isn't based on reality. It's an entertainment show. It's a good one, but no more than that."

Maybe but I thought it was real when I was a kid. And the alien colonization conspiracy theory is still far better than any other conspiracy theory. I would rather believe Fox Mulder than any other conspiracies.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't finds no evidence aerial sightings were alien spacecraft: New York Times See in context

Trust No One

Particularly anonymous social media posters pushing Qanon nonsense

LOL some folks will never understand pop culture. Qanon is relatively recent nonsense and all the rest of the world is not really bothered with the fights between the left and the right in the US. Keep your partisan view points to yourself.

X-Files on the other hand has been around for 28 years and has a fan following all over the world. Maybe you are too young or too old to know anything about it.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't finds no evidence aerial sightings were alien spacecraft: New York Times See in context

Of course the US government will deny existence or knowledge of alien spacecrafts. Folks part of the deep state in the US government are in cahoots with the aliens. The Cigarette Smoking Man, the Well Manicured Man and other shadowy government operatives who have been part of a secretive, powerful cabal known as the Syndicate have long worked behind the scenes to keep the truth from coming out before the Americans and the world. However, due to the tireless efforts of FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder and his partner Dana Scully, all of us X-Files fans know that alien colonization (which was supposed to begin from December 2012 but got postponed as the aliens got a bit scared of global warming) is just a matter of time.

Alien-human hybrids have already been created to serve as a 'slave race' for the technologically advanced and biologically superior alien colonists. It is just a matter of time before full fledged colonization begins.

In return for their collaboration, the Syndicate members and their families will be given safe passage once aliens colonize the earth. The truth is out there. Trust No One.

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The one reason why a lab leak theory seems plausible is absence or lack of determination of an amplifier host. Bats are a reservoir of viruses and have been for thousands of years but most of the times they can not directly infect humans with these. A spillover requires an amplifier host.

In the case of SARS, it was palm civets. In the case of MERS, it was dromedary camels. In the case of Hendra virus outbreak in Australia in the mid-90s, it was horses. Which is the intermediate host this time which supports the theory of a natural zoonotic spillover? Pangolins in the Wuhan wet market? It's only a speculation.

Therefore the theory of an accidental lab leak from a lab where safety protocols were not adhered to seems plausible.

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"The reason I want to know the name of your country is that, depending on how you define it, gun ownership might be higher in India, or the Falkland Islands, or Canada, or Mexico"

So now we are down to 4 choices. You are doing good. I mentioned that my country has the second highest number of guns in private hands in absolute terms. Keep at it, you will eventually crack the quiz.

"Woah I wonder if there are any other factors involved, such as high rates of poverty and political instability"

Don't deflect. You made a sweeping statement that gun bans work, and I gave the example of my country where they don't. Others have provided the examples of other countries like Mexico and Venezuela. Your arguments are failing.

"Canada, for example, has many illegal firearms pour across its border."

That further supports the argument that strict gun laws (like in Canada) may end up hurting only the law abiding citizens. The guns pouring from across the border in Canada end up in the hands of the drug gangs. Banning guns only hurts the law abiding citizens who are fond of hunting or more importantly, want to keep their guns for self defense.

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"What is your country? I've asked you multiple times before, but you're always very coy. Almost like you're making it up."

Really? Can't recollect any previous conversation with you on this topic.

Anyways, if you are so keen to know, my country has the second highest number of firearms in private hands after the US in absolute terms inspite of having some of the strictest gun laws in the world. Most of these firearms (almost 90%) are illegally manufactured and procured, so I am skeptical that the arguments that the pro-gun control folks throw out would actually work in a place like the US.

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"Ban all guns. It works literally everywhere else."

Not in my country where law abiding citizens are prohibited from owning firearms but there is still a proliferation of illegal firearms and a flourishing illegal gun manufacturing industry.

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"Blinken underscored the importance of alliance partnerships and named Australia, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea as countries which NATO should enhance ties with"

Doubt that New Zealand and South Korea really have the motivation to confront or call out China.

Reading between the lines, Blinken left out India. Obviously the US wants India to make a choice and give up its deep legacy ties with Russia, otherwise India will not really be considered part of any alliance.

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Of course, there is another solution to increase their population but it would mean that China should be ready to give up their racist population control measures that they practice on minorities like Uighurs and Tibetans. They can give up the forced sterilizations of minorities (who are generally poorer and have higher reproductive rates) but since 'soft ethnic cleansing' measures by restricting the birth rates of these minorities and moving the Han majority people to repopulate Xinjiang and Tibet are long part of the state policy, I really doubt this solution would be palatable to the CCP leadership.

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Posted in: A third child? No, thanks, say young Chinese See in context

Here is one solution to China's population problem - offer citizenship to the ethnic Chinese from South East Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia if they agree to give birth to minimum 3 kids. Many of the ethnic Chinese who are minorities in these countries are unhappy with the racist policies of their own governments (like the Bumiputra policies in Malaysia) and support the CCP any chance they get inspite of never having been to China.

It's the same strategy applied by Singapore to attract the wealthy ethnic Chinese from Indonesia and Malaysia in order to keep their race ratios intact. China has learnt a lot of things from Singapore, they can copy this immigration policy also.

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Posted in: NATO chief says Afghan exit going well as 10 die in attacks See in context

This is not going to end well. As the article points out, Afghans working in the army are poorly trained, poorly motivated and with suspect loyalties.

The best bet to keep the Taliban in check would be the warlords who are hostile to Taliban, most of whom are now part of the Afghan government but still keep loyal mercenaries on their payroll. The US should avoid repeating the same mistakes it made after the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan at the end of the Cold War, and support some of these warlords against the Taliban.

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"The funny thing about this is that we don’t charge overdue fines anymore–as long as we get the item back, we see no need to penalize people"

Wow, this is one cool library.

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Posted in: China reports first human case of H10N3 bird flu See in context

I know that China is really good at mass production and exports, but if they produce viruses at this rate then they will annihilate their own export markets.

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"The outbreak is believed to have begun when a traveller infected with the Kappa variant, which originated in India, returned to Australia."

Good for those ultra sensitive Indians who were complaining about calling it the Indian variant that the WHO came up with a politically correct name. I had to look up what Kappa variant refers to, since I had thought that it was the Delta variant which was found in India. It seems that B.1.617.1 is Kappa and B.1.617.2 is Delta.

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Posted in: The race is on to find a COVID-19 treatment pill See in context

Till the time such a pill is developed, there are other treatments which can reduce the severity of the disease and quicken recovery. One interesting observation was that chronic asthmatic individuals were, contrary to expectations, less likely to be hospitalized with COVID. And it was because of the widespread use of inhalers (which inhibit the ACE2 receptors in the lungs) among asthma patients.


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Posted in: Vietnam finds new virus variant, hybrid of India, UK strains See in context

It's going to be a race between vaccines and variants, and I will keep my money in my pocket if asked to bet who will win.

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"The purpose of using two different types is to lower the possibility of the body developing antibodies against the adenovirus after the first dose, which could make the second dose ineffective.

Wait, this doesn't make sense - you want antibodies. The whole point about vaccines is to make the body remember to make antibodies against that particular pathogen. Not just once, but two doses to make sure the body remembers and gets drilled into its memory. Are you sure this is not a misunderstanding?"

I am talking about the adenovirus viral vector vaccines which work on the mechanism of adenovirus (generally harmless in most cases) which are genetically engineered to carry the coronavirus spike protein. Yes you want the body to make antibodies against the coronavirus spike protein, but if it also develops immunity against the adenovirus itself, it might render the second dose ineffective. To work around that, the makers of Sputnik V made both the doses of the vaccine contain different types of adenoviruses, Ad26 and Ad5. There is no doubt that the efficacy of Sputnik V vaccine is boosted by this mechanism, but there are some concerns regarding the Ad5 vector being used.

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Posted in: Russians spurn Sputnik shots, deaf to Putin's pleas See in context

Since Sputnik V uses similar mechanism as the AstraZeneca jab, one would expect that it is at least as good as AZ, even if people are skeptical about its efficacy of 91.6%.

Secondly, the Sputnik V uses two different types of doses which differ according to the type of adenovirus used. The purpose of using two different types is to lower the possibility of the body developing antibodies against the adenovirus after the first dose, which could make the second dose ineffective. So it would be fair to say that the efficacy of Sputnik V would be much higher than the AZ jab.

From what I have read, the concerns regarding Sputnik V are related to safety, not efficacy. Specifically, the Ad5 vector used in the second dose has raised concerns.


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Taliban gets support - logistical, financial and moral - from Pakistan. If the Afghan forces do not get the same kind of support they will be overwhelmed.

There are Americans who say that the US has done enough, and now it is time for Afghans to stand up on their own feet. However, they do not have any answer to the fact that Taliban is not just an internal threat which would have been much easier to deal with, it is a proxy for Pakistan and its ISI deep state.

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It s well known to all us X-Files fans that aliens have already made their plans of colonizing earth by creating alien-human hybrids. Experiments on genetic manipulation have been going on for years. The US government is in cahoots with the aliens because they know that there is no stopping the technologically advanced extra terrestrial life forms capable of shifting shapes, so might as well collaborate with them and secure safe passage for the family members of top government officials like the Cigarette Smoking Man and the Syndicate, who have for years been the power behind the throne of all US administrations.

Fox Mulder was right all along. The truth is out there. Trust no one.

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Posted in: India virus death toll passes 300,000; 3rd highest in world See in context

India was always a disaster waiting to happen. Make no mistake, India has the highest death toll but the Modi administration has been trying its best to hide the actual figures by doing statistical jugglery. To be fair, Modi did promise his bhakts that he will make India a world leader.

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