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Posted in: Singapore, Zurich world's most expensive cities: EiU See in context

Singaporeans go across the causeway to Johor Bahru for their weekend shopping and often fill up their cars on fuel on the way back.

The Malaysians working in Singapore prefer living in JB so that they can earn SGD and live a better life in JB after converting it to ringgit.

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Posted in: Why it took 17 days for rescuers in India to get to 41 workers trapped in a mountain tunnel See in context

Experts and activists say such events could reoccur in other towns of Uttarakhand, a state that is being promoted for religious tourism by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governing party.

Uttarakhand faced devastating flash floods a decade ago, but catering to religious vote bank politics is far more important than careful planning and safety precautions.

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Posted in: India bid to free 41 trapped workers in tunnel enters third week See in context

India is building much needed infrastructure in its Himalayan region but often geotechnical and geological advice is ignored and engineering takes precedence.

Thus leading to such situations.

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Posted in: 2032 Olympics backers confirm main Brisbane stadium will be demolished and rebuilt for Games See in context


First it was the WACA that was replaced by the new Optus stadium in Perth and now it's time for Gabba to be replaced.

At least, WACA still stands but doesn't host international matches any more.

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Posted in: Clashes in Dublin after children injured in suspected stabbing See in context

With a loud "Hurray!" joined in the affray

We quickly cleared the way for the rocky road to Dublin

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Posted in: What are the pros and cons of pegged currency exchange rates? See in context

If the central bank has the resources to maintain the fixed exchange rate, it can work well.

Generally if a country's economy depends both on exports and imports, the country will try to maintain a fixed exchange rate (or within a certain band) even if it's not an official policy.

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Posted in: Komeito chief visits China to seek lifting of seafood ban See in context

Komeito doing what it does best - kowtow to China.

As long as Komeito is part of the ruling coalition the LDP will never be able to take steps to ensure that Japan stands up to the CCP. As the below article suggests -


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Posted in: Transgender women banned from playing international women's cricket See in context

There are so many talented cricketers who could not make it big.

Many prefer to migrate to become eligible to play for the associate nations after a few years.

This rule should be enforced in domestic cricket of associate nations as well.

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Posted in: More than 100 guns stolen in Michigan after store manager forced to reveal alarm code See in context

Gun shop managers should be fully armed at all times. Even if they are asleep they should keep a finger on the trigger.

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Posted in: India, Australia commit to boosting strategic ties as their diplomats and defense chiefs hold talks See in context

For both of us, China is our biggest trading partner.


India's largest trade partner is the US now.

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Posted in: Pakistan court rules prison trial of former Prime Minister Imran Khan is illegal See in context

A farce the way Imran Khan has been shut down.

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Posted in: Myanmar shadow gov't urges Japan to step up pressure on junta See in context

NUG aren't the ones doing the fighting. Instead they are living abroad on other countries dime.

NUG has its own armed wing, the PDF which is fighting.

PDF has trained common people to take up arms inspite of having little international support, and has also brought disparate ethnic militia's, which were already fighting the junta, together.

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Posted in: Myanmar hands over to China 31,000 telecom fraud suspects See in context

Myanmar junta is losing control against the NUG, PDF and the ethnic militia's in its borderlands.

Seems like they are reaching out for military help from China and this is quid pro quo.

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Posted in: Sixty years after the assassination of U.S. President John F Kennedy, debate still continues over whether or not there was a conspiracy to kill him. What are your views on the subject? See in context

The deep state got him.

The CIA and the MIC were involved, as were the FBI. J. Edgar Hoover, a known racist, cooked up evidence to pin it on Oswald.

JFK wanted to end US involvement in Vietnam which was not agreeable to the military industrial complex. That and the civil rights movement.

The funny thing is that the deep state, which was in bed with the right during the early days of the Cold War, is now solidly behind the left.

There are a host of parallels between how much the Establishment wanted JFK gone,and how much the Establishment wants another former US President out of the way.

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Posted in: Sugar prices rising worldwide after bad weather tied to El Nino damages crops in Asia See in context

India endured its driest August in over a century, and crops in the western state of Maharashtra, which accounts for over a third of its sugarcane production, were stunted during the crucial growing phase.

India has one of the highest arable land areas in the world, yet only about half of it is irrigated. The rest depends on monsoons, and this despite the powerful farm lobby and the substantial farmer vote bank which has its grip on Indian politicians.

The world’s most populated nation is also the biggest consumer of sugar and is now restricting sugar exports.

Indians should stop eating and distributing sweets during Diwali. It will be good for India's huge population of diabetics and good for sugar prices in the international market.

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Posted in: Australia beats India by six wickets to win Cricket World Cup for sixth time See in context

Well played Australia. Nice way to silence a noisy, raucous crowd of 130000.

Australia's well deserved victory also went a long way in reducing noise and air pollution in India, and India's numerous stray dogs will also be grateful to them.

Because many Indians had saved firecrackers from last weeks Diwali in anticipation of an Indian victory, and those firecrackers ultimately didn't go off.

The overpaid, overrated Indian cricket team of multimillionaires can learn mental toughness and die hard attitude from the baggy greens, but they will probably be looking forward to the next IPL where they can earn their millions.

Can't win the T20 World Cup, can't win the ODI World Cup, can't win the World Test Championship but still put on a pedestal by the hero worshipping Indian public.

India should seriously shift its attention from cricket to other long neglected sports like hockey which used to be India's national sport, but I guess I will be a hypocrite if I suggest that.

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Posted in: 41 workers in India stuck in tunnel for 8th day See in context

The site is in Uttarakhand, a mountainous state dotted with Hindu temples that attract many pilgrims and tourists. Highway and building construction has been constant to accommodate the influx. The tunnel is part of the busy Chardham all-weather road, a flagship federal project connecting various Hindu pilgrimage sites.

Cricket being India's main religion, I guess all the Hindu gods are busy watching the Cricket World Cup.

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Posted in: The last teams standing: India takes on Australia in the Cricket World Cup final See in context

5 time champions Australia won its first World Cup in India and they were the underdogs in the 1987 final.

They don't have Steve Waugh but they do have Steve Smith who has been pretty quiet this World Cup.

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Posted in: Daisaku Ikeda, longtime Soka Gakkai lay Buddhist leader, dies at 95 See in context


For an alternate point of view go through the below -


It's clear that Makiguchi and Toda opposed the governments efforts to impose Shinto upon the population. It's less clear that they opposed the war itself.

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Posted in: Daisaku Ikeda, longtime Soka Gakkai lay Buddhist leader, dies at 95 See in context

Tsunesaburo Makeguchi and Josei Toda were both imprisoned by the government during the war for their opposition to said government and its policies

No, they did not oppose the government but only opposed the fact that the government of that time was foisting Shinto over Japan.

also want more open dialogue and better relations with nations like China

Yeah, and why is Komeito's soft corner reserved only for China? There are 2 other nuclear armed rogue neighbors of Japan, so where is the Buddhist compassion when it comes to them?

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Posted in: Daisaku Ikeda, longtime Soka Gakkai lay Buddhist leader, dies at 95 See in context

As a long time Nichiren Buddhist I have mixed feelings about Ikeda.

I always preferred the propagation style of Toda over Ikeda, but of course what worked in post-war Japan would never work in various diverse countries.

Ikeda was not without critics, including British journalist Polly Toynbee

Believe it was Richard Causton who accompanied Polly Toynbee on the trip to Japan in 1984, and her scathing criticism of Ikeda is often swept under the carpet when Soka Gakkai members play up the friendship between Ikeda and Arnold Toynbee.

Ikeda travelled to more than 50 countries for talks with leaders including then-Chinese leader Zhou Enlai

And can the Gakkai members please explain why Ikeda was eager to be friends with all the big political leaders, especially someone like Zhou Enlai.

Anyways, lived a more meaningful life than most people so RIP nonetheless.

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Posted in: South Korea to ban eating dogs See in context


But China still consumes 10 million dogs a year.

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Posted in: Five-time champion Australia reaches its eighth Cricket World Cup final See in context

Hate to bring up the 'c' word, but the Proteas choked.

After playing so well throughout the tournament they could not replicate their performance in the knockout. Another 20-30 runs could have made the difference.

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Posted in: S Koreans sit for key exam as flights halted to limit distraction See in context

all admissions are decided strictly by test scores, the only absolutely fair way to do it.

Number of reasons why this argument holds no water.

A teenager of 18 years age is in no position to make up his mind as to what field he wants to get into.

Mostly it's peer pressure and parental pressure that makes teenagers compete for such entrance exams, but what an individual wants to do in life or which career one is really interested in is often clearer to a person much later in life.

There is no way to determine that someone will excel in a particular field based on university entrance scores, since the university entrance tests are quite generic in the first place. (Even if it's a STEM course, can you really tell if someone will become a better aerospace engineer compared to another based on a difference of few marks in a high school physics exam? )

There are often cases of hard working teenagers who get into top universities in courses of their choice but end up working in totally different careers because of reasons of higher pay, better job satisfaction, interest among others. That means what they studied in university is of no relevance to what they currently do.

On the other hand there are also umpteen examples of people going to lower ranked universities but then becoming excellent in their chosen fields.

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Posted in: S Koreans sit for key exam as flights halted to limit distraction See in context

I have given university entrance exams of 9 hours but staggered over 2 days.

Competitive entrance exams preparation burns out many students who are just teenagers, so much so that many of them don't really work as hard when they finally make it to the top ranking universities of their choice. Thus defeating the very purpose of competitive entrance exams.

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Posted in: Seven-wicket Shami destroys New Zealand's hopes at Cricket World Cup See in context

Black Caps gave away too many runs. It was always going to be difficult chasing such a huge target, but still they batted with some intent.

Missing from this report is the fact that Kohli made his 50th ODI century, a world record, propelling India to the big score.

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Posted in: Australia plans to boost AUKUS tech-sharing, restrict 'foreign' access See in context

You have no idea what the personal stories of our immigrants are. That is why we have background investigations.

Regardless of the sob stories of some Chinese immigrants, most of the recent espionage cases against US corporations have been Chinese nationals or those of Chinese ethnicity coerced into spying for China.

Xu Yanjun, a CCP official for example, tried to recruit a Chinese engineer at GE Aviation to reveal details of its jet engine composite fan blade technology.

Yanqing Ye, Saw Teong Ang, Xin Wang, Li Xiaoyu, Dong Jiazhi, Yeo Jun Wei are only a few of the many names accused of spying in the US for China in recent years.

Why don't you check your racism before commenting!

I don't really see any racism in the OPs post. On the other hand I have seen a lot of racism on this forum from certain sanctimonious and self-righteous individuals.

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Posted in: Cricket World Cup final four includes the hosts, the 5-time champions, 2 contenders. But no England See in context

It's better for cricket if there is a new World Cup champion this time, instead of a team winning it for the 3rd or 6th time.

Proteas vs Black Caps will be a well deserved final. Neither teams have won the World Cup but both have come close, and were unfortunate not to lift the trophy.

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Posted in: Olympic sports bodies want talks with IOC after cricket and others added to 2028 LA program See in context

Cricket will add more to IOC revenue than what it will get from IOC, so am I missing something here.

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Posted in: Fragile global economy at stake as U.S. and China seek to cool tensions at APEC summit See in context

Liberals are soft on China, and their hypocrisy is evident when they talk about democracy and human rights.

The Biden administration has spread itself too thin by focusing on Russia so their attempts at detente with China are an admission of their foreign policy failures.

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